Important message from the Records & Registration Office

Due to the health emergency, all staff in the Records and Registration Office will be working remotely during normal business hours until further notice. Please contact us using our email at If you do call our number, please leave a message and your call will be returned either by email or phone as soon as possible.

In addition, we can no longer take transcript requests in person. Please order electronically. Current students may use the Official Transcript link in their WINGS Student Center. Former students may use the "Order a Transcript Now" link on our Transcript page. The link to the Transcript page is below this message. 

There will be a delay in processing the transcript requests for students who attended UWL prior to 1991. These transcripts may take 1-2 weeks to be mailed. Transcript requests sent in the mail will also take 1-2 weeks for processing.

Catalog publishing

The undergraduate and graduate catalogs are published annually on the UWL website around the first week of June.

The UWL undergraduate and graduate catalogs are published online using the catalog software tool called Courseleaf CAT, provided by the vendor Leepfrog. The online catalogs have the same look and feel as the UWL website, but they are a separate document and are edited through a separate software program.

The online catalogs have many helpful features including sample degree plans for advising, clear presentations of course requirements and lists, and "in-lined" courses which display the course description in a popup window when clicked.  In addition, overview tabs create the opportunity to showcase departments, programs, and majors with descriptions to interest perspective students and the public. 

Approval process

Catalog page editors carefully examine and verify that the information on their page(s) is accurate. Page editors have permission to make changes to specific pages and can also start the workflow process by clicking the green workflow button. The page is then sent to the Records and Registration office for one final review. 

No matter how many individual users are in each editor role, it only takes one user to approve a page by clicking the green workflow button. Once the workflow button is clicked, the page is no longer editable by anyone except the Records Office.

If the current editor assignments are not correct and/or departments want to add additional users in each roles, email with the changes. The department chair or office supervisor's approval is needed for any role changes or updates. 

Curriculum and policy changes

All curriculum and policy edits must go through the proper governance process and need UCC or GCC approval. Any edits to curriculum or policy that have not been approved by the necessary governance will not be accepted or published. The deadline for curriculum changes to make the new catalogs is the second to last curriculum committee meeting.  

Getting started

Navigate to and log in to start editing. The UWL Catalog Team created the below training materials to help assist with catalog edits. Leepfrog, the software vendor, also has a great online "Help" link within each catalog page's editor toolbar. 

Catalog Contacts

If you have any questions or need help, please email the or contact: