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  • After the instructor or advisor puts in the electronic permission, the student must log back into WINGS and complete the add or drop enrollment action before the add or drop deadline expires. Student directions on how to drop can be found on the WINGS Help page.
  • Instructors/advisors can find directions on giving electronic permission on the WINGS Help page.

If done on paper, drop/add forms are available at the Office of Records and Registration, 117 Graff Main Hall. Completed forms should be returned to that office. Any exceptions that are approved after the deadline passes must be approved on the paper form or by email.

Adding a Class:

  • Students may add classes on their WINGS Student Center through the 5th day of classes without permission, provided that class section is open.
  • Between the 6th and 10th day of the semester, the instructor's permission is required to register, if the course is open. Additional approval may be required if the course is closed or to override prerequisites.
  • After the 10th day, permission from the instructor, department chairperson, and student's dean is required on all adds of full semester classes.

Dropping a Class:

  • Students may drop classes on their WINGS Student Center through the 10th day of classes without permission and without affecting the student's academic record.
  • All withdrawals after the 10th day of classes for a full semester course will be recorded with a “W” on the student’s academic record, and permission is required from the instructor or the student's advisor. 
  • Any student may withdraw from a class during the first half of a course. No student is permitted to withdraw from a course later than one week after the midterm of a full semester course.
  • A student who fails to attend the first two scheduled classes or provide proper notification may be dropped from the course at the discretion of the instructor. However, a student should not assume this will happen. It is still a student’s responsibility to officially drop the course(s).
  • The drop date is recorded as of the date the student completes the enrollment process in WINGS or the form is officially processed, not the date the instructor entered in the permission in WINGS or the date of the instructor’s signature.
  • Total withdrawals from the university in the fall or spring semesters must be done through the Student Life office, 149 Graff Main Hall. For a summer or winter intersession withdrawal, see the Office of Records and Registration, 117 Graff Main Hall.

Drop/add dates for classes shorter than a full semester are prorated based on the length of the course. To see the exact drop date for a particular course, locate the small calendar icon next to the course in your schedule through your WINGS Student Center.

Once completed, the application for an associate of arts degree should be brought or mailed to 117 Graff Main Hall along with the graduation fee. Only cash or check is accepted.

Associate Degree Application Rev. Jan 2019.pdf

Declare or change your major/minor with the appropriate College/School via this form

The online Schedule Planner was created to help students develop and plan out a schedule for the next term.

Click on the Schedule Planner link in your WINGS Student Center, under the Academics section.

However, if you prefer the paper/pencil method, you may download a printable class schedule worksheet to plan out classes and ensure they will not overlap. Students should make sure to have alternate courses and times selected in case their first choices are not available or cancelled.

Duplicate diplomas can be ordered online, by mail, or in person. The link to order online is below. Credit/debit cards can be used when ordering online. The paper order form should be sent/brought to 117 Graff Main Hall along with the fee for the diploma. Only cash or check are accepted by mail. Credit cards are accepted in person or online, but not by phone. The fee is $25 per diploma.

Students who need enrollment verification for Health Insurance, Loan Deferments, Scholarships, etc. can print out a formal statement of attendance by clicking the "Enrollment Verification" menu item under the Enrollment Resources menu located on the lower right side of your WINGS Student Center which will take you to a secure connection to the National Student Clearinghouse. This is a free service to our students. Verify Enrollment/Degree

Students may complete this form when requesting a university office release part of their educational record to a third party for advising purposes (for example, a parent or guardian). This includes authorization to discuss details about the educational record directly with the third party, but for advising purposes only. Give the completed form to the university office that will be releasing the information.

Please note that this form gives a one time authorization only, and a new form will need to be completed if the request for release is made again at another time.

Authorization to Release FERPA Information - Advising purposes, one time use.pdf

Students may complete this form when requesting a university office release part of their educational record to a third party (for example, to provide permission for a faculty member to release your grades or performance in their class in a letter of recommendation). This includes discussing details of the educational record with the third party. Give the completed form to the university office that will be releasing the information.

Please note that this form gives a one time authorization only, and a new form will need to be completed if the request for release is made again at another time.

Authorization to Release FERPA Information - general, one time use.pdf

Name Change Form

Completed name change forms, accompanied by a copy of the legal documentation showing the name change (i.e. driver's license; marriage certificate; court decree), can be returned by:

Mail: UW-La Crosse, 117 Graff Main Hall, 1725 State St, La Crosse, WI 54601
In person: 117 Graff Main Hall


The University of Wisconsin-La Crosse has established a Preferred Name Policy. To change your name to a preferred name in university systems, complete the preferred name form.

Students often decide to take courses at other institutions during the various breaks throughout the year (such as winter intersession or summer). Prior to taking a course at another institution, please review the steps about taking a non-UWL class before registering into the desired class.

After you have reviewed the steps at the link above, complete the Off Campus Course Evaluation and Permit Form. It will be reviewed by your College Dean's office to ensure that the credits will indeed transfer to UWL. You will get an email when the course is approved or if there are follow-up questions. Please contact you College Dean's Office with questions or concerns regarding transfer information. 

The WINGS Student Center will not allow you to register for courses that are full or require special permission from the instructor, department chair, and/or dean. Permission is obtained on override forms that are available in department offices.  These forms are available via your instructor(s) and/or Dean's office.

Electronic overrides are available for closed classes and pre-requisites until the fifth day of instruction. (Exceptions apply for Summer and Winter sessions - see your instructor and/or department chair.) 

Transcript Request Form

Completed transcript request forms, accompanied by the transcript fee, can be brought to 117 Graff Main Hall or should be mailed to: UW-La Crosse, Attn: Transcripts, 1725 State St, La Crosse, WI 54601.

Faculty/Staff Forms

For faculty and departments updating their curricula, click the Curriculum Resources link below to learn about our new Curriculum Inventory Management (CIM) system. The Curriculum Resources page has introductory material and help documents to get you started. The links to the Course and Program Forms can be found on that page or through the other links below.

Course Forms 
Program Forms

An instructor may request to change a final grade or remove an "Incomplete" grade by submitting the Change of Grade/Removal of Incomplete Form. This form requires approval from the instructor, department chair, and College/School Dean's office. Once all approvals are given, the completed form should be forwarded to the Records and Registration Office. 

Please note that requests to change a final grade must be submitted within a certain timeframe. Review the full text of the Undergraduate Change of Final Grade Policy in the undergraduate catalog and the Graduate Change of Final Grade Policy in the graduate catalog.

Change of Grade Form.pdf

The full Incomplete Grade Policy can be found in the undergraduate and graduate catalogs. 

To request an incomplete for a student, an Incomplete Grade Request Form must be submitted. After discussion with the student about what will be required to finish the course and after receiving agreement from the student, the instructor should then complete the form and submit it to workflow. A copy of the form will be sent to both the student and the Records Office. The student should update the form to acknowledge that they read and agreed to the terms of the incomplete.

The Records and Registration Office will verify that the "I" grade has been submitted and the correct due date is listed in WINGS. The longest that can be given for a due date is one calendar year following the term in which the incomplete was incurred.

Once the student completes the missing work, a Change of Grade Form should be completed to update the "I" to the correct final grade. Failure to remove the incomplete will result in a grade of “F” being recorded on the student’s record unless otherwise noted under the "Approvals and Conditions" section of the form.

Incomplete Grade Form


Once completed, the Summer Session Start Date Appeal Form should be submitted to Records and Registration (117 Graff Main Hall) by January 15th to guarantee inclusion in the Summer Session Timetable.

Summer Session Start Date Appeal Form

Who needs to complete the WINGS Compliance Form? All new instructors, instructors who have not taught at UWL for a year or more, and any staff and student workers who will need access to the student information system (WINGS) in order to do their job. Requesting WINGS access is a separate step from the HR onboarding process and should be done before the start of the term in which the instructor will be teaching.

The form is now online! To submit a WINGS Compliance Form, please use this link:

Once the survey is completed, it is emailed to the noted supervisor/department chair who should then forward the email with their approval stated inside the reply to Victoria Rahn, Assistant Registrar. 

If a paper form is needed, please contact Victoria Rahn for a copy.