Important message from the Records & Registration Office

Due to the ongoing public health situation, some changes have taken place to Fall registration, transcripts ordering, and office procedures:

  1. Registration for Fall 2020 will be closed for longer than normal so that departments can adjust their Fall schedules to fit into the new social distancing and health safety guidelines. Students will be able to adjust their schedules and continue registering starting July 27th. Non-degree seeking special students will be able to start registering August 10th.
  2. Most staff in the Records and Registration Office are working remotely during normal business hours. Please contact us using our email at If you do call our number and no one answers, please leave a message and your call will be returned either by email or phone as soon as possible.
  3. In addition, we cannot take transcript requests in person. Please order electronically. Current students may use the Official Transcript link in their WINGS Student Center. Former students may use the "Order a Transcript Now" link on our Transcript page. The link to the Transcript page is below this message. 
  4. There may be a delay in processing the transcript requests for students who attended UWL prior to 1991, transcript requests sent in the mail, or requests for transcripts to be sent through regular postal mail. If the health situation requires our minimal office staff to return to working from home, the delay could add 1-2 weeks of processing time.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs) about the temporary undergraduate S/U Grading Policy for Spring 2020

Welcome to UW-La Crosse!

The process for transferring credit to UWL varies based on whether the course is from a college within the UW System, a private or out-of-state college, or a course through an online institution. The Academic Advising Center explains the transfer of credit process in detail. Below is posted the UW System's transfer policy and information about transferring credit within the UW System, including using the new Transferology online transfer site.

UW System undergraduate transfer policy expanding section

ACIS 6.0 Revised: This UW System policy was last revised in June of 1998 to insure that courses defined as “breadth” courses taken at one institution will transfer to the receiving institution as fulfilling the same General Education requirement. Breadth courses at UWL include international and multicultural studies, science, self and society, humanistic studies and fine arts courses. This policy also guarantees that courses designated as “ethnic studies” at one institution will meet the same requirement at the receiving institution. A student may have to request that the receiving institution maintain the course designation determined by the sending institution to insure that these courses are transferring appropriately.

ACIS 6.0 requires that each institution shall develop an appeal process that allows students to appeal credit evaluation decisions. If a student disagrees with a decision made in transferring a particular course, the student should contact the office that provided that evaluation to initiate an appeal. In most cases this will be the admission office, but some campuses may have designated another office to handle incoming transfer students.

Go to Transfer Wisconsin or Transferology to learn more about how courses transfer in the University of Wisconsin, Wisconsin Technical College, and Tribal College systems.

Transferology expanding section

Transferology badge

Use Transferology, our online tool to view course equivalencies, enter and store coursework, and even request an evaluation of transfer work against a program. Transferology is designed to give prospective students current information about transferring UW System and Wisconsin Technical College System credits to any institution in the UW System.

If you are currently enrolled at UWL and have a need to take course work elsewhere either in a summer session or during an academic year, you must secure approval in advance of enrollment at other institutions for course work to be taken for transfer to this university. See your academic adviser in the dean's office of the school/college in which you are enrolled and fill out an "Off-Campus Permit” form, which is used to secure approval to transfer credits from other institutions.

Go to Transfer Wisconsin to learn more about how courses transfer in the University of Wisconsin, Wisconsin Technical College, and Tribal College systems.