Transferology Lab for advisors

Transferology is a nationwide network designed to help students answer the question “Will my courses transfer?” Students enter coursework, exams, and/or military learning experiences, then discover in a single click how many schools in the Transferology network have matching courses that may be awarded when the student transfers. Transferology replaced the UW System TIS Transfer Wizard on July 1, 2020.

The Transferology Lab is an extension of Transferology, designed to support the needs of faculty and staff at colleges and universities that are part of the network. In the Lab, users access advising resources like equivalency lookups and course bundles to see how the student's courses will transfer either in preparation for or during an advising session. Those with admin access can see monthly reports on student interest in UWL and edit the school profile.

Faculty and staff advisors should request an advisor Lab account through one of the contacts below. Do not create a student Transferology account to use for advising purposes. The Lab has access to view the same course bundles and equivalencies a student can see but also has additional resources.

To request a Lab account, please email Victoria Rahn or Scott Johns.

Login to Transferology Lab using the link below. You can bookmark that link on your browser for future use. Advisors who are interested can also add the Transferology Lab link as a tile to their MyUW homepage.

Training webinars and links are posted further down.

Training resources

Updates since webinar was recorded:

  • All UW 4-year and 2-year institutions and branch campuses, along with the technical schools and tribal colleges have their equivalencies in the system.
  • Standardized exam equivalencies have since been loaded into Transferology. UWL has equivalencies for the following exams:
    • AP
    • CLEP
    • IB
  • UWL's military equivalencies are not loaded into Transferology, except for the Community College of the Air Force. If you have a student with a question about a military transcript, they should contact the Admissions Office for assistance.
  • Students can filter their course bundles by program. UWL's current undergraduate programs/majors have been added into the system.
  • Courses that do not transfer have been loaded and will appear as "misses."
  • Notifications from students requesting information will go to and be handled by Admissions. 

Additional Tips

  • Courses marked as "maybes" have not been evaluated for transferability yet. The student should contact the Admissions office for directions on how to request an evaluation.
  • When creating a Course Bundle, do not use the student's full name, ID, or birth date in order to protect their personal identifying information.
  • Not all schools nation-wide use Transferology to post their equivalencies. If the school's equivalencies can't be found in Transferology, students should contact that school directly with questions.
  • The "online only" filters apply to the school or program as a whole, not to individual courses. If students are wondering about specific courses being offered online at a school that is not a totally online institution, they will need to check with that school to find out.
  • Graduate student will likely not find Transferology useful as most schools do not list graduate equivalencies. Graduate students transferring should contact the school they are transferring to directly.

Other links

Faculty and staff may watch the above recorded webinar as many times as needed. They may also access the vendor's support documentation on Transferology Lab to review written directions instead of watching the above video.

There are opportunities to sign up for additional training webinars in the "support documentation" links at the bottom of each page in the Lab. These webinars are not school specific. The pertinent one for UWL advisors are Transferology-related:

  • Transferology®: Helping Students Know How Their Courses Will Transfer
  • Transferology® Lab Training: Recruiter and Advisor Roles