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Undergraduate Grading Policy

A page within Records and Registration

IMPORTANT Info about the Temporary S/U Grading Policy

The temporary Undergraduate S/U policy below applies to Spring 2021 grades.

FAQs for the temporary Undergraduate S/U Grading Policy (Spring 2021)

I earned a grade of "C" or higher. Should I request to change my letter grade to "S"?

  • In most cases, the letter grade would be preferable to an "S."
  • Consider how a future employer or graduate program might view the S; an assumption could be made that you were earning a "C."
  • If you are concerned that your "BC" or "C" would "drop" your GPA, know that this is just one semester on your record and may have minimal effect. There will be a "COVID-19 Disruption" notation on all transcripts for the spring 2021 semester to inform readers of the extraordinary circumstances this semester.
  • The UWL transcript definition of "S" is a letter grade of "C or better" although there is no way to document the original letter grade.

If I request a grade change from "BC" to "S," for example, and my semester GPA improves to 3.5 or higher, will I be eligible for Dean’s List honors on my transcript?

  • The Dean’s List notation will be based on the original grades submitted by the faculty.

I earned a grade of "D." Should I request to change my grade to "U"?

  • A "U" grade does not earn credit for a course. This means you have not completed the course and will not satisfy any degree requirement or prerequisite with the "U".
  • "D" grades earn credit. In most cases, the "D" and subsequent credits earned will satisfy degree requirements, including General Education.
  • If you need a grade of "C or better" to satisfy major or prerequisite requirements, consider the "U" option. Consult with your Academic Services Office of your first major for advice, if needed.

I am repeating a "D" or "F" from a previous semester and did not improve the original grade. What does a "U" do to my record?

  • The grade of "U" would mean that the original grade will no longer count in your GPA.
  • If you originally failed the course, a "D" this semester would give you credit and positively impact your GPA.
  • If you originally earned a "D" in the course, you will lose credit for the course if you receive an "F" or "U" grade.

I earned a "D" or "F" in a course and want to request a change to "U." Can I take the course with the "U" at another campus and transfer the course back to UWL?

  • NO. "U" grades are considered "F" grades for the purpose of repeating courses; repeats must be taken at UWL.

I earned a "D" or "F" in a course and want to request a change to "U." Will the "U" affect my Financial Aid or scholarships?

Will my athletic eligibility change if I request a grade change to "S" or "U"?

Will my federal or state veteran’s benefits be affected if I request a grade change to "S" or "U"?

How do I request a change from a letter grade to "S" or "U"?

What if I change my mind after I have submitted my request?

  • If it is before June 11, 2021, contact your Academic Services Office. There will be no changes back to a letter grade after June 11, 2021.

When can I request a transcript?

  • Check your unofficial transcript to make sure the changes have been processed before you request the transcript. There may be delays in processing letter grade to "S/U" changes and subsequent delays in updating transcripts.