Registration - In General

When do I register for classes? expanding section

Find your enrollment date and time in your WINGS Student Center. Log into WINGS and locate the "Enrollment Dates" section on the right side of the page. To switch terms click "Details".

How do I register for classes? expanding section

Detailed information on how to register online can be found on the WINGS Student Center Help page, including a written manual and video tutorials. In addition, our page offers supplementary tips to make registration easier.

How are enrollment dates/times determined? expanding section

Your enrollment date is determined by the number of credits you have earned so far (in-progress courses are not included in this total). Graduate students and undergraduate students with the most credits register first, and so on. Credits earned from previous schools can be included in the determination if you have sent UWL an official transcript with grades.

Can I change my enrollment date/time? expanding section

No - enrollment appointments are assigned based on the set number of credits you have earned so far. If your enrollment appointment conflicts with one of your classes or another commitment, your appointment can't be changed to accommodate and you can't be given an excused absence from a class to register. However, you can register and/or make changes to your schedule any time after your enrollment appointment through the first five days of classes (except for a few weeks in June for freshmen registration). So if you have trouble registering your first day, you still have plenty of time to make changes later.

Do veteran students get priority registration? expanding section

Honorably discharged veterans are eligible for priority registration. Please bring a copy of your DD-214, Notice of Basic Eligibility or Active Duty Identification Card to 116 Graff Main Hall. 

At UW-La Crosse, priority registration allows students to register at the beginning of their class level (i.e. sophomore, junior).

Who is my advisor? expanding section

Find your assigned advisor's name on your WINGS Student Center page under "Program Advisor" (right-hand side). New freshmen and new transfer students are not assigned an advisor until after the semester starts. If no advisor is assigned yet, contact your college dean's office or the Academic Advising Center for help.

Can I retake a class? expanding section

You may repeat a course if you earned a "D" or "F" in the course. You may not repeat a course for which you have earned a "C" or higher. Undergraduates may repeat as many times as they want. Graduate students follow stricter rules.

Full Undergraduate Course Repeat Policy

Full Graduate Course Repeat Policy

How will retaking a class affect my GPA? expanding section

The most recent grade, not the best grade, is what gets calculated into the GPA. Your previous grade is not deleted from your academic record, but it will not be calculated in your cumulative GPA.

Full Undergraduate Course Repeat Policy

I have a hold on my WINGS account and can't register. How do I take care of that? expanding section

Select "Details" under the "Holds" section in your Student Center to find more information about the hold. How you take care of the hold depends on the campus office that initiated it. For example, if you have a financial hold from the Cashier's office (121 Graff Main Hall), you will need to contact them; if you have an advising hold, you will need to meet with your academic advisor; etc.

I tried to register for a course but the system wouldn't let me. Why can't I get into the course? expanding section

When you tried to register, you should have gotten an error message explaining the specific reason why you couldn't get into the class. There are a variety of reasons you might not be able to get into a course, some include:

  • the class is full and no seats are available;
  • you do not meet one or more of the prerequisites for the course;
  • there is a time conflict with another course you are already registered for;
  • and the credits for the course would put you over the maximum number allowed for a semester. 

If you need help understanding the error message, contact Records and Registration, 117 Graff Main Hall.

When is the last day I can add a class to my schedule? expanding section

The period of time between a student’s initial registration for any term through the first 10 days of classes during an academic semester is considered to be the "drop/add/change of schedule" period. Classes shorter than the traditional full semester length offered during a semester or during an intersession have drop/add schedules that reflect deadlines pro-rated from a full semester based on the length of the class. 

Dropping a class
For schedule changes associated with dropping classes, neither the advisor's permission nor the instructor's permission is required during this period and a student may drop classes without affecting the permanent academic record. After the drop/add/change of schedule period, if a student withdraws from a course, the individual class withdrawal policy applies.

Adding a class
For schedule changes associated with adding courses, if the desired section is not closed, no permissions are needed during the first five days of classes for full semester courses. From the sixth day through the tenth day of classes for full semester courses, permission from the instructor is required and departmental permission may also be required. After the close of the add/drop/change of schedule period, classes cannot be added except in unusual cases and then only with the consent of the instructor, department chair, and the dean's office.

How do I add or change my major or minor? expanding section

Declare or change your major with the appropriate College/School via their "Change of Program" process.  The physical version of the form can be obtained from the AAC or your Dean's Office. If you are unsure of the College/School that your desired major belongs to, please consult the AAC.

Is there a deadline to add or change my major or minor? expanding section

Change to majors and minors must be submitted by midterm of the semester for a student's account to be updated in time for registration. Changes submitted after the midterm will be held until after registration is over.

Overrides & Closed Classes

Is it possible to get into a class that is full? expanding section

WINGS will not allow you to register for courses that are full (or require special permission from the instructor, department chair, and/or dean). However, you may be able to get an override into the class from the instructor, if the instructor so chooses. Or you can add your name to the course's wait list, if it has one. Please note, the instructor is not obligated to give an override, and may say no. Also, the override may have an expiration date, so be sure to register immediately.

How do I get an override? expanding section

Course overrides are given out by the instructor, department, or dean's office, depending on what is being overridden. They are done either electronically or on a blue paper form. Permission to register for a closed class or an override of most course prerequisites is given by the instructor of the course. If you can't get ahold of the instructor, contact the academic department. 

There are some course restrictions that can't be overridden by the instructor. Restriction of enrollment to certain majors can only be overridden by the dean's office of the college offering the course. Restriction of enrollment to certain GPAs or class standing (i.e., junior standing) require approval by the dean of your assigned college. Overriding the maximum number credits you are allowed to take in one semester is also done by the dean of your college.

Electronic overrides can be used through the first ten days of instruction and are done with the instructor, in the department, or in the college dean's office, depending on the restriction being overridden. If you are given the override electronically, login to your WINGS Student Center and register for the class as soon as your enrollment appointment starts. For closed classes, the course will still look closed online. 

Paper overrides are available from the instructor or the academic department of the class. You need to get all the required signatures on the paper form (minimum is both instructor and department signatures, but may also include the dean's office) before returning it to Records and Registration in 117 Graff Main Hall.

The override may have an expiration date, so be sure to register as soon as you are able.

Only time conflicts and registering to audit need to be done on paper at all times. Overrides into closed classes might not be offered by the instructor if the class has a wait list.

I want to take more than 18 credits. How do I do this? expanding section

In order to exceed the maximum credit load of 18 credits (an "overload"), you will need approval from your college's dean. Overloads are not approved for first-semester freshmen or for any student with a cumulative GPA less than 3.25.

Dropping a class

What are the drop deadlines and where do I find them? expanding section

Courses must be dropped on or before the deadline to drop a course. These academic deadlines are not to be confused with refund deadlines which are separate and are done by the Cashier's office.

The date you drop a course affects your academic transcript. Courses can be dropped with or without a "W" entered on the transcript.

  1. Without a "W" on your transcript. This takes the course off your transcript entirely. This deadline is generally 10 days into a semester, but it is shorter if the course is shorter. No permission is required to drop a class during this time. After this period, a "W" is entered on your transcript.
  2. With a "W" on your transcript. This keeps the course on your transcript but shows that you were not in the course long enough to be adequately judged with a grade. Permission from your instructor or your advisor is required during this period.  "W"s do NOT affect grade point averages, and there is no limited on how many you can have on your record. Please note that if you do not drop the course officially but simply stop coming to class, you will receive a "real" grade (A-F) which does affect your GPA.

The deadlines to drop regular full term and 7-week semester courses are listed on the Records page under the Dates and Deadlines and can also be found on your WINGS Student Center.  

Courses that do not follow the traditional semester structure have different drop dates. For example, ESS 100 offers several different course start and end dates. The deadlines for uniquely dated courses are only found on your WINGS Student Center.

Directions on how to find drop deadlines on your WINGS Student Center

How do I drop a class? expanding section

Students may drop courses via their WINGS Student Center through the 10th day for a full semester course in Fall and Spring (through the second day for the Summer term). After the 10th day, students must have a drop/add form signed by the course instructor and then brought to 117 Graff Main Hall. Instructors and advisors may also give permission to drop electronically. The student then goes into their WINGS Student Center and drops the course there.

The last day to drop a full semester class is one week after mid-term (deadline is shorter for Summer and Winter Intersession). 

For exact drop dates, log into your WINGS Student Center and click on the small calendar icon next to the specific class in your schedule. Courses that are not full term, including Summer and Winter courses, have pro-rated drop dates.

I tried to drop my class on WINGS but it didn’t work. Why? expanding section

You can only drop a class without permission through the first 10 days of classes for a full semester course and the first 5 days for a half semester course. After that, you need to get your instructor’s or advisor’s approval in order to drop. Drop/Add forms can be picked up in the Records and Registration Office, 117 Graff Main Hall. Instructors and advisors may also give permission to drop electronically. The student then goes into their WINGS Student Center and drops the course there.

For Summer courses & Winter courses, you can't drop them on your own after the first 4 days of the class. If it is more than 4 days in, contact your instructor for permission to drop. If the course hasn't started yet and you have trouble dropping, contact Records and Registration.

For more information on the add/drop policy, see the drop/add/change of schedule form.

What is a "W"? expanding section

The "W" stands for "Withdraw." If you withdraw from a class (drop it) after the add/drop/change of schedule deadline (for Fall and Spring, after the 10th day of the semester), you will receive a "W" next to the class on your transcript, indicating you withdrew from the class after the change of schedule period.

Generally, "W"s do not negatively affect your transcript. "W"s do not affect your GPA, and the university does not limit how many you can have. However, graduate schools evaluating your transcript for an application may have concerns if it looks like you withdrew from an excessive amount of classes or from a course required for admission. What is seen as excessive is determined by the individual school. If you are wondering how "W"s might affect certain graduate school applications or other future plans, contact your academic advisor.

I dropped a class - can I get a tuition refund? expanding section

Depending on when you dropped the class, you might be able to get a tuition refund. Please note that the drop/add deadlines are not the same as the tuition refund deadlines. Visit the Cashier's office page for more information about tuition refunds.

What if I want to drop all my courses after the term has started? expanding section

Contact Student Life. Dropping all of your courses means you are withdrawing from the university. If you decide to come back, you will need to re-apply.

Students withdrawing after the semester has started will be charged a withdrawal fee. Contact the Cashier's Office to find out the exact amount of the fee.

Why do I have a fee for registration if I dropped all my courses before the semester started? expanding section

non-refundable registration fee is assessed to all undergraduate and graduate students each semester they register for one or more courses, whether or not the student drops the course(s) before the semester starts. If you don't remember registering for a course, contact our office and we can look up your record. To pay the fee, contact the Cashier's office or go online to your WINGS Student Center.


Can I get a duplicate of my official diploma? expanding section

Yes. You may order a duplicate diploma by completing the Duplicate Diploma Order Form and returning it with the $15 fee. It takes 1-2 weeks to complete the order and mail it out to you.

How do I get my diploma apostilled or notarized? expanding section

An official copy of the UWL diploma is already considered notarized because it contains both the official school seal and the signatures of the appropriate state officials. However, many nations require the diploma to be apostilled as well. This can be done through the State of Wisconsin apostille process. You send your official diploma (or duplicate of official diploma) to the State of Wisconsin to authenticate/apostille. The State charges a fee for this service.

How do I change my name in UWL records? expanding section

Official name changes must be done in the Records and Registration Office, 117 Graff Main Hall, with a Name Change Form. You must to provide documentation with the form such as a copy of a driver’s license, court decree, or marriage certificate. We only need a copy of one of these items. Return the completed form and documentation by email, mail, fax, or in person. 

You have the option of changing your university email, and subsequently, your NetID at the same time. There is a box to check at the bottom of the form if you would like to update your email. This only applies to students with a current working UWL email address. You will be notified by email when the change to your ID has occurred. 

Can I get my transcript via email? expanding section

Not directly. Our office cannot email transcripts directly to you, either unofficial or official. However, there is a way to have official transcripts sent to you electronically through the National Student Clearinghouse secure server. Please see the directions for ordering online on our transcript page. Official transcripts are $10, and electronic official transcripts are only official for 30 days.

How do I get a copy of my unofficial transcript? expanding section

Current students, a copy of your unofficial transcript is in your WINGS Student Center. Open the drop-down box in the "Academics" section of your Student Center, click "Transcript: View Unofficial," select "Unofficial Enrollment (Both)," and click "View Report." Your transcript will appear as a PDF file in a new tab or window. If your transcript does not open, check to see if the pop-up blocker is enabled in your browser. Disable the pop-up blocker and try again.

Former students cannot obtain a free unofficial transcript. Official copies cost $10 and can be ordered online, by mail, or in person. If you want an unofficial copy to accompany the official one, please request that in the special instructions on the paper form. If ordering electronically, request the transcript come by mail and then upload an attachment containing your request for an unofficial copy to accompany the official one.

Can I get copies of my transcript from other institutions? expanding section

The University of Wisconsin-La Crosse does not issue copies of transcripts (high school or university) or other documents received from other institutions. 

I’m trying to order transcripts through my WINGS Student Center. Everything is filled in, but I keep getting a message to fill in more information. What should I do? expanding section

If you are getting this error and everything is in red, you may be attempting to use a broken link in WINGS. If you searched for “official transcript” or “transcript” from the WINGS Student Center, that brings up an old form. You need to go directly to the working link which is on the first page of your WINGS Student Center. On the right hand side of your Student Center, find the "Enrollment Resources" section. Click on "Official Transcript." On the next page, choose the option to “order or track a transcript.”

I am having problems getting my official transcripts electronically through the Clearinghouse. expanding section

When ordering an electronic copy through the National Student Clearinghouse, you will receive two emails. One will have the link to the PDF transcript; the other will have the password information you need to log into it. If you are having trouble opening the PDF transcript link in the emails sent to you, contact the Clearinghouse help line at 703.742.4200 or review some of the solutions below. 

Some issues might be: 

  • No emails were received containing the link and password. This may be because the recipient email was entered with a typo. Go online to and "track" your order using the order number to check what email was entered. If a typo was entered, contact Records and Registration at 608-785-8580.
  • Official electronic transcripts are only good for 30 days, so the link may have expired. Even if you saved it to your desktop, the link still expires.
  • You were enrolled at UWL prior to 1991. Transcripts from prior to 1991 are not available electronically. However, you can still order them through the Clearinghouse. Just be sure to choose the "Mail" or "Fax/Mail" option for delivery.
  • You don't have the most up-to-date Adobe Reader software (or other PDF reader program) on your computer. The free Adobe Reader can be downloaded from their site: 
  • Your browser is preventing the download because of the security set-up or another program on your computer is incompatible with the PDF program. The Clearinghouse has a website to help troubleshoot browser and computer issues. They recommend downloading and opening the PDF in the Adobe software program on your computer, not through your browser.
  • You tried to save a copy to your computer. Saved copies of the electronic PDF are no longer official.

Transfer Credit/Grades

Some of my transfer credits don't seem to be transferring in correctly. How can I fix this? expanding section

See the assistant to the dean in your college:

  • College of Science and Health: 105 Graff Main Hall
  • College of Liberal Studies/School of Arts and Communication: 235 Morris Hall
  • College of Business Administration: 138 Wimberly Hall
  • School of Education: 235 Morris Hall
What is an "Incomplete"? expanding section

An incomplete grade ("I") is a temporary grade (not a final course grade) which may be reported for a student enrolled in a class past the last date to drop a course and who, because of illness or other unusual and substantiated cause beyond the student's control, has been unable to take the final exam or to complete the remaining course work. With the instructor's permission, the student agrees to finish the work or test after the class finishes. The student does not register for the course again; instead, the student finished the remaining work on his or her own with the instructor's supervision.

If the student has not completed the course requirements after a year, the grade will changed to an "F" or the grade the instructor would have given the student otherwise.

Full UWL Incomplete Grade Policy

How do I take care of an "Incomplete"? expanding section

When an incomplete grade is requested, the instructor and student together complete an "Incomplete Grade Request." The instructor will prepare and present to the student a written statement that describes the work that must be completed to remove the incomplete. If the student agrees to the work, the request is filed with Records and Registration. Removal of an incomplete requires that the student satisfy the conditions set forth on that request.

Once the student has finished the work, the instructor completed a "Grade Change Request." If the student does not complete the work within a year, a grade of "F" or whatever grade the instructor would have given otherwise is entered on the student's record.

Full UWL Incomplete Grade Policy

Student Records

Where can I find my student ID number? expanding section

All new students are assigned an ID number and are notified of the number in writing as part of the admission/acceptance communication. It is very important to remember this number so that offices can locate the correct information for you when necessary. In addition, this is a confidential, nine-digit number, which means it cannot be given out to anyone except the student. If you have lost or forgotten your student ID number, an easy way to find it is to pull up a copy of your unofficial transcript in your WINGS Student Center.

Your student ID number is not the same as your Social Security Number. State law prohibits universities from using Social Security numbers as ID numbers.

Why can't my parent or guardian access my WINGS account? expanding section

The Family Education Rights & Privacy Act (FERPA) provides that, with certain explicit exceptions, all students have the right to determine who will see their educational records (confidentiality) and students have the right to see their education records (accessibility). The law states that anything that is not directory information must be kept confidential. UW-La Crosse has established a university-wide policy to implement this law and define what is directory information. Most information besides your name, contact information, and enrollment status, is not directory information and is therefore protected. 

If you would like to give your parent or guardian access to your protected information, you can do it one of two ways. 

  1. The first way is to create a Guest account on your WINGS Student Center. Go to the "Self-Service" in the Main Menu and select "Manage Guest Users." Click "Add a Guest User." Accept or decline the terms and conditions. If you accepted, entered the name and email address of your guest. Choose which categories of information you want that person to be able to see. If you do not check it, your guest will not be able to see that information. This permission exists until revoked; it does not expire. This permission is also not the same permission as allowing someone to make payments on your bill. That permission must be done by clicking "Grant Access to View/Pay Bill" and going to the CashNet site.
  2. The second way is to share your NetID and password with your parents or guardian. But remember that this gives them access to everything you can access, including grades and billing.

The Cashier's Office and Financial Aid have paper release forms for the information in their offices. However, the Records and Registration does not. This means that in our office, we cannot discuss or give our your educational information to your parents or guardian without your written permission, which must be given every time.

Full UWL FERPA Policy

How do I get an enrollment/degree verification? expanding section

You can find your enrollment verification in your WINGS Student Center. Once you are logged in to WINGS, you will find "Enrollment Resources" on the right side of the page. Click "Enrollment Verification" and follow the prompts. If you get an error when you try to do this, you might be trying to verify a semester that hasn't started yet. Enrollment does not begin until the first day of class, which means you must wait for the term to begin in order verify enrollment. If you know that is not the reason, contact the Records and Registration office for help.

More information on enrollment/degree verifications

How long do I have access to my email, D2L, files on my personal drive, and WINGS after I leave UWL? expanding section

Email accounts and access to WINGS are removed approximately six months following your graduation or your last term of enrollment. This includes your email account, personal files (U:\ drive), D2L access, and other resources accessed with your Net ID/UW-La Crosse email account. You will receive notice of the pending deletion two to four weeks prior to the process. 

To prepare for when you no longer attend UWL, we recommend doing the following:

  • Transition to using an alternate personal email address for employment and/or graduate school applications. Notify anyone else who might contact you via your school email of your alternate email address.
  • After the term is over, login to WINGS to retrieve and save a copy of your unofficial transcripts fo your personal use. Official transcripts can always be ordered later, but unofficial transcripts will no longer be accessible 6 months after you leave UWL. Please wait until all your grades are posted before saving a copy. Students graduating should wait until their degree is posted. You will be able to see if your degree is posted by pulling up an official transcript and checking for the degree information at the end of your record. 
  • Make a note of your major GPA from your Advisement Report in WINGS. This specific GPA is only available on your AR and will not be saved after you have graduated. 
  • Lastly, please be sure to make copies of any important documents or files saved on the personal drive attached to your UWL account and save them somewhere you will have access to after you leave UWL.


How/When do I apply for graduation? expanding section

Undergraduates: File your intent to graduate before you register for your final semester. December and Winter Intersession grads should file by May 1st. May or Summer grads should file by December 1st. On your WINGS Student Center page, open the drop-down box and click "Apply for Graduation." You will need to click "Apply for Graduation" again under your program and then follow the prompts. 

Note: You are responsible for ensuring all requirements for your degree have been met. While extensive efforts are made to maintain the accuracy of your Advisement Report (AR), your college dean's office must confirm whether or not your degree is complete. Since your college dean's office authorizes the awarding of your degree, we recommend confirming with them that you'll meet all the degree requirements by making an appointment for a credit check prior to registering for your final year.  

Graduate: File your intent to graduate before your final term. Your expected term of graduation is the term in which you will successfully complete your thesis, comprehensive exams, or terminal project. On your WINGS Student Center page, open the drop-down box and click "Apply for Graduation." You will need to click "Apply for Graduation" again under your program and then follow the prompts. Students who are enrolled in GRC 798 or GRC 799 should apply if they know they will be finishing their graduation requirements in the current semester or the next. Students who have already completed all required GRC 798 or 799 enrollments in a prior semester must contact the Records and Registration Office, 117 Graff Main Hall, to apply for graduation. 

Associate: If you wish to apply for an Associate Degree, you need to fill out your intent to graduate in the Records and Registration Office, 117 Graff Main Hall. The graduation fee for associate degrees is $10 and will need to be paid when the form is completed with check or cash.

You should receive a confirmation of success after you have applied to graduate. If you have concerns that it did not go through or you can't remember if you applied, you may contact our office to verify at 608.785.8576.

Why am I seeing a graduation fee on my bill? expanding section

All undergraduate students with 95 credits and graduate students with 20 credits are automatically billed a one-time graduation fee. This fee covers the cost of graduation and Commencement, and is assessed whether or not a student chooses to attend the ceremony. An additional cap and gown fee is paid at the UWL Bookstore when you pick up your cap and gown.

What do I need to do for Commencement? expanding section

The UW-La Crosse Commencement staff has a wealth of Commencement related information and resources that will help guide you through the process from ordering caps and gowns to details about the actual day.