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CIM approvers

A page within Records and Registration

Who are the CIM approvers? The approvers are the faculty and academic offices with the responsibility of reviewing and either approving or rolling back the curriculum proposals submitted into workflow as part of the governance process. If the reviewer approves, the proposal moves onto the next step of review. Proposals that are rolled back are usually allowed to be resubmitted with the changes requested by the approver.

Where do approvers go to review proposals? Approvers review on a separate page. The link to this page is sent to the approver in the "Action Required" email that comes from the UWL Curriculum Team. Approvers can bookmark the approver page in their browser from the link in the email or by following the button below. Once on the approver page, go to your approval role in the drop-down menu and select a proposal to review. The approver page requires the same UWL login information as the CIM forms.

Where can you find CIM help? 

CIM Help - Courses (link to Course Form & guidelines on editing courses)

CIM Help- Programs (link to Program Form & guidelines on editing programs)

UCC/GCC Guidelines for Reviewers

More information on the approval workflows, the university's curriculum procedures, and the curriculum policies can be reviewed at the links below.

If you have questions or trouble logging in, please contact us at or 608.785.8954.