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Taking a Non-UWL Class

A page within Records and Registration

Current UWL students enrolling in a non-UWL class while attending UWL:

UWL students wishing to take a non- UWL class while attending UWL and transfer it back should review the steps below before registering into the desired class.

Note: In compliance with established university policy, failing grades and deficiencies in grade point averages at UWL may be removed only by taking work in residence at UWL. Courses repeated at another institution and transferred to this university will not improve your UWL GPA.

How to take a non-UWL class while attending UWL

Step 1: Visit the Transferology website to view other schools' courses that  transfer back to UWL. 

Scenario:  Suppose you're already attending UW-La Crosse and know that you need to take CHM 103.  You'll be home for the summer and want to take a course at your local school, UW-Eau Claire, that will transfer back to UW-La Crosse as CHM 103. Transferology can help you find what course transfers back as CHM 103.

Step 2: Prior to enrollment in the course, complete the online "Off-Campus Course Evaluation Form." This form is reviewed by your Dean's office to ensure that the credits will indeed transfer to UWL. You will get an email when the course is approved or if there are follow-up questions.

If you wish to take a course at another UW Campus, scheduled classes can be viewed at the UW Campus Timetable website. For other colleges or universities, you will need to visit the website of the institution in which you are interested.

If you are receiving financial aid, contact the Financial Aid office to determine if a consortium agreement should be filed so that you can receive aid for the non-UWL course.

Courses not in Transferology

Transferology can help provide information on whether courses will transfer to UWL. However, students seeking guidance on the process of transferring courses should consult with the Academic Services Office associated with their major (CSH, CBA, CASSH, or SOE) or an AACCS advisor for more individualized advice.

College/School Dean's Offices:

Enrolling in a non-UWL course

Once your Off-Campus Course Evaluation Form is approved, seek admission to the institution offering the course as a "non-degree seeking," “special," "guest," or "visiting" student. These terms are used for students taking a course at a school but not intending to earn a degree there. The term used will depend on the school to which you apply.

  • Apply at UW Online Application for UW System institutions.
  • For institutions outside of the UW System, the application process will be found on their admissions page.
  • Once you are admitted, the other institution should provide you directions on how to enroll.

Transferring completed coursework back to UWL

Once you have completed the course and the final grade has been recorded on your transcript at the other institution, request an official transcript be sent directly to UWL from the other institution. The official transcript can be sent directly to the Records and Registration Office. If you do not see the credit applied to your record after 10 business days, please contact the Records and Registration Office to verify if the transcript was received.

When credits are transferred and accepted, they are recorded in terms of UWL courses. The student’s record shows the courses, grades, and credits of the awarded coursework. However, the cumulative grade point average of each UWL student is determined only by credits and grades earned in residence at the university. The grade and grade points of the transferred coursework does not count in the UWL GPA. Exceptions to this policy may be necessary for admission into certain academic programs. 

A course in which a grade of "D" was earned and accepted by this university may be applied to general education and/or core requirements but will be subject to re-evaluation at a later date if the student chooses to major or minor in the subject area, or discipline in which "D" grades were earned.

Additional information

  • Students may also have the option of transferring credits to UW-La Crosse via standardized examination programs such as the Advanced Placement (AP) program, the College Level Entrance Program (CLEP), or the International Baccalaureate (IB) program.    
  • UW-Independent Learning delivers courses in various options: print-based only, print-based with e-mail option, telecourse, or online.  Students submit their coursework by mail, e-mail, or fax. Independent learning undergraduate-level credits may be transferable to UWL. Check transferability in Transferology. As with any transfer course, you should get the course approved by your College. See the Academic Services Director for your College before considering this option.      
  • UW Extended Campus also offers online courses each fall, spring and summer semester.  This may also be an option for you. Check transferability in Transferology. As with any transfer course, you should get the course approved by your College. See the Academic Services Director for your College before considering this option.