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               2016-2017                                                     2016-2017
     Undergraduate Catalog                                      Graduate Catalog 

    CAT UG 2016-17 Cover 210x272                                        CAT GR 2016-17 Cover 210x271

Tip: Clear your cache (or browser history) prior to viewing a 2016-2017 catalog for the first time. This will ensure you are viewing the current catalog and not a previous version. If a prior year's catalog comes up, click the "Refresh" button on your browser.

Recent Catalogs

These are the most recently published past catalogs, starting with the last bi-annual year for both catalogs (2013-15 undergraduate and 2012-14 graduate) up through last year's catalogs (the 2015-16 catalogs). 
The undergraduate and graduate catalogs went from being published bi-annually to being published on a yearly basis starting in the summer of 2014. An online HTML version is available for the 2014-15 catalogs and forward. A PDF version of each catalog is also available.

Murphy Library Digital Collection

This collection contains PDF files of UWL's historical catalogs up through the undergraduate 2013-15 catalog and the graduate 2012-14 catalog. 
Tip: In the Murphy Library Digital Collection, filter the results by selecting "Catalog" under the genre category on the left. The results will come up in chronological order, with the newest catalogs on the last page of results. Use the small arrow on the top right to find the newest catalogs.