Special/Non-degree students

You may be a special/non-degree student if you are:

  • a student at another university looking to enroll at UW-La Crosse for the summer or winter term only and plan to return to your home university;
  • an individual desiring to audit or take courses for credit, but do not expect to earn a degree from UW-La Crosse;
  • an individual looking to take classes toward a graduate program for which you need to complete additional prerequisites; or
  • a high school student looking to take college courses, including Youth Options participants.

Students may later change to an undergraduate degree-seeking student provided they submit complete transcripts of previous work and meet admission requirements. Courses completed as a special non-degree student at UW-La Crosse will then be evaluated for credit. If regular degree-seeking undergraduate status is achieved by following this procedure, no student will be allowed to revert to a special non-degree status to avoid conforming to any prescribed course of study.

Students disqualified for entrance or continuance at another collegiate institution are not eligible to enroll as special non-degree students at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse.

Students who already have a college degree and desire to undertake further study to earn a second undergraduate major, to qualify for teaching certification, or to remove deficiencies, must complete the first two pages of the UW System application and submit one official transcript of all previous college work.

How to apply