Admitted transfer student next steps

If you have been admitted to the University as a transfer student, congratulations! We hope that you will find UW-La Crosse to be the perfect fit as you work to complete your college education.  

To review important information regarding your admission and next steps, select the appropriate term below:

All admitted transfer students will receive an official credit evaluation upon admittance. Note: Criteria such as number of schools attended and/or number of credits earned may extend time necessary to complete your transfer credit report. 

We will notify you via email when your transfer credit report is complete and direct you to your WINGS Student Center to view it. See the transfer credit report narrative for assistance in understanding your transfer credit report.

Please click here for more information about our Transfer Credit Policies, including information about Advanced Placement (AP), College Level Exam Program (CLEP), and International Baccalaureate (IB) credits. 

Credit is awarded for college-level course work completed at institutions accredited by a regional or national accrediting organization recognized by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA). (Foreign institutions must be recognized by the Ministry of Education in that country.) Courses must be similar in nature, level, and content to a course in our undergraduate curriculum and applicable to one of our academic programs.  Continuing education courses, graduate-level courses, and courses that are remedial, technical, vocational, or doctrinal in nature are not transferable.

Transfer Wisconsin

The Transfer Wisconsin website is maintained by the University of Wisconsin (UW) System.  If you are planning to transfer from a UW System campus or a Wisconsin Technical College System (WTCS) campus, use this site to take the next steps toward enrolling at UWL. 


Transferology is a nationwide network designed to help students answer the question of how their courses will transfer. Simply enter your courses to find equivalent courses at UWL or use the Transferology site to inform UWL about coursework that has not yet been evaluated. Create a free user account and get started with discovering how your courses will transfer to UWL.


Select appropriate term below for important information regarding academic advising and registration:

Registration Checklist:

Classes Begin:

Information will be mailed beginning:

Spring 2021

February 1, 2021

November 2020 
Summer 2021
(will be posted April 2021)

Session I
May 24 - June 18

Session II
June 21 - July 16

Session III
July 19 - August 13

April 2021
Fall 2021
(will be posted April 2021)

September 7, 2021

April 2021

Registration links

College and undergraduate major Contact person

Academic Advising Center
General Transfer Student Advising Questions

Celinda Davis
1140 Centennial Hall

College of Business Administration
Accountancy, Economics, Finance, Information Systems, International Business, Management, Marketing

Nicole Vidden
138 Wimberly Hall

College of Arts, Social Sciences, & Humanities or
School of Visual and Performing Arts
Economics, History, Philosophy, Political Science, Public Administration, Psychology, Sociology, Women's, Gender & Sexuality Studies
Peter Stovall
260 Morris Hall  
College of Arts, Social Sciences, & Humanities or 
School of Visual and Performing Arts
Archaeology, Art, Communication Studies, Music, Theatre, Department of Global Cultures and Languages (French, German Studies, Spanish), English
Sandy Keller
260 Morris Hall
College of Science and Health
Biology, Chemistry, Clinical Laboratory Science, Computer Science, Geography/Earth Science, Microbiology, Nuclear Medicine Technology, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Physician Assistant Studies, Physics, Pre-Professional Programs, Radiation Therapy
Carla Burkhardt
105 Graff Main Hall
College of Science and Health
Exercise and Sport Science, ESS-Fitness, ESS-Sport Management, Recreation Management, Therapeutic Recreation
Guy Herling
105 Graff Main Hall
School of Education
Early Childhood-Middle Childhood, Middle Childhood-Early Adolescence, Secondary Teacher Education Programs, (STEP), Modern Languages Education, Music Education, Art Education, Physical Education, and Health Education (Early Childhood-Adolescence Certification)
Ashley Cree
145 Graff Main Hall

We are happy to share that the at-home exams for University of Wisconsin Placement testing are ready and available to complete. Remember, this is a required step for course registration at UWL.

The University of Wisconsin Placement Tests are used by all UW System schools. If you attended/are attending/had planned to attend another UW System school, you may have already taken these exams.

Scores for the University of Wisconsin Placement Tests are stored in a database maintained by the University of Wisconsin Center for Placement Testing at UW-Madison. If you have taken the tests within the past two years, we can add these scores to your academic record for UW-La Crosse.

In order to do this, please provide your full name, date of birth, and the approximate test date you took the exams, to the C. Criss Gilbert, Testing Coordinator in the Counseling & Testing office.


Mathematics Placement expanding section

Completion of, or concurrent enrollment in, coursework equivalent to any of the following UWL courses will satisfy course prerequisites and allow you to enroll in further Mathematics courses: MTH 150 (College Algebra), MTH 151 (Pre-Calculus), MTH 175 (Applied Calculus), or MTH 207 (Calculus I).

If your course transfer evaluation does not grant credit for any of the above courses, UWL will need your UW Mathematics Placement Test scores to determine your placement into the appropriate UWL mathematics course. If UWL does not have your scores on file, you will not be allowed to register for any mathematics course.

If you have any additional questions concerning the University of Wisconsin Placement Test for mathematics or the requirement of the placement test, please contact the Counseling & Testing Center or Dr. Heather Hulett,  Mathematics Department.

English Placement expanding section

Students who do not have placement scores on file at UW-La Crosse will be required to participate in the multiple measures placement process (MMP) administered by the First-Year Writing Program unless you have completed (or are currently completing) the equivalent of our first-year writing course, College Writing (ENG 110).

If your course transfer evaluation does not grant credit for ENG 110, then UWL will need your UW English Placement Test Score to determine placement into the appropriate UWL English course. If UWL does not have your scores on file, you will be required to participate in MMP. If you do not complete the MMP process, then you will automatically be co-enrolled in ENG 100 (College Writing Workshop) and ENG 110.

If you have any additional questions concerning the UW Placement Test for English or the MMP process, please contact the Counseling & Testing Center or the First-Year Writing Program Coordinator. For more information about the First-Year Writing Program (FYWP) at UWL, please visit the FYWP website or contact Dr. Darci Thoune, First-Year Writing Program Coordinator.

World Languages Placement expanding section

The Department of Global Cultures & Languages requires that all transfer students who are interested in continuing their studies in French, German, or Spanish at UW-La Crosse, must take the University of Wisconsin World Languages Placement Test.

Eligibility to enroll in UWL World Language courses is determined by scores on the UW World Languages Placement Test for French, German, or Spanish.

If you have any additional questions concerning the University of Wisconsin Placement Test for World Languages or the requirement of the placement test, please contact the Counseling & Testing Center or the Global Cultures & Languages Coordinator for the language of your interest:

French German Spanish
Virginie Cassidy Shelly Hay Dr. Rose Brogham


You will use your UWL Net ID and password to access the test registration form. These are the same credentials you use to access your UWL email account and WINGS Student Center.

You will be given information about the normal standardized conditions and urged to comply with time limits as best as you can.

It is recommended that the test be taken from a desktop or laptop computer or tablet, but NOT on a phone as the screen is too small.

Upon completion of the test, you will need to click on a button to submit your scores. If you do not, your exam will still be open and your test scores will not be sent to UWL.

Tech support will be available. Scantron will provide telephone and email support to students during testing. M - Th 8:30 am to 8:00 pm, F 8:30 am to 5:30 pm, & Sat 8:30 am to 4:00 pm.

Complete the exams without outside assistance to ensure an accurate placement into UWL courses at your skill level.

We would like to announce that UWL's upcoming Transfer START (STudent Advising, Registration & Transition) program is moving from an in-person event to a virtual format. We're very excited about this online format and we think you will be, too!

As an incoming student for Spring 2021, watch for an invitation to join us for Online Transfer START!

Here are some things you need to do to prepare for Transfer START:

  • Read through all mailed materials.  
  • Complete Placement Testing (if needed). Click on the Placement Testing tab above.
  • Register as close to your assigned date/time as possible.  Courses fill quickly.
  • You can find your enrollment date in your WINGS Student Center. 
  • If you need advising assistance or have questions regarding your enrollment date, please contact the Dean’s Office for the College to which you are assigned.  (If you are uncertain about which College you are assigned, please refer your letter of admission.)  

    College of Science and Health 608.785.8156
    College of Business Administration 608.785.8090

    College of Arts, Social Science & Humanities
    (Including School of Visual and Performing Arts)

    School of Education 608.785.8134
  • Check your “To Do List” list in your WINGS Student Center 
  • Need help? Check out WINGS Help
  • Review the Admitted Transfer Student Next Steps


Familiarize yourself with the WINGS Student Center expanding section

The WINGS Student Center is UWL's Student Information System. WINGS is utilized by students to:  

  • Check course offerings
  • Register for courses
  • Pay outstanding balances
  • Accept/decline financial aid
  • Update personal information
  • View grades 
Log on to Learn expanding section

Canvas is a learning management system (LMS) that offers tools and functions not only for online courses, but also to supplement face-to-face courses.

  • Deliver quizzes
  • Submit and grade assignments 
  • Access learning tools such as Turnitin, Akindi, Kaltura
  • And so much more!

Log in to Canvas

More information on Canvas at UWL


Learn about campus resources expanding section

Visit the Student Success page to learn more about what UWL has to offer in terms of academic support, financial support and campus involvement.

Know your contacts expanding section
Campus resources Location Phone
Academic Advising Center 1209 Centennial Hall 608.785.6950
Athletics 126 Mitchell Hall 608.785.8616
Career Services 1140 Centennial Hall 608.785.8514
Cashiers Office 121 Graff Main Hall 608.785.8719
College of Business Admin. 138 Wimberly Hall 608.785.8090
College of Arts, Social Sciences, & Humanities 260 Morris Hall 608.785.5454
College of Science & Health 105 Graff Main Hall 608.785.8218
Continuing Education and Extension 220 Morris Hall 608.785.6500
Counseling & Testing 2106 Centennial Hall 608.785.8073
Disability Resource Services 165 Murphy Library 608.785.6900
Financial Aid 215 Graff Main Hall 608.785.8604
Foundation Office Cleary Center 608.785.8489
Graduate Studies 220 Morris Hall 608.785.8124
International Education 1140 Centennial Hall 608.785.8016
ITS Support Center WINGS Technology Building 608.785.8774
Multicultural Student Services 1101 Centennial Hall 608.785.8225
Parking Office Parking Ramp 608.785.8061
Postal Services 135 Maintenance Building 608.785.8060
Records & Registration 117 Graff Main Hall 608.785.8951
Residence Life Eagle Hall 608.785.8075
School of Arts and Communication 235 Morris Hall 608.785.8113
School of Education 145 Graff Main Hall 608.785.8127
Student Health Center 1030 Health Science Center  608.785.8558
Student Life Office 149 Graff  Main Hall 608.785.8062
Textbook Rental LL Student Union 608.785.8853
UW Credit Union Student Union 608.785.8891
University Centers 3200 Student Union 608.785.8888
Veteran Services 116 Graff Main Hall 608.785.8751

On campus resources

Locate buildings expanding section

Refer to the campus map to find your way around campus.

Purchase meal plan expanding section

UWL has a fantastic assortment of dining options. Learn more about meal plans.

Purchase parking permit and/or utilize the city bus expanding section

Parking permits are sold on a seniority basis. To purchase a permit, please visit the Parking Office.

Students have access to the city bus with a student ID. The La Crosse Municipal Transit (MTU) has routes in La Crosse, Onalaska, and La Crescent. Learn more about the U-Pass.

Rent textbooks expanding section

Textbook rental is included in undergraduate students' tuition and fees. Textbooks can be checked out in the beginning of the semester and returned upon final exams. 

Welcome to the Spring 2021 semester at UW-La Crosse!

If you missed our New Transfer Student Information Session on January 29, here is some additional information to review before classes start.  Click the links below for more information about paying your student bill, receiving your student ID, and the dining options on campus.  

We're excited you chose to be an Eagle at UWL - best of luck this semester!