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Test administration, test security, bio-metrics, statistical detection of cheating, big data, geologic ephemera, karst topography, micro-mammals.

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In a former life I was a vertebrate paleontologist, studying micro-mammals in speleo-environments, receiving a master's degree from the University of Iowa in 1989. Furry little critters scampering around caves wearing hard hats with carbide lamps. Those were the cavers. While in grad school I began proctoring exams for extra money on Saturdays. That sparked my interest in evaluation and assessment. I've worked as a testing professional since 1986 and have worked at 4 different schools of higher education coordinating testing programs. I still visit a cave now and then to say hello to the critters and the animals. I've been giving exams at UWL since 2011 and it's the best test center ever.


MS, University of Iowa, 1989
BA, Augustana College, 1978

Professional history

NCTA Lifetime Achievement Award, August 2019
Past board member, Governing Council, National College Testing Association
NCTA Council Secretary 2006 - 2008, 2014 - 2017
NCTA Conference Chair 2012, Minneapolis
Member of Wisconsin Testing Professionals
Member of the Midwest Professional Association of College Testing Personnel
President MPACT 1996
MPACT Conference Chair 1992, Des Moines, IA