If you have any questions about this information or about the College of Science and Health which have not been addressed here, please feel free to contact the CSH Academic Services Office at 608.785.8218 or Guy Herling, College Academic Services Director.


CSH Change of Program/Plan Form (major/minor changes)

CSH Off-Campus Course Evaluation and Permit Form

Credit by Exam Form for ESS 201

For those interested in getting a credit by exam form for ESS 201(Safety, First Aid and CPR) please email Guy Herling.

Advising student types

Need Advising?

Check your WINGS Student Center to see who your current advisor is.

Don’t have an advisor listed on your Student Center; you can make an appointment with an advisor in the CSH office via 608.785.8218.

Advising Information Session 


Visit the CSH office (105 Graff Main Hall) to declare your major or visit the Academic Advising Center to explore all the majors UWL has to offer.

Pre-Health Advising

If you are interested in any pre-health programs, such as Pre-Med, Pre-PA, Pre-PT, or Pre-OT, etc. you can declare that pre-professional track on a Change of Program form for your College. Once you declare your intent, you will be given a Pre-Health Advisor to answer pre-health questions, discuss prerequisite coursework, and application processes. In addition to this, there is a Pre-Health Student Resource Center in 1140 Centennial Hall, which comprehensive health profession information, career advising, application tips, graduate school preparation and much more.


Advising video

Interested in applying?

Contact the Admissions Office for information regarding the application process

For questions regarding how specific coursework will transfer to an CSH program, call 608.785.8218

  • Transfer Wisconsin  www.wisconsin.edu/transfer
    The Transfer Wisconsin website is maintained by the UW System.  If you are planning to transfer from a University of Wisconsin, Wisconsin Technical College, or Wisconsin Tribal College system, use this site to find out how your credits transfer to UWL.  The Transfer Wisconsin site offers tools and a wealth of resources for you to take the next steps toward enrolling at UWL.
  • Transferology  www.transferology.com
    Transferology is a nationwide network designed to helps students answer the question of how their courses will transfer. Simply enter your courses to find equivalent courses at UWL or use the Transferology site to inform UWL about coursework that has not yet been evaluated.  Create a free user account and get started with discovering how your courses will transfer to UWL.

  • More detailed transfer information can be found on the Academic Advising Center website

The College of Science and Health would like to warmly welcome you UWL! Once you are admitted, you should receive and thoroughly read your packet sent from the Admissions Office. If you did not receive a packet, it may have been sent to your home address, so please make arrangements to get your hands on that information as soon as possible.

Next Steps:

  • You will receive an email notification when the evaluation of your transfer credits is complete

Please take the time to view our transfer orientation presentation, which serves as a 'virtual' academic orientation.  Topics covered include:

  • Reading your credit evaluation
  • Finding and understanding your Advisement Report
  • How and when to register

DON'T delay your registration! Once your registration time has been assigned, you may view it in your WINGS Student Center. You should make every attempt to register as soon as your window is open for best selection of classes. Before your registration time, you should complete the following:

  • Use your Advisement Report (AR)  (page 108) to identify necessary courses
  • Create your tentative class schedule
    • View the  Class Timetable  to see course times and availability
    • Use the  Schedule Planner  to choose the best possible schedule to fit your needs
    • Import your courses from the schedule planner into your shopping cart for easy enrollment

Like us on Facebook! The UWL Transfer Students page is meant to bring together students transferring to our university. We regularly update the site with important dates, activities, and groups that offer you the opportunity to become more informed about campus events and involved in activities.

We are happy to answer your questions about registration and program requirements, but ask that you  FIRST  review all your resources and read through the Admissions Packet. You may call 608.785.8218 to schedule a time to speak with (or meet with) an advisor.

We look forward to working with you!

Students often decide to take courses at other institutions during the various breaks throughout the year (such as winter intersession or summer)

  • Prior to taking a course at another institution, complete the Off Campus Course Evaluation and Permitform in 105 Graff Main Hall BEFORE registering for the course.
  • This will ensure that the course will transfer appropriately to UWL and fulfill intended requirements

Note: Students MAY NOT REPEAT a course at another institution once it has been taken at UWL

Academic Standards and Suspension Appeals

Students must maintain a minimum academic standard in order to continue at UWL. Based on grades earned at UW-La Crosse, a student will be assigned a Good Standing, Academic Warning, Probation, or Suspension status. These standards are defined in the  UWL Catalog in the Academic Policies section under the subsection of Academic Eligibility. It is possible for a first semester student or for a student never before on Probation to be declared Suspended!

Suspended student appeals

Students declared academically Suspended may appeal their status by writing a 1-page, detailed letter of appeal addressed to the Dean's Appeals Committee. Please follow the directions provided below:

  1. The Committee appreciates all the information you may supply, and your appeal should address these questions:
    1. What has contributed to your poor academic performance?
    2. How will you improve your performance this coming semester?
    3. What major/academic program do you intend to pursue?
  2. Letters should be no more than one 1-page in length and please include a current phone number and email address to facilitate efficient communication.
  3. Appeal process:  direct your appeal to the College of Science and Health Dean's Office – Academic Services Office. To save your next semester schedule your appeal should be sent ASAP (by email or mail as directed below):
    1. Email: gherling@uwlax.edu
    2. NOTE: If emailing the letter, send from your UWL email address
    3. Mail:105 Graff Main Hall, 1725 State Street, La Crosse, WI 54601.
  4. Please direct all correspondence and questions to:
    1. 105 Graff Main Hall, 608.785.8218. 

If your appeal is approved by the Dean's Appeals Committee, you will be permitted to return on probation this coming semester.

However, if your appeal is denied by the Dean's Appeals Committee you have the right to bring your original appeal before the Committee for Academic Policies and Standards (CAPS), which meets prior to the beginning of the fall semester. This is the final level of appeal; if CAPS denies the appeal, you must remain out of school for one semester.

Appeals Process


Appeal Format

Priority Date

Outcome of Appeal

1. Dean’s Appeal Committee

Letter of Appeal

Before June 5th, 2023 to avoid elimination of your Fall 2023 class schedule

Successful—allowed to return on probation

Unsuccessful—suspended status remains, may appeal to CAPS

2. Appeal to CAPS

Appeal In-person before faculty committee

Please contact the Dean’s Office for the date to appeal in person before CAPS

Successful-- allowed to return on probation

Unsuccessful—suspended status remains for one semester

View a sample letter format

UW-La Crosse Catalogs

The UW-La Crosse catalog contains valuable academic information about the university. It is important that students understand the policies and know the regulations and procedures that they are expected to follow.

Timetable of Courses

The class timetable displays valuable course information that can be used as a tool when registering for courses.

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