Move in and move out

All on-campus students will be emailed early August with move-in information. Students will be asked to sign up for a move-in time.

This guide includes:

Information about move in

Fall 2021 move in dates expanding section

Move in will occur Aug 31- Sept 5, 2021.

Campus hours during move in expanding section

Financial Aid Office:

7:45 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. M-F

Academic Advising Center/Career Services:

7:45 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. M-F, email

Counseling & Testing:

8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. M-F. Students and families should call first with any questions or scheduling needs.

What to bring and what NOT to bring expanding section

What to bring? Start with what makes a place feel like home. That might be a 4 cup coffee pot, a picture of your closest friends or a favorite blanket. Then fill in those boxes with necessities. Don't forget to talk to your roommate to make sure you are not doubling up on items. The rooms are not large and good planning can help it feel spacious while still having everything you need. Our students tell us that necessities include: 

  • Small microwave (1000 watts or less)
  • Snacks
  • One or two sets of plastic-ware (plates, forks, etc.)
  • Sandals to wear in the shower and a shower tote to carry shampoo
  • Pillow
  • Extra-long twin size bedding (can be found at most stores)
  • Fused power strip (surge protector)
  • Umbrella
  • 1 set of towels
  • Hangers
  • Laundry basket and laundry supplies
  • School supplies
  • Alarm clock
  • If lofting a bed - furniture for under a loft (79" or less in length)
  • Social Security Card and Photo ID - If you are planning on getting a job on campus you will need the original to complete I-9 forms.
  • Toilet paper, if you live in Eagle or Reuter

If you are in any hall besides Eagle or Reuter:

  • Area rug
  • Box fan

What should you leave at home? Most students tell us they brought too much stuff! Do you need 4 towels or will 1 towel do? Can you wait and bring your winter boots and coat after your next trip home? We also provide a lot of things for student use at our front desks like irons and ironing boards, pots and pans, vacuums, games, etc. Be sure to check the Residence Life policies to know what is not allowed as this is not an exhaustive list:

  • Air Fryers
  • Instant Pot
  • Homemade lofts - We provide them.
  • Trash can and recycling bin - We provide them.
  • Fridge - We provide one.
  • Pets - other than fish!
  • Air conditioners (We provide them for medical needs.)
  • Space Heaters
  • Lamps with plastic shades, halogen lamps, or multiple light lamps
  • Non-UL approved electronics
  • Non-LED lights
  • Non-fused or multi-plug outlets
  • Hoverboards or electronic skateboards
  • Weapons of any kind
  • Items with the potential for an open flame (Candles with wicks, Incense to burn, fireworks/firecrackers)
  • "Food board" - board which places weight on the built in bookshelves
  • Items that produce wireless signals (routers, printers, etc.)
  • Adhesives for walls, furniture, doors, desk, etc. other than blue or green painter's tape
  • Items which will be posted or hung on either side of residence hall windows
  • Toaster (allowed only in Reuter Hall kitchens)
  • George Foreman-type grill (allowed only in Reuter Hall kitchens)

Questions about specific items? Email

For a detailed listing of furnishings provided in your room, please go to your specific hall page by clicking on the "Residence Halls" tab in the menu.

Setting up your bed loft expanding section

Residence Life at UWL provides bed frames and lofts in all rooms on campus at no additional cost. The side posts and rails are made of solid oak and are fully adjustable to provide our residents with flexibility to place their beds at a desired height. As a result, homemade bunking systems are not allowed in our facilities. Bed parts are included in all halls except Reuter, where you can get them with help from your Resident Assistant.

To aid you in your set up, please see the following image and instructional video:



Move in FAQ

Do I need to sign up for a move in time? expanding section

Yes! This will help you have the smoothest move-in experience. Benefits of signing up for a time include being able to park in the lot closest to your residence hall, as well as having move-in assistance from residence life staff. 

The link for Sign-ups and more information will be sent to your UWL student email in late July - early August. 


What if I'm coming early for Athletics/Band/Campus Job? expanding section

If you must come to campus prior to August 29 for a specific reason, you should work with your coach, band director, supervisor, etc. They should be communicating the need to Residence Life for their students to be on campus early.

There is a fee associated with early arrival housing. 

Will moving carts, dollies, and luggage racks be available to help move items from my car to the building? expanding section

We will have a limited amount of wheeled carts available (and wiped down after each use). However, keep in mind that most residence halls do not have elevators. The carts are only helpful to the exterior doors. Eagle and Reuter are the only halls with elevators and we will limit capacity in each elevator.

Where should I park? expanding section

We are regulating who will be parking in most parking lots on campus so that people moving in can use the lot closest to their residence hall. You should plan to be in the designated parking lot during the move in time for which you signed up. You have 4 hours to be in that parking lot to unload. You MUST move your vehicle out of that parking lot when the 4 hours is over. If you bring more than one vehicle to campus, only one vehicle can be in the parking lot at a time. Our move in sign-ups are limited in number based on parking lot capacity.

After you've unloaded, you can move your vehicle to the Parking Ramp on campus. You can remain there for an extended period of time.

All parking permits will become active on Monday evening, September 6.  Only those with valid permits will be allowed to park in designated parking lots after that time.

The best unloading parking lot for each Residence Hall (Review campus map):

Angell - R1

Coate - R8/R2

Drake - R2

Eagle - R3

Hutchison - R1

Laux - C12

Sanford - C12/R4

Reuter - R4

O White - C3

Wentz - C10

How should I get to campus? Does it matter what roads/direction I take? expanding section

In the past we've encouraged people to approach campus in a certain way to control traffic. We are not doing so this year. Just be aware of which parking lot you are headed to and get there however your GPS takes you! You may find a street near campus shut down as we need to do so for pedestrian safety. Simply go to the next intersection to get into campus.

Can't I just drive to the front door of my residence hall? expanding section

No!  In order to control traffic and keep pedestrians safe, you must follow all posted signs. Vehicles that are driven on sidewalks, closed roads, or other restricted areas will be ticketed by University Police.

What if I'm bringing a trailer? expanding section

We discourage the use of trailers or large moving trucks. Most of our parking lots do not allow for the easy navigation or parking of vehicles with trailers. If you bring a trailer or large truck, you will need to unload further away from your residence hall and move items. The parking lot that can best accommodate trailers and large vehicles is lot C7. We encourage you to view the campus map.

If I ship something to campus, where will I pick it up? expanding section

We have a centralized mailroom. Any items mailed to a residence hall address will be delivered to Eagle Hall. Students will need to walk to the Eagle Mail Center to pick up packages. Therefore, we do not recommend shipping large items to campus as part of your move-in process. Items arriving prior to August 30 may be "returned to sender" as our Mail Center will not be open yet.

What if I'm coming alone? What if someone I'm bringing or myself has some mobility concerns and I need assistance? expanding section

We will have a very small number of people available to assist those that need it.  Speak with your Parking Lot Lead when you arrive to let them know of your need and we will mobilize the volunteers to assist with large items.

When does New Student Orientation (NSO) start? Who must attend? expanding section

Please see the NSO website for specific details.  That is coordinated by the Student Life Office.  This is for first-year students only.  There is no parent portion of NSO.  Returning students do not need to participate again. 

Can I still sign up for early belonging drop off? expanding section
Due to the change in our process to account for vaccine verification or a negative COVID test prior to move-in, we are not able to offer the Early Belonging Drop Off option this year.
Can you change the date I signed up for? expanding section

If you created a SignUpGenius account, you are able to log in and change it yourself to an available time. If you try and are unable to do so, please email Lisa,

Can I decorate my room? expanding section

We want you to be able to personalize your room. The best way to do so is with your bedding, throw pillows, small storage shelves, small area rugs, magnets, and stand-alone picture frames. We provide black-out curtains in each room. We also provide a small cork strip that can be used with thumb tacks or staples. The only thing permitted for hanging items in your room is "painters tape" as it does not damage the walls. Damage that is caused by any other items you bring from home will be noted upon check out and you will be billed to replace or repair the damage. The attached photo is from 3M strips that were used to hang a poster. This student was charged $60 to repair and repaint the wall.

For a full list of what is allowed or not allowed, please view our Facilities Restrictions under Policies and Procedures.

Damaged Wall

Move Out Date

The Spring 2022 move out date is:  May 14, 2022 by noon.

24 Hour Policy: Residents will be asked to vacate their space within 24 hours after their last final exam. If you are requesting an exception, please contact your Hall Director.  

Cleaning Up and Checking Out

The details of your check out procedure will be provided by the Hall Director. Generally, all students will be required to do the following before they check out of their rooms:

  • Remove ALL belongings from your room
  • Clean room to the condition it was when you moved in
  • Return your key to the front desk and complete a check-out envelope.
  • Students may have helpers to aid them in moving out items. We are not restricting the number of helpers, but ask that you be conservative in how many people are coming into the residence halls.

Cleaning items and other tools can be checked out at the front desk. If you have questions about the cleaning process, please check with your Hall Director. 

Please consult the following video for more tips on how to have a successful check-out:

Damage Details

To get a better idea of the costs associated with damaged rooms, please look over the following pricing guides:

Note: Not all areas of damage will be listed on this sheet. Uncommon damages and those not listed on this sheet will be reviewed by your Hall Director and the Coordinator for Residence Life Facilities.

Loading Zones

Beginning Monday, May 2, designated areas around each residence hall will become 1-hour parking zones for loading vehicles. Vehicles in violation will be subject to multiple citations (every 60 minutes). 
UWL Parking Services is also requesting that everyone who currently parks in R-2 (Coate Lot), R-1 (Angell Lot), R-3 (Eagle Lot), or R-4 (Reuter and Sanford Lot) park their vehicle in spaces away from the residence halls to allow residents to load near the building. Beginning Monday May 9, valid permits for R-1, R-2, and R-3 may also park in Commuter Lot C7 (near the REC) and the Parking Ramp. 

Drivers should plan to obey all “do not enter” signs.