Students are required to sign a housing contract as part of the housing application process.  The housing contracts for the current and future academic years are available for review. 


Complete the following steps to submit a request for cancelling your current or future housing contract:

  1. Go to the housing portal and log in using your UWL username and password
  2. Select  "Contract Cancellation Request" from the navigation bar
  3. Review the cancellation information and instructions
  4. Complete the cancellation request form and submit

For Returning Students:

Contract cancellations prior to March 1, 2020 will receive a full refund of the $150 deposit. Cancellations made prior to March 1 do not need to go through a formal cancellation process.

After March 1, the entire $150 deposit will be forfeited.  Additionally, students will need to submit a formal request for contract cancellation, which will be reviewed by the Office of Residence Life. 

This is a legally binding contract that cannot be cancelled without penalty after March 1, 2020 if you attend UW-La Crosse during the academic year 2020-21.  Section 1.C of the housing contract notes the specific criteria for contract cancellation release after March 1 for returning students. 

If you have questions, email the Office of Residence Life or call 608.785.8075.