Foundation Scholarships

Incoming Freshman, transfer and continuing student scholarships are available through the UWL Foundation. Information and application forms are available online through the UWL Foundation which administers all Foundation scholarships. UWL Foundation Scholarships are available each year starting October 1st and are due February 1st for both continuing and returning students. UWL Foundation scholarships are awarded in late Spring and the funds will be applied the following Fall.

The UWL Foundation application is always editable, however, you can only submit the application in between October 1st and February 1st of each year. 

Foundation Scholarships FAQ

Who can apply? expanding section

Students who will be enrolled at UW-La Crosse for the 2020-2021 academic year are eligible to apply for scholarships.

When is the deadline? expanding section

February 1st of each year for both incoming and returning students. 

How do I sign-in? expanding section

All admitted/enrolled students SIGN-IN to the system using your UWL EMAIL AND PASSWORD. Do not include as part of your username.

If you are an incoming freshman or transfer student, you must activate UWL NetID/Email account before signing into the scholarship system. Activate your UWL account at

I am a sophomore; do I apply for scholarships that reference "sophomore" in the criteria? expanding section

You must apply for scholarships based on what your class level will be for the upcoming academic year. For example, if you are currently a 1st year or freshman student, you must apply for scholarships available to sophomores (2nd year). If you are currently a 3rd year or junior student, you must apply for scholarships available to seniors (4th or 5th year).

How do I search for UWL scholarships? expanding section

You must first update or complete the general application before searching or applying for other specific scholarships. “Our” scholarships are those funded through the UWL Foundation.

Use the search tab to search for UWL Foundation scholarships. Use broad keywords such as theat (to search for theatre or theater scholarships), phy or exercise (to search for physical education, physical therapy or other ESS scholarships). Incoming freshmen or 1st year students should use the keyword (fresh) to search for all awards related to freshman or freshmen.

How do I upload a transcript? expanding section

Continuing students must upload a current UWL transcript. You can access an unofficial transcript via WINGS, My Academics, View my Unofficial Transcript, save to your computer and then upload to your scholarship application.

Incoming freshman must contact their guidance counselor for an unofficial transcript and upload with the application. Scan the transcript and save as a pdf and upload, or simply upload if you received the transcript via email. The scholarship system is not able to access the transcript submitted to the Admissions Office.

How will I know if I am a scholarship recipient? expanding section

Scholarship recipients will be notified by email in April.