The Maroon Tycoons are a select group of students who have dedicated their time and effort to finding and applying for scholarships. These students have been awarded over


and some, even up to $30,000 in scholarships in a single academic year! We commend and celebrate this accomplishment as anyone who achieves this feat, has enough funding to completely pay for an academic year’s worth of tuition. Below is our Maroon Tycoon Wall of Fame, where our proud UWL students can be recognized well into the future.


Lindsey Krause

Amount Awarded: $30,500

Hometown: Jefferson, WI

Academic College: School of Education 

Words of Advice: "Be as involved in your high school, college, and community as you possibly can. Besides looking good on applications it feels very rewarding. "

Kayla Traxler

Amount Awarded: $23,125

Hometown: Kewaskum, WI

Academic College: College of Science and Health

Words of Advice: "Apply for any scholarship that you can. Even ones you don't think you will get could surprise you. Little things you do can turn into a big opportunity. They add up. Take advantage of all the scholarships you have access to."

Tommy Friday

Amount Awarded: $16,975

Hometown: Wild Rose, WI

Academic College: College of Science and Health

Words of Advice: "Never settle for anything except your best. No matter what you choose to do in your academic career or work career, be sure to put your best foot forward. You should never leave a situation wishing you would have tried harder or gave more effort. Take advantage of every opportunity you are given, and do everything you can to be successful with whatever you choose to do. And if you fail, that is perfectly okay. Some of the greatest growth a person experiences will be a result of overcoming their failures."

maroon tycoon
maroon tycoon
maroon tycoon

All 2021-2022 Recipients:

  • Lindsey Krause
  • Hannah Braatz
  • Emily Schneider
  • Alli Schoengarth
  • Kayla Traxler
  • Lindsey Anderson
  • Molly Moberg
  • Hannah Rouer
  • Anna Horn
  • Anastasia Grochowski
  • Cyle Kowalski
  • Talia Mentjes
  • Katherine Dahlke
  • Peyton Doyle
  • William Murphy
  • Lauren Perry
  • Paetyn Schmitz
  • Mary Scott
  • Neenah Stinson
  • Thomas Friday
  • Sophia Cole
  • Mya Salinas
  • Jenna Iserloth
  • Samantha Mueller
  • Rowan Murphy
  • Nicole Zoellner
  • Caitlin Herminath
  • PangNhia Xiong
  • Jaiya Edwards
  • Prestyn Bernier
  • Kaylie Mayer 
  • Lydia Schult
  • Avery Nicholson
  • Jonah Zoschke
  • Emilie Briquelet
  • Elizabeth Hanstedt
  • Katlyn Lindner
  • Paige Kaczrowski


  • Adam Loenser
  • Delanie Johnson
  • Adrianna Baehman
  • Shelly Powell
  • Alexandra LeClair
  • Grace Johnson
  • Carben Weghorn
  • Madelyn LeGault
  • Haley Huenink
  • David Kieso
  • Isabella Beach
  • Emilee Otto
  • Nate Lew
  • Nicholas Sabey
  • Joseph Stiemke
  • Lauren Broman
  • Rylee Dorow
  • Nicole Sendelbach
  • Tristan Jenny
  • Marianna Malin
  • Leah Parnitzke
  • Katelyn Phelps
  • Morgan Priem
  • Tavian Laufenberg
  • Rachel Maki
  • Riley Voigt
  • Matti Wafle
  • Christy Nutt
  • Gabriel Keach
  • Margaret Grethel
  • Kelsey Miller
  • Lydia Monson
  • Abbigayle Spencer
  • Amy Geenen
  • Hayley Herzig
  • Aaron Huff
  • Amanda Ortner
  • Scott Rosendahl
  • Jared Tollas
  • Kenzie Von Ruden
  • Isabella Burr
  • Cheyanne Massie
  • Madison Shramek


  • Akyah Steiner-Gilmore
  • Ava Krause
  • Ian Keyes
  • Austin Pelot
  • Madeleine Schofield
  • Azalea Edwards
  • Gavin Stebbins
  • Aiyana Kempka
  • Grace Rogers
  • Liam Hannigan
  • Amy Abegglen
  • Jaymison Anderson
  • Brooke Bonikowske
  • Andreea Bouruc
  • Hailey Bray
  • Alyssa Davis
  • Mackenzie Gilbert
  • Morgan Hahn
  • Sydney Hahn
  • Meghan Heil
  • Kendra Hewitt
  • Malcolm Jerks
  • Mia Khalil
  • Austin Knade
  • Geneveive Knudsen
  • Taylor Knutson
  • Keagan Kolo
  • Kaelyn Krultz
  • Matilynn LaCoursiere
  • Reeve Lambrecht
  • Kaitlyn Leitheiser
  • Jaidan Miller
  • Maggie Pelli
  • Peyton Rogers
  • Madalyn Schmitter
  • Jessica Schweninger
  • Cheyenne Simonet
  •  Elizabeth Stanley
  • Jessica Taylor
  • Johnathan Volden
  • Cameron Wenzel
  • Jaydon Winkers

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