The Maroon Tycoons are a select group of students who have dedicated their time and effort to finding and applying for scholarships. These students have been awarded over


and some, even up to $30,000 in scholarships in a single academic year! We commend and celebrate this accomplishment as anyone who achieves this feat, has enough funding to completely pay for an academic year’s worth of tuition. Below is our Maroon Tycoon Wall of Fame, where our proud UWL students can be recognized well into the future.


Lindsey Anderson


Amount Awarded: $23,600

Hometown: Sheboygan, WI

Academic College: School of Education 

Words of Advice: "When writing scholarship essays, think outside the box and give the scholarship committee something interesting to read!"

Jozie Arenz

Amount Awarded: $11,521

Hometown: Woodridge, Illinois

Academic College: College of Science and Health

Words of Advice: "There are hundreds of scholarship opportunities available to you - figure out what sets you a part and apply for scholarships that will highlight your character and your passions. Submitting scholarship applications that demonstrate your individuality is an important key to success."

Amy Geenen


Amount Awarded: $11,000

Hometown: West Bend, WI

Academic College: College of Science and Health

Words of Advice: "Take advantage of the opportunity you have to help finance your education. Often times, the hard work of applying will pay off in the end. In addition, remember that every aspect of your life has helped get you to where you are today. Be proud of your accomplishments!"


maroon tycoon
maroon tycoon
maroon tycoon


All 2019-2020 Recipients:

  • Amy Abegglen
  • Hunter Adams
  • Lindsey Anderson
  • Jozie Arenz
  • Amanda Argall
  • Kaitlyn Arndt
  • Kendyl Bagley
  • Kristin Barabowski
  • John Bauer
  • Isabella Beach
  • Tia Bechard
  • Sarah Bjelland
  • Hailey Bray
  • Nikolai Buchman
  • Emma Burbey
  • Isabella Burr
  • Anna Buss
  • River Clark
  • Seth Coker
  • Alex Conley
  • Alyssa Davis
  • Kenadi Dierich
  • Aidan Donahoe
  • Sara Duffy
  • Jaiya Edwards
  • Brianna Engebretson
  • Carlos Esparza
  • Julie Fleegal
  • Sarah Fleegal
  • Avery Frankl
  • Kylah Frederixon
  • Meghan Fularczyk


  • Rachel Ganje
  • Amy Geenen
  • Bailee Golisch
  • Mackenzie Goranson
  • Andres Guerrero
  • Mitch Gunderson
  • Taylor Hackel
  • Julianne Hanson
  • Morgan Hauge
  • Meghan Heil
  • Megan Hein
  • Jenna Iserloth
  • Tristan Jenny
  • Malcolm Jerks
  • Delanie Johnson
  • Kaylin Kalbacken
  • Weston Katula
  • Danna Kendall
  • Taylor Knutson
  • Keagan Kolo
  • Kara Krautkramer
  • Kaelyn Krultz
  • Alexandra LeClair
  • Claire Limberg
  • Emily Lindau
  • Ethan Lucas
  • Benjamin Maas
  • Rachel Maki
  • Marianna Malin
  • Stephanie Maloney
  • Theresa Martin
  • Adam Martin
  • Kaylie Mayer
  • Jenna McCarthy
  • Jaidan Miller
  • Bjorn Mortenson
  • Kaylee Morton



  • Clint Murray
  • Lindsey Neefe
  • Briana Nelson
  • Amanda Ortner
  • Ashton Osterhaus
  • Paige Perkins
  • Lauren Perry
  • Mallory Pierce
  • Devin Plate
  • Allison Rehrauer
  • Mya Salinas
  • Zoe Sasman
  • Faith Schenk
  • Paetyn Schmitz
  • Mindy Schoengarth
  • Jessica Schweninger
  • Nicole Sendelbach
  • Sara Seymour
  • Maddie Schramek
  • Akyah Steiner-Gilmore
  • Erik Strand
  • Shelbey Strandberg
  • Amannda Szomi
  • Courtney Tebo
  • Kimberly Thompson
  • April Thornsen
  • Jared Tollas
  • Kaitlyn Villars
  • Johnathan Volden
  • Kenzie Von Ruden
  • Cameron Wenzel
  • Kari Willett
  • Jamin Wilson
  • Jaydon Winkers

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