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Maroon Tycoons

A page within Scholarship Resource Center

The Maroon Tycoons are a select group of students who have dedicated their time and effort to finding and applying for scholarships. These students have been awarded over


and some, even up to $30,000 in scholarships in a single academic year! We commend and celebrate this accomplishment as anyone who achieves this feat, has enough funding to completely pay for an academic year’s worth of tuition. Below is our Maroon Tycoon Wall of Fame, where our proud UWL students can be recognized well into the future.


Riley Ennis 

Amount Awarded: $21,875

Hometown: WI Dells, WI

Academic College: School of Education

Major: Elementary, Middle, and Special Ed. 

Words of Advice: "Work hard and set goals for yourself! Do not be afraid to ask questions along the way."

Edith Ben-Eboh

Amount Awarded: $15,350

Hometown: Lagos, Nigeria

Academic College: College of Science and Health

Major: Public Health and Community Health Education

Words of Advice: "Don’t be scared to put yourself out there, and show what you’re capable of. "

Thomas Friday

Amount Awarded: $20,950

Hometown: Wild Rose, WI

Academic College: College of Science and Health

Major: Physical Education Teaching with Adventure/Outdoor Education Emphasis

Words of Advice: "Positive thinking leads to positive outcomes."

maroon tycoon
maroon tycoon
maroon tycoon

All 2023-2024 Recipients:

Eldith Adongo
Jaymison Anderson
Jaime Anderson
Tamryn Arndt
Adrianna Baehman
Cheyana Bassham
Grace Betker
Gage Boegli
Tyler Bowman
Calli Bremness
Jessica Bright
Emilie Briquelet
Joseph Bruss
Macy Carty
Nora Cerroni
Mikayla Champeny
Obi Chavolla
Maya Claerbaut
Margaret Clarke
Elizabeth Cleveland
Winifred Commers
Lauren Cordy
Kendall Cox
Trent Davis
Rylee Dorow
Peyton Doyle
Benjamin Drake
Azalea Edwards
Drew Effertz
Alexis Ellefson
Rylie Ennis
Bryan Enriquez
Nadilee Fernandez
Ashtyn Fernstaedt
Alaina Fitch
Stephanie Fortier
Anar Fynbu
Lilly Geary
Mackenzie Gilbert
Zulikha Gondal
Blake Goodreau
Gunnar Gorgen
Estelle Gorski
Logan Grunwald
Paige Hagemann
Morgan Hahn
Sydney Hahn
Abigail Hahn
Kasey Hammill


Jacob Hansel
Maddison Hoesing
Jenna Holler
Anna Horn
Danielle Hudson
Grace Johnson
Gabriel Keach
Mia Khalil
Austin Knade
Geneveive Knudsen
Emily Kolb
Emily Kolda
Cyle Kowalski
Reeve Lambrecht
Amber Larson
Kaylyn Laurence
William Lauterbach
Leah Leibfried
Reid Leigh
Noah Leisgang
Nate Lew
Sam Lindenberg
Adam Loenser
Grace Lopez Johnson
Brenna Lundgren
Shelby Lutz
Chelsey Maki
Jeffery Marsh
Victoria Marten
Isabella Messerly
Lily Messman
Lydia Monson
Hayley Moore
Brandon Mudler
Rowan Murphy
Lauren Nash
Avery Nicholson
Sierra Nowacki
Mathieu Oesterle
Emilee Otto
Leah Parnitzke
Lukas Paulson
Maggie Pelli
Austin Pelot
Seth Polfus
Matthew Popowich
Shelly Powell
KatrinaMarie Pranke
Morgan Priem



Jacob Puhr
Anika Reiland
Sydney Retzlaff
Ally Richardson
Cierra Rihn
Peyton Rogers
Kristen Roggenbauer
Scott Rosendahl
Lynn Ryan
Leah Saeger
Kaitlyn Schneider
Emily Schneider
Hailey Schock
Alli Schoengarth
Ellie Schueler
Zachary Schueller
Payton Schueller
Ashton Schuett
Zachary Seymour
Cheyenne Simonet
Marlee Simpson
Michaela Smith
Erica Smith
Katherine Spence
Abbigayle Spencer
Madeline Spreeman
Elizabeth Stanley
Joseph Stiemke
Neenah Stinson
Breielle Thompson
Annah Tiber
Haili Tietz
Carter Tower
Chloe Vogel
Riley Voigt
Lydia Voss
Chandler Walowinski
Wyatt Warner
Caden Weber
Robert Wendler
Adam Weyer
Alexis Wielepski
Alexandra Wittig
Isabel Wollangk
Ella Woodworth
Caleb Young
Allyson Zimmerman
Nicole Zoellner
Jonah Zoschke

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