Meet the board

UWL Foundation Board

The UWL Foundation is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors. The board has the fiduciary responsibility for the management and investment of all charitable gifts for UWL. 

UWL Foundation Board Meetings 2018:

February 23, 2018: 3:00-5:00 pm
May 4, 2018: 10:00 am-12pm
August 24, 2018: 3:00-5:00pm
November 16, 2018: 10am-12pm

Board Members 

Name Position on Board Committee Position Employer Occupation Term end date 
Mark Dahlke   Executive, Investment Chair, Governance Wells Fargo Advisors Financial Advisor 2020
Laurie Diekhoff   Governance, Philanthropy & Community Engagement Retired, Illinois Wesleyan University    
Jon Erickson   Finance, Philanthropy & Community Engagement Retired, ACT    
Greg Frings   Audit, Vet's Hall of Honor President, Solid Products    
Joe Heim    Vet's Hall of Honor Chair, Philanthropy & Community Engagement  UWL Professor Emeritus  Higher Ed. - Prof. 2019
Anne Hlavacka    Philanthropy & Community Engagement, Investment UWL, Director of SBDC Higher Ed. - SBDC, Law 2018
Ilene Kernozek  Chair Executive Chair, Governance, Audit Gundersen Medical Foundation Development-Health 2021
Jenny Kuderer Radcliffe   Secretary Executive, Investment, Governance Wisconsin Economic Development Corp Public Admin. 2022
James Langdon    Executive, Philanthropy & Community Engagment Chair, Governance WI DOA Division of Enterprise Operations Public Admin. 2021
Larry Lebiecki    Audit Chair, Finance Retired, UWL Administrator Higher Ed. - Finance 2018
Roger Legrand    Audit, Philanthropy & Community Engagement Retired  Law 2023
Jay Lokken   Vet's Hall of Honor, Philanthropy & Community Engagement RLR Property & Investment Higher Ed. - Advance. 2020
Mike McGinley   Philanthropy & Community Engagement  Retired, Heska Corporation    
Kelly Nowicki   Finance, Governance UWL & Nowicki Network Higher Ed. - Prof. 2022
David Rushlow   Governance, Vet's Hall of Honor Mayo Health System    
Brent Smith Vice Chair Executive Vice Chair, Governance Chair, Finance  Johns, Flaherty & Collins, SC Law 2022
Karla Stanek   Executive, Philanthropy & Community Engagement, Vet's Hall of Honor Retired, UWL Higher Ed. - Career Serv. 2018
Brad Sturm   Finance, Executive Coulee Bank, CEO Banking 2021
Todd Taylor   Finance, Investment Retired, Kraft Foods    
Andrew Temte Treasurer Executive Treasurer, Finance Chair, Investment Kaplan Professional Education, President Business - Education 2018
Teri Wilczek   Philanthropy & Community Engagement, Governance Marshfield Clinic, CDO Development -  Health 2022
Kara Pennoyer President, UWL Alumni Association        
Foundation Transparency expanding section

The UWL Foundation has adopted numerous policies and procedures to guarantee how we conduct our business is not only legal, but ethical. 

Our policies and procedures include:

Records Retention: The destruction and/or retention of financial and other transactional records is important. Our board has adopted a policy to ensure we maintain a record of our activities as required by law. 

Finance and Investment Committee: A committee of board members with strong backgrounds in accounting and finance work closely with our staff and auditors to oversee accounting and financial reporting as well as internal controls.  This committee also reviews Foundation investment performance quarterly, reviewing managers and recommending changes in strategy and direction as necessary.

Whistleblower policy: Board members, committee members, staff and other vendors are required to report unethical, dishonest, or fraudulent activity. These complaints will be thoroughly investigated, and the reporter will be protected from retribution.

990 and audit: The Foundation completes a 990 and independent audit each year. These documents are available for public inspection.  The 990 will be posted below and the audit can be requested from our office.

Conflicts of Interest: Each year, our board members, committee members and staff are required to sign a conflict of interest statement, which discloses any potential conflicts they may have with the Foundation. Further, board and committee members are not allowed to vote on items in which they have a known conflict.

Confidentiality: Board members, committee members and staff are required to sign a confidentiality agreement each year. Confidential information is defined as any information or material which is proprietary or which is not generally known outside of the Foundation – including, but not limited to, financial and market data, donor or grantee information and other information that may be deemed sensitive.