Annual Report

Thanks to your generosity, the Foundation was able to award $1.285 million in scholarships this year. We thank you all for your gifts this past year - you have helped many students stay in school, fund special programs and provide research opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students. 

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A culture of teamwork and transformation.

Everyday concepts of life today — from ethics to science and mathematics — began with the wisdom and experience of one great thinker passed to the next. Socrates mentored Plato. Plato built on those ideas, wrote famous works, founded what many consider to be the first Western university, and became a mentor to Aristotle.
Today this tradition of passing and expanding knowledge through mentorship continues. In fact, at UWL mentorship is one of the cornerstones of the university.
You may have caught how UWL’s student-mentor relationships are the root of the university’s research prowess in the summer Lantern, sent to alumni and friends in late July. Now you can see even more about those relationships in the exclusive online content.
And, there’s bonus content about many of the other stories in the summer Lantern.

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