IS Department News

New Faculty

The Information Systems (IS) Department welcomes our new instructional academic staff, David Annino, to join the faculty this semester. David is an ABD from the University of Georgia and has several years of experience in teaching a variety of IS courses. He is teaching one lecture section of the IS 220 course and all 8 sections of discussion for the current semester. In addition to teaching, David is also taking on the task of updating the IS website. Starting from the coming fall semester, he will join the rest of IS faculty in advising IS major and minor students.

Fall Course Offerings

To correct the inadequacy of teaching IS 401 in Wing 07, this course will be moved to Wing 25, the IS Lab, starting from fall 2011. Dr. Haried will teach two sections of IS 401 to both IS majors and minors. Two section of IS 330 will be taught by Dr. Dai, with each section restricted to 20 seats due to the highly technical nature of this course. All IS majors currently in IS 310 should continue to take this course as it is only offered in the fall semester. Dr. Wen will again offer one section of IS 410/510, which is an elective for IS majors/minors and MBA students. For the anticipated offering of the Health Information Management and Technology online program in the fall (by a UW-System consortium including UW-L), Dr. Yang will offer the IS 321/HIMT 320 course (Survey of Information Technology in Healthcare) and Dr. Wen will offer the IS 340/HIMT 340 course (Ethics, Security Management, and Compliance). Both courses will be taught online.

No other upper-division IS elective course is scheduled for next fall. Students who need electives for timely graduation are encouraged to take IS internships for credits, the IS independent study course, or qualified elective courses in the Computer Science Department or Management Department.

Summer Course Offering

Due to the difficulty in delivering a heavy, 4-credit course in only 4 weeks, the Department has decided to not offer the IS 220 course in the coming summer. However, if strong student demand for the course exists for intersessions, the IS department will explore the feasibility of offering this course online in the future.

International Programs

In October 2010 Dr. Wen visited the National Kaohsiung University of Applied Sciences and the National First University of Science and Technology in Taiwan to promote and coordinate our joint MBA programs. He made program presentations and held information sessions with interested students in these two universities. In January 2011, Dr. Wen arranged an Asian trip for a CBA delegate consisting of Dean Colclough and Dr. Wen to visit four universities in Xi’an, China and the two partner universities in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. With great assistance by Dr. Dai and her family, the delegate was able to engage in enthusiastic and in-depth discussions on establishing joint undergraduate degree programs with three large private universities in Xi’an. The delegate also explored the possibility of developing a joint MBA program with the Xi’an Jiaotung University, one of the top 5 elite universities in China. After having returned from Asia, Dr. Wen has been working with Dr. Dai to develop a model 2+2 undergraduate program for the three Chinese private universities. It is anticipated that a contract program agreement will be signed with the Xi’an Peihua University, the largest of the three, in June 2011, and the 2+2 program will start in China this coming fall. Given the dwindling support UW-L is receiving from the State, the development and sustained operation of international contract programs like these will become crucial to the financial viability of the University.

Online Program Development

Healthcare is the fastest growing industry in the U.S., which accounts for 12% of the GDP. To increase efficiency as well as effectiveness, information technology has been used in nearly every aspect of healthcare including care delivery, administration, record keeping, and funding. This trend has resulted in high demands for professionals to manage and work in the healthcare information management and technology (HIMT) areas. On recognizing the State’s needs to educate this new breed of professionals and the shortage of 4-year bachelor degrees, a consortium of four UW campuses (Green Bay, La Crosse, Parkside, and Stevens Points) has been formed under the leadership of the UW-Extension to develop and offer an online degree completion program in HIMT. The program will have two tracks: health information management and health information technology. There are 16 common core courses required of all students in the program. In addition, each of the two tracks requires 4 track-specific courses. With the requirement of 20 3-credit courses, students in either track will complete 60 credits (in addition to the 60 credits required for admission) to graduate. Under the current collaboration agreement, each of the four partner campuses will offer 6 courses in the program, and the IS department will take on this responsibility for UW-L. The bachelor of science degree of this program will be conferred by the partner campuses except UW-L.

The IS department has seen two important strategic advantages in joining this new academic initiative. First, the IS discipline has been confronted by a re-positioning challenge, and HIMT appears to be the most promising area for the IS faculty to develop new expertise. Second, using online courses to supplement onsite programs has become an inevitable trend in the current and for the future higher education environments, and the IS faculty need to gain knowledge and experience in this new mode of course delivery. The IS department’s commitment to the consortium HIMT program is a forward-looking, strategic move that is strongly supported by the upper leadership of UW-L.

Faculty Research Output


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