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    New program and personnel change

    The Information Systems (IS) Department proposed and gained campus approval for the new minor program in health information systems management (HISM) in spring 2013. The subsequent student recruitment had resulted in the inaugural class of 14 students. As of this writing, there are 20 students in the minor program. We are happy with the initial enrollment of the program as it is a full-fledged minor that requires strong commitment by the attending students. We are optimistic about the growth of the program and sincerely encourage more UW-L students who are interested in a career in health care-related areas to apply. For admission into the program, please download the application form from the IS website ( or pick up a copy from the IS office in Wing 240, fill it out and submit it to the IS office. Applications are reviewed on the flight and admission letters are delivered via e-mail promptly. 

    After having served UW-L for one year and published a paper in one of the top journals in the IS field, Dr. Chen, our visiting assistant professor, accepted a tenure-track position in a southern university to pursue her long-term career. Replacement for this position has not been approved by the UW-L administration and consequently, overload teaching has been employed to cover faculty shortage starting the current semester.


    Spring Course Offerings

    For the new HISM minor program, one required course (IS 435: Healthcare Data Communications) and one elective course (IS 360: Information Technology Management) will be offered by Dr. Dai and Dr. Yang respectively. Two sections of IS 310 will be offered by Dr. Dai and two  sections of IS 300 will be taught by Dr. Wen. New IS minor students need to take these two courses right away as they are the prerequisites for other follow-up courses in the program. The plan to offer one section of IS 300 each semester will be deferred to the fall semester of 2014 due to faculty turnover. Eight sections of IS 220 will be offered by Mr. Annino, Dr. Dai, Dr. Haried, and Dr. Yang. Opening additional sections of this course is impossible as the IS department has already stretched its teaching resource to the absolute limit. For the MBA program, Dr. Haried will continue to offer the BUS 755 course on Monday night.  


    Winter Session Course Offering

    Due to the difficulty in delivering a heavy, 4-credit course in only 3 weeks, the Department has decided to not offer the IS 220 course in the coming intersession. However, offering one or more sections of this course online next summer is possible, as we have successfully done so last summer.


    International Programs

    Our joint MBA program with the National Kaohsiung University of Applied Sciences (NKUAS) in Taiwan has been active, producing four new graduate students this fall semester. In an effort to sustain this program and explore opportunities to establish new programs, a CBA delegation consisting of Dr. Wen and our MBA Director, Ms. Skobic, visited Taiwan in May, 2013. In addition to interviewing prospective students from the NKUAS, the delegation also visited National Chinyi University of Science and Technology, National Chung Cheng University, and National Yunlin University of Science and Technology to pave the ground for new collaborative programs. To date, memoranda of understanding have been signed by these reputable institutions, on which faculty and student exchange programs could be initiated right away.


    Online Consortium Program

    Our mode of involvement in the UW consortium online program in healthcare information management and technology (HIMT) has been changed to pure overload per Vice Chancellor of Finance and Administration's directive. Drs. Wen and Haried taught the HIMT 320 course (Survey of Information Technology in Healthcare) and HIMT 370 (Health care Systems: Analysis and Design) courses respectively in the past summer. For this semester, Dr. Haried is teaching HIMT 420 (Health Care Systems: Project management); he is also scheduled to teach the HIMT 370 course again next spring. The HIMT 340 (Ethical Issues, Security Management and Compliance) course will be offered by Dr. Wen in spring, 2014 too.

    Currently, Dr. Wen is leading the four partner campuses in developing the HIMT 490 capstone course for the program. He will be in the position to offer this preceptorship course the first time in the summer of 2014.


    Faculty Development

    In addition to continuing their effort in developing and teaching courses for the HIMT program, as well as offering the required HISM courses, the IS faculty have endeavored to actively engage in the field of health information management through the following activities since February, 2012:


    • Drs. Dai and Wen attended the 2013 Association of University Professors in Health Administration (AUPHA) annual conference in Monterey, CA, in June.
    • All IS faculty attended the annual HIMT professional symposium held in Madison, WI, in May.
    • Other faculty development accomplishments include Dr. Haried's attendance of the 2013 AACSB Assessment Workshop in Phoenix, AZ, in March.




    • Drs. Dai, Haried, Wen, and Yang received the 2013 CBA Summer Faculty Research grants.
    • Dr. Yang received the UW-L International Development Fund to attend the joint DSI and APDSI conference in Bali, Indonesia, in July.


    Faculty Research Output  

    Referred JOURNALs


    • Chen, Y., Ramamurthy, K. and Wen, K.W. (2013) "Organization's Information Security Policy Compliance: Stick or Carrot Approach?" Journal of Management Information Systems, Vol. 29, No. 3, Winter 2012-13, 163-195.
    • Dai, H. and Salam, A. (2013) "Does Service Convenience Matter? An Empirical Assessment of Service Quality, Service Convenience and Exchange Relationship in Electronic Mediated Environment," Electronic Markets - The International Journal on Networked Business, Accepted (September, 2013) and Forthcoming.
    • Dai, H., Midha, V. and Koong, K. (2013) "Consequents of Functional and Technical Quality: Evidence from Electronic and Mobile Service Industry in China," International Journal of Mobile Communications (IJMC), Accepted (February, 2013) and Forthcoming.
    • Haried, P., and Dai, H. (2013) "Applying Ethical Frameworks to EHR Adoption," Journal of Information Science and Technology, Accepted (December 2012) and Forthcoming.

    Conference Proceedings


    • Dai, H. and Haried, P. "Factors Affecting Consumer Addiction To Virtual Communities," Proceedings of the ISOneWorld Conference, March 2013, Las Vegas, NV.
    • Haried, P. "Evaluating Information Systems Offshoring: Can Success and Failure Coexist?" Proceedings of the American Society of Business and Behavioral Sciences Conference, February 2013, Las Vegas, NV.
    • Wen, K.W. and Peng, K.F. "Factors Influencing The Use Intentions of Branded Apps," Proceedings of the Forty-Second Annual Meeting of the Western Decision Sciences Institute, March 2013, Long Beach, CA.
    • Wen, K.W., Chen, Y and Ramamurthy, K. "In Building Information Security Culture: Impacts Of Comprehensive Information Security Programs," Proceedings of the Forty-Fourth Annual Meeting of the Western Decision Sciences Institute, November 2013, Baltimore, MD, Accepted and Forthcoming.
    • Yang, K., Ha, B.M. and Jeong, S.R. "Analysis of the Corporate IT Capability, Corporate Performance, and IT Solution Adoption Time: Cases of Korean Companies," Proceedings of the 2013 International DSI and Asia Pacific DSI Conference, July 2013, Bali, Indonesia.

    Book Chapters


    • Haried, P., and Ramamurthy, K. (2013). "Lessons Learned from Global Information Technology Offshoring: Client and Vendor Perspectives" in Global Sourcing of Services.