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  • Overview

    After 40 years we are taking a break from offering our January Jazz Festival.  We thank all of you for your participation throughout the years.

    Our format is changing and we our moving
    to a 5 day JAZZ RESIDENCY!

    This year our fall residency is October 22 - 27, 2015. 


    Guest Artists
    Dan Gailey, Composer/Educator/Saxophonist
    Dave Glenn, Composer/Educator/Trombonist
    Todd Strait,  Drum Set/Educator
    David Marck, Piano

    Jazz Bands and Combos will have the opportunity to work in a fifty minute time slot with our group of artists.  Since this event is early in the school year we encourage you to bring your group "As they are"!  No need to feel like you need to have 3 charts ready for a performance and are being judged!  This is a non - competitive opportunity for you and your students to develop some jazz skills and get some motivation to kick off your jazz season.  Whatever you want to have happen in the 50 minute time slot is what we  will work on.