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  • Things you need to know

    1) We provide the following equipment in each performance venue and request you use it and not your own. It will make it easier on your group and on our staff to keep things on schedule.

    * Drum Set - 5 Piece with 3 cymbal stands (no cymbals), Hi hat (w/cymbals), b.d. pedal, and throne. These sets are Gretsch provided by the Coalition Drum Shop.
    * Bass Amplifer - SWR or Euphonics Audio
    * Guitar Amplifer - Fender or Polytone
    * Acoustic Piano
    * Vibraphone
    * Sound System
    * (please bring your own guitar cables)

    2) Our University Food Service is will be open all day.

    3) Tours of campus will be provided during the day.

    Thank you and enjoy your day at UWL!