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  • Things you need to know

    1) Upon your arrival at UWL, only the director should enter the Cartwright Center to register. You will be assigned a student guide who will assist you and your students to the unloading and storage room areas.

    2) Buses should unload on East Avenue in the circle drive in front of the building, but may not park there. This is a no parking zone. All university commuter ("C") lots on weekends are free of charge. Jazzfest is not responsible for parking violations. Buses should park along the East, West or South sides of the Parking Ramp located at 16th, 17th, or Farwell Streets.  NOTE THIS IS A CHANGE FROM PAST YEARS DUE TO CONSTRUCTION!

    3) Storage rooms are for equipment only. These rooms will be locked at all times to ensure the safety of your school’s belongings. These rooms can only be opened with permission of the director. Storage rooms are availble 1 hour prior to your warm up time and will need to be vacated after your performance time. Please be sure to inform your bus driver of the times you need to load/unload. UWL is not responsible for the equipment or anything left in the room while it is in use. Your students should keep their valuables with them.

    4) We provide the following equipment in each performance venue and request you use it and not your own. It will make it easier on your group and on our staff to keep things on schedule.

    * Drum Set - 5 Piece with 3 cymbal stands (no cymbals), Hi hat (w/cymbals), b.d. pedal, and throne. These sets are Gretsch provided by the Coalition Drum Shop.
    * Bass Amplifer - SWR or Euphonics Audio
    * Guitar Amplifer - Fender or Polytone
    * Acoustic Piano
    * Vibraphone
    * Sound System
    * (please bring your own guitar cables)

    5) Our University Food Service is opening just for you! Service locations and times are:

    * 8:00am - 4:00pm: Einstein's Bagels and Coffee
    * 10:30am - 7:00pm: The Galley Area
        -  Features 4 different restaurants serving a combo meal with side and soda
        -  This includes: Erberts & Gerberts Deli, Slice of Life Pizza, Original Burger Company, and The Chef's Table

    6) No loitering is allowed in the hallways. The hallways become congested as performing groups move from one area to another. Please encourage students to listen to other groups and attend the workshops.

    7) There is absolutely NO SMOKING in any building on the UWL Campus.

    8) Food and drinks are not permitted in the performing area, storage rooms, or rehearsal rooms. They are allowed in the lobby areas only.

    9) Scores are not posted for other bands to view during the festival. Only the highest scoring groups in each division will be announced after the clinic. The top scoring groups in each division will be invited to play in the final concert. Individual scores are available only to that group’s director at the end of the clinics.

    10) The Jazz Fest staff works very hard to keep everything running on time. Please arrive on time and comply as close as possible with all schedules so that each group may have their full time to warm-up and perform. The Jazz Fest staff is here to make sure you are very comfortable. If you need assistance, feel free to ask any of the volunteers for information.

    Thank you and enjoy your day at UWL!