Q & A with Major Byron Dunn, graduate of UW-L Army ROTC

What benefits did you gain by going through ROTC?
I gained a quiet self assurance through ROTC.  I was an athletic star in high school, participated in Band, Drum and Bugle Core, I was outspoken and confidant.  ROTC taught me true team work and that success is not always about the individual, but the team (Unit).  Self worth is in the knowing it was successful because of your contribution.
How did the military impact your life?
The Military had significant impact on my life.  It was the force behind my quest to be the best at what ever I do.  At the 90th RSC in N Little Rock, an incoming General changed the motto from "Tested and Proud, We Lead" to "Ride to the Sound of the Guns" and that was me.  The Unit was used as a model in many ways but they did not rate high on the unit evaluation (did not Lead).  They were innovative and aggressive when attacking problems (they rode to the sound of the gun).  I went about my Military and Civilian job riding to the sound of the guns, solving problems that they said was not possible, anticipating and solving problems before they became issues.  The objectives was always accomplish the mission (work smarter not harder).
What has the military done in terms of your civilian life?
The leadership experience from the military impacted my civilian job the most.  It impacted the way I approached my job in terms of knowing what I wanted to do, setting goals and actively acting on those plans to get where I wanted to go.  In my computer career I have worked around the word with the worlds largest Banking Institutions.  I became the go to guy when things were desperate for a fix, the one when it could not be done, got it done with less and had the best client satisfaction.  It also impacted how I see the world in terms of history.  ROTC classes covers military history but there is much to be said about understanding the past at who it impacts today.
What was your overall experience and thought of ROTC and the Army?
Today's Army has been blessed by ROTC officers and the Reserve/National Guard in terms of support and doing more with less.  Military training and evaluation has been enhanced by units like the 75th Manuever Area Command who were a driving force in Battle Projection Center using satellites and small teams to perform FTX and CPX training exercises.  As well as the 75th MAC producing the current order and budget software system used by the Reserves.  This kind of innovations allowed the Army to put funds to other uses other than massive travel and logistic costs, units can stay local and participate in massive exercises.  By being 2X the Citizen, ROTC graduates bring skills to the Army that advances the Army faster and in more creative ways than the Active Force could do otherwise.