African-American Medal of Honor Recipients*

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Civil War

Indian Campaigns

War with Spain

World War I

  • SGT William Harvey Carney
  • SGT Decatur Dorsey
  • PVT William Henry Barnes
  • 1SG Powhatan Beaty
  • 1SG James H. Bronson
  • SGM Christian A. Fleetwood
  • PVT James Daniel Gardner
  • SGT James H. Harris
  • SGM Thomas R. Hawkins
  • SGT Alfred B. Hilton
  • SGM Milton Murray Holland
  • 1SG Alexander Kelly
  • 1SG Robert A. Pinn
  • 1SG Edward Ratcliff
  • PVT Charles Veal
  • CPL Miles James
  • CPL Andrew J. Smith
  • PVT Bruce Anderson



  • SGT Emanuel Stance
  • PVT Adam Paine
  • PVT Pompey Factor
  • Trumpeter Isaac Payne
  • SGT John Ward
  • CPL Clinton Greaves
  • SGT Thomas Boyne
  • SGT John Denny
  • SGT Henry Johnson
  • SGT George Jordan
  • SGT Thomas Shaw
  • PVT Augustus Walley
  • 1SG Moses William
  • SGT Brent Woods
  • SGT Benjamin Brown
  • CPL Isaiah Mays
  • CPL William O. Wilson
  • SGT William McBryar

  • PVT Dennis Bell
  • PVT Fitz Lee
  • PVT William H. Thompkins
  • PVT George Henry Wanton
  • SGM Edward Lee Baker, Jr.













  • CPL Freddie Stowers














World War II

Korean War

Vietnam War

  • PVT George Watson
  • SSG Ruben Rivers
  • CPT Charles L. Thomas
  • 1LT John R. Fox
  • SSG Edward A. Carter, Jr.
  • 1LT Vernon J. Baker
  • PFC Willy F. James, Jr.





  • PFC William Henry Thompson
  • SGT Cornelius H. Charlton







  • PFC Milton Lee Olive, III
  • SPC (6th Class) Lawrence Joel
  • SGT Donald Russell Long
  • SFC Matthew Leonard
  • 1LT Ruppert Leon Sargent
  • SFC Webster Anderson
  • CPT Riley Leroy Pitts
  • SPC (5th class) Clarence Eugene Sasser
  • SPC (5th class) Dwight Hal Johnson
  • SFC Eugene Ashley, Jr.
  • SSG Clifford Chester Sims
  • LTC Charles Calvin Rogers
  • 1LT John Earl Warren
  • PFC Garfiled McConnell Langhorn
  • SFC William Maud Bryant
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