CPT Jason Meszaros

Name: Jason Meszaros
Military Intelligence and Psychological Operations
Current Duty Station:
Retired, currently living in St. Michael, MN

I spent the better part of my career in the Special Ops world as a human intelligence collector. I served on the Criminal Investigation Task Force with the responsibility of investigating senior Al Qaeda operatives. The stateside contingent sorted thru the detainees at GTMO and determined who was to be tried and who should be released. I was briefly the CIA liaison before volunteering to go down range to Afghanistan. The team in country were "free agents" of sorts and worked with conventional (25th ID, 22nd MEU, 10th Mtn), white (3rd Grp and Seal Team 2) and black (xxx) special ops teams. I spent the majority of my time with the white and black teams.

I was an integral part of the crime scene investigations on Al Qaeda training camps in 2004 that are the basis for the overwhelming majority of the cases that are being heard by the Military Tribunal in GTMO. One of my buddies, Timmy O'Hara in my book, is the star witness for the government and an expert on Al Qaeda training camps.

I was one of the four guys (me, an NCIS agent and 2 Navy Seals) that pursued, cornered and killed Roze Khan (aka Taliban Billy the Kid) on a mountain side in southern Afghanistan. The mission was part of an episode of 60 Minutes as Lara Logan (CBS News) accompanied the Seal Team on the mission. View it here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Plk8fRSsrgc. That's the short version. The long version is mostly classified, no BS.

Published my first book in 2009: Interrogation of Morals. My Second book is in the works and already signed with an agent and publisher about an ex-Army Intel officer who specialized in counter terror. Go figure.

I am currently a Director for a software company and moonlight as a speaker/author, for now. I live in St Michael, MN (yes, the Patron Saint of Paratroopers) with my wife Karen and two beautiful daughters Samantha and Lauren.

Visit my website http://jasonmeszaros.com/ for more information.


Above: Lara Logan and Jason Meszaros

Above: Jason Meszarons (2nd from Left) and his team at Al Farouq Training Camp