Fall FTX

CDT Thomson plotting his points Cadets eating prior to night land nav MS IIIs plotting their points for night land nav
CDT Wolfe helping out some MSIs Getting rodded off the range The BRM range
Cadets working together Waiting to go down range Adjusting sights
Our targets A cadet's target being looked at for grouping and zeroing Waiting for something else to happen
Doing brass and ammo check CDT Schreiber with all her ammo ready The qualification range
The kneeling stance In fire order to walk on the qualification range SGT Martin instructing how to use the M240B
Policiing up all the ammo Cadets firing the M240B Before going on the airsoft range
The boys from 1st squad ready to roll Squad on a mission to capture SGT Martin Enemy in their sights
Bravo Company ready for airsoft drill MS IIIs patrolling Getting on line
MS IIIs bounding CDT Vick instructing cadets to get in a wedge CDT Wolfe telling MS IIIs to get in a file
CDT Hesse pulling security CDTs Strobush and Wolfe getting ready to cross the LDA Discussing what we had just been taught
CDT Vick pulling far side security for crossing a LDA MAJ Hansen talking about recon and patrol bases