U.S. Weapons and Hand Grenades Lab

Being instructed on how to properly throw a grenade CDT Sorensen ensuring cadets are properly clearing the M249 SGT Geary instructing how to disassemble the M9
Cadets looking on as the M9 is discussed Cadets working on the M9 CDT Kessler helping some of the cadets out
CDT Wesley working on the M240B CDT Emmart looking on as other cadets try and properly disassemble the M240B Cadets laying out the pieces of the M9
Now putting the M9 back together Cadets and SFC Eisch SFC Eisch checking it out
CDT Schumer disassembling the M240B Listening to about the M249 Class on types of grenades
CDT A. Schulz talking about the different types of grenades CDT Schreiber explaining how to attack a bunker with a grenade Practicing how to properly throw a grenade
Making sure the weapon is clear Engrossed in learning The M240B disassembled
Racing SFC Eisch to see who can disassemble the M4 the fastest CDT Hamilton talking about the M4