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English Major in Rhetoric & Writing

A Writer Writes An undergraduate English major with an emphasis in Rhetoric & Writing deepens your understanding of a range of writing situations, improves your writing abilities, and provides a solid background for a number of career paths, including professional writing, teaching, creative writing, journalism, linguistics, and graduate studies, as well as other communication-related fields.

As you explore connections among language, culture, and power, you will learn to use the art of writing to inquire, to collaborate with others, and to act in context. You will learn to use effective composing processes for various audiences, purposes, and genres. Ultimately, a concentration in Rhetoric and Writing empowers you to examine and shape your world through language.

Contact Information

Please contact the English Department with any comments or questions you may have at english@uwlax.edu or 608-785-8295.

Did you know?

People who cannot write and communicate clearly will not be hired and are unlikely to last long enough to be considered for promotions.

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