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The Writing Portfolio is the culmination of your work in the major. As you take courses, you will complete many different writing projects, which you will collect as a working portfolio. Near the end of your studies, when you take the capstone course for the major (Eng 413: Writing Portfolio), you will select, revise and reflect on the best of your work to demonstrate your rhetorical competence and writing abilities.

Student Learning Outcomes

A student graduating from this program will be able to


1. Select and modify writing strategies for different discourse communities
2. Analyze and adapt genre conventions related to focus, organization, development, style, editing, design and publishing


3. Work through effective composing processes, using writing as a means of learning
4. Write collaboratively, give feedback to others, and use feedback in revision


5. Analyze and critique a variety of texts and media, including print, digital and visual
6. Analyze and explain how language shapes and is shaped by culture, history and politics


7. Conduct research and integrate appropriate primary and secondary sources
8. Engage in disciplinary conversations, drawing on traditional and contemporary studies of rhetoric and writing




Did you know?

"You can't move up without writing skills."

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