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    The mission of the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse is to provide a challenging, dynamic, and diverse learning environment in which the entire university community is fully engaged in supporting student success. We in Facilities Planning and Management consider our role to be critical to the success of students, staff, and the university as a whole. Our responsibility is to provide the highest quality environment for education incorporating three "C" core values:

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    Beginning on Monday, March 16, contractors will set up a construction fence in order to demolish the residential property located at 1335 Badger Street. Demolition is to be complete by Friday, March 20. The sidewalk along the north side of Badger Street, adjacent the demolition site, will be blocked off. Gravel will be installed on the site in order to provide additional campus parking.

    Facilities Planning and Management is responsible for maintenance, construction and renovation of all UW-La Crosse buildings and grounds. As a service organization, the scope of responsibilities range from litter pick-up to maintenance of complex building systems to construction of new facilities. The links on the left side of this web page provide information on how to contact Facilities Planning and Management if you are in need of service or have any questions.