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    Welcome and thanks for your interest in recycling at UW-La Crosse. UW-L's recycling program was formally established in 1991 to reduce  our amount of solid waste as well as, reuse  and recycle  those waste materials when possible.

    UW-L has combined reduce , reuse  and recycle  with re-buy  and rethink  to form UW-L's R-5 Program

    1. Reduce:   Cut your use of energy, water, materials and toxic products
    2. Reuse:   Use it again and again, until it can't be used anymore
    3. Recycle:   Make new products or packaging from used materials
    4. Re-buy:   Purchase products made from recycled materials
    5. Rethink:   Think again!  Consider the environmental consequences of your purchasing decision before you buy.

    Buying products made from recycled materials and thinking about our purchases closes the recycling loop. UW-L continues its growth and commitment to recycling. Help us "Close the Loop" by integrating the five Rs into your daily life and encouraging others to do the same.