Heating/Cooling Plant

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Tim Merrell
Heating Plant Superintendent

Heating Plant

The Heating Plant is operated 24 hours a day, seven (7) days a week. The Heating Plant duty operator is responsible for the safe operation of the natural gas/oil-fueled 25,000 pounds of steam per hour boiler and/or the two (2) multi-fuel (coal, natural gas/oil) boilers- each has a capacity of 60,000 pounds of steam per hour. These boilers produce high pressurePower Plant steam at 100 PSIB which is distributed through underground lines to campus building where it is reduced to 15 PSIG.

The steam is used for area heating, food processing, humidification, sterilization/autoclaves/ and to heat domestic-use and swimming pool water. Approximately 19,076 linear feet of steam and condensate line serve twenty-six building on the main campus.

Cooling Plant

The Cooling Plant contain two (2) 1200 ton water chiller for air conditioning of twelve (12) campus buildings: Cartwright Center, Whitney Center, Recreational Eagle Center/Child Care Center, Health Science Center, Wing Technology Center, Murphy Library, Center for the Arts, and  Cowley, Wimberly, Wilder, Morris, and Graff Main halls. The chilled water is distributed to these buildings through underground pipes and re-circulated to the chiller plant.

Heating and cooling in buildings is controlled by a building automated computer system, which is located in the Maintenance and Campus Stores building on the North Campus. This system turns the building air handling units off and on by a pre-programmed sequence dependent upon both the time of day and the day of week taking into consideration occupied and unoccupied status of building as well as normal work day, holiday or weekend.