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  • 2nd Quarter Intramural Registrations Open This Week!

    Basketball - Tuesday, October 14th ($40/team)
    Bag Toss - Wednesday, October 15th ($5/$10 singles/doubles)
    Wallyball - Wednesday, October 15th ($25/team)
    Trenchball - Thursday, October 16th ($35/team)

    All registrations open at 7:00 am. Don't forget about pre-registration options (learn more here).

    Spots fill on a first-come, first-serve basis. Please email or call (608) 785-5225 with questions!

    Outdoor Connection Jterm Trips

    Looking to do something completely different over winter break? The Outdoor Connection has 4 AWESOME trips planned:

    Rio Grande Paddle Trip (10 day)
    January 15-24th
    Florida Adventure
    Canoeing and Backpacking (12 Day)
    January 14-25
    Dogsledding in the Boundary Waters (5 day)
    January 21-25
    Adventure Road Trip - Arizona, SoCal, Utah, Colorado) (15 day)
    January 11-25


  • Recreational Eagle Center (REC) Hours:
    Mon. - Fri. 6am - Midnight
    Sat. 10am-Midnight
    Sun. Noon-11pm

    Outdoor Connection Hours:

    Mon. - Sat. 10am-6pm
    Sun. Noon-6pm

    Strength Center Hours:

    Mon. -Thurs. 6am-11pm
    Fri. 6am-7pm
    Sat. 10am-7pm
    Sun. 12pm-11pm 

    Climbing Wall Hours:

    Sun - Fri. 5pm-10pm
    Sat. Noon-5pm

    Lap Swim Hours
    Week of Oct. 20

    Mon. 12pm-12:50pm; 8pm-10:30pm
    Tue. 8pm-10:30pm
    Wed. 12pm-12:50pm; 8pm-10:30pm
    Thu. 8pm-10:30pm
    Fri. 12pm-12:50pm; 7pm-10pm
    Sat. 12pm-3pm
    Sun. 1pm-4pm