(Cadet Cmd Reg 145-3)


CADET Snuffy, Joseph

1st SGT


DATE 121800FEB-261800FEB2004

SUMMARY OF PERFORMANCE (describe the Situation, assigned Tasks, Actions taken, Results and indicate some event Times). Card 1 of 2

-1st SGT for the Eagle BN in garrison environment for the period of 121800FEB-261800FEB2004


-Received the task to conduct BN PT


-Planned and prepared for PT session IAW FM 21-20






-Received accountability of personnel from PSGs



-Conducted BN PT to include warn-up, stretching and the motivational run

-Eagle CDTs improved their health and fitness

-Provided Espirit de corps within the BN

-Received the mission from CDT Smith to contact PSGs regarding upcoming PT uniform

-Contacted PSGs via email to disseminate information

-Contacted CDT Jones regarding 16FEB PT

-Disseminated BN manning roster from CDT Soldier to all leadership positions

-Contacted all MS Is and MS IIs via phone on 14FEB to ensure that all information was being disseminated to lowest level of BN; found

All MS IIs phone numbers to be wrong

-Contacted SQD leaders via phone on 14FEB to ensure they understood all information that was given

-Contacted CDT Soldier via email to inform him of incorrect manning roster

-Necessary information was disseminated to lowest levels in the BN

-Ensured that every CDT was able to be reached for information that needed to be given

-Resolved the communication problem with the chain of command

-Received mission from CO to conduct initial warm-up and stretching exercises prior to diagnostic APFT and to turn the formation to

CDT Allen to brief the APFT standards

-Conducted BN PT warm-ups only

-Received accountability from PSGs for PT

CDT CMD FORM 156-2-R Jun 97


Part Ia: Record Observations (Continued) Card 2 of 2

- CDTs were stretched and ready for APFT

-Received the OPORD from CO for 18FEB2004 lab

-Contacted PSGs to disseminate OPORD for 18FEB2004 lab

-Contacted CDT Smith via email in regards to all vital information for communication within the BN

-Contacted MSG Davila via email on 17FEB regarding communication problem

-Attained accountability of MS IIIs at lab on 18FEB

-Contacted CO and PSG about communication problem on 18FEB

-Allowed for CDT Soldier to have accurate attendance for lab

-Ensured that all MS IIIs were aware of leadership labs


-Received the mission from CDT James and CDT Michaels to assemble lists needed for fall FTX

-Contacted PSG via email and phone to disseminate information received from CDT James and CDT Michaels

-Met with MS Is to provide information regarding correct uniform wear and what to expect at FTX

-Provided CDT James, CDT Michaels, CDT Mitchell and CDT Soldier with correct lists regarding spring FTX

-MS IVs were provided with information to ensure 100% accountability at the FTX

-Received the mission to conduct BN PT from CO

-Contacted CDT Jones via email regarding tentative plans for 23FEB PT

-Met with CO and PLs to plan and rehearse for week of PT on 21FEB

-Met with CO to finalize plans for 25FEB PT

-Execution of PT was well rehearsed and thought out

-Eagle CDTs improved their health and fitness




Cadet CDT Snuffy

Unit Eagle BN

Duty Position 1st SGT

Date 26FEB2004