2LT Jessica Sorensen

Name: Jessica Sorensen
Second Lieutenant
Transportation Corp
Current Duty Station:
 I went to BOLC at Fort Eustis, VA to become a transportation officer. I then came to Germany and was assigned to a III/I Distribution platoon. The size of my platoon seems to be constantly fluctuating. I have anywhere from 55-75 soldiers on any given day. Learning all the aspects that go into an ASB, especially when in charge of a fueling platoon has been interesting.

My platoon is maxed out with missions and tasking but it is a fantastic learning experience for me. I was lucky enough to be paired up with a highly motivated E7 who has been in the Army for 18 years. He came here off of recruiting, so we are learning the specifics of this job as a team.

In other news I got engaged at the end of October. My fiancé is currently stationed in South Korea. We will be getting married before his tour is up in June. Then working out the logistics of getting stationed together. We hope to get into the same unit and deploy together.