MAJ Paul Denton

Name: Paul Denton
Signal Corps, Field Artillery, Ordnance,
Logistics, and FA57 Simulations Operations

Current Duty Station:
Wisconsin Army National Guard
I have served my time since commissioning in December 1998 from UW-La Crosse ROTC in the Wisconsin Army National Guard as a AGR Officer with the 1-126th FA (PALADIN) where I completed a Battery Command, Commanded a second unit of Delta Company 2-128IN during deployment as SECFOR at Camp Virginia, Kuwait 2005-2006.  I have served as the brigade assistant operations/simulations operations officer for the 157th Maneuver Enhancement Brigade, and have recently been transferred to the 1-121FA (HIMARS) in Milwaukee Wisconsin where I am currently serving as the Battalion Executive Officer/ Administrative Officer after serving as the battalion S3.

I am recently married and live in Wisconsin.