Company Photos/Other Activities

Alpha Company
ACO ACO cadets  
Bravo Company
BCO BCO BCO cadets  
Flag Memorial (September 11th)
Cadets working on putting the flags in the ground Working The big shot  
Working hard to help get it finished    
Veterans Day
Hmong veterans that were a part of the flag carrying Practing on folding and unfolding the flag Getting started  
Walking onto the field Holding on tight during the National Anthem  
Hixon Forest Challenge Run (SQD PT)
Struggling to get up the steep climb Working as a team  
New sqaud climbing up the hill Made it to the objective Running to the finish  
Almost there All done Cool down  
Rock objective So happy to have made it At the finish  
Platoon picture So happy Trying to do pushups  
Stretch it out    
Annual Veterans Football Game