Fall Labs

Getting started 3 small jumps in place Getting the proper angle
Just keep watching Releasing the brake hand Almost to the bottom
CDT Dietzen One more push Looking towards the ground
Battle Drills
BCO cadets getting on line Learning how to do sucessive bounding Bounding
Explaining what will be happening Pulling security CDT Wanta and his squad
Using hand and arm signals Getting ready to move out All leaders in
CDT Spychalla evaluating Ensuring the  cadets are on line Keep bounding
CDT Afoa being vigilant  360 security Looking for the enemy
CDT Strobush CDT Vick Explaining the situation and leaving the GOTWA
MSG Heise and 2LT McCaigue More evaluation All spread out\
CDT Schumer Release point CDT Wolfe evaluating the squad
Enemy in the sights Ready to attack CDT Wanta getting ready to flank with his team
CDTs Vick and Hesse Traveling up the hill Waiting for something to happen
CDT Wesley giving a WARNO to another cadet
CDT Schumer explaining where she wants her squad members to go Receiving some instruction
Silence listening halt CDT Wolfe all smiles
CDT Strobush giving some instruction
In the ORP CDT Thomson
Class A Inspection
Getting instruction 1st Platoon Waiting to be inspected
2nd Platoon waiting to be inspected CDTs Spychalla and Mitten inspecting each cadet Waiting for thier turn
Writing down uniform issues All at parade rest Alpha Company