Fall Labs

ready to go! evaluting cadets Waiting on the roof of Cowley Hall
Lean back into a good "L" shape... Releasing the brake hand Bounding
The Cadet Battalion Commander
Lean back... Trust your equipment!
Battle Drills
Battle Drills... Enemy in the sights... Hand & Arm Signals
On a line show me your WAR FACE! learning...
 showing off the "guns" getting on line
Low crawling  shoot to kill Squad Column - Fire Team Wedge
ready to go! crossed rifles Pulling Security
checking the TACSOP putting the squad in a "wedge" using hand and arm signals explaining the plan to the squad using a terrain model
Formation evaluting the MSIIIs staring off into the distance...
telling the 5-point contingency plan to her team showing off the "guns" instructing the MSIIIs
having fun!  teaching...  MSIII's learning from the best 
Hand & Arm Signals - "Halt"
stay alert, stay alive   
  on the move!
spying on the enemy 
 the grizzly OPFOR OPFOR on guard 
crossing an LDA
Company Commander preparing her OPORD brief
returning from the leader's recon
...at the release point
Class A Inspection
checking the enemy's dead body

disseminating information

Class A inspection Getting inspected... Getting inspected...