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Undergraduate Research and Creativity (URC)

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Upcoming dates: 

Mon, Oct 3rd. NCUR abstract submission window opens

Tues, Nov 15th @ 5:30. Getting Started in Undergrad Research & Creativity - 150 Murphy Library

Fri, Dec 2nd. NCUR abstract submission closes

Thurs, Apr 20th. UWL Celebration of Student Research & Creativity


  • Develops writing skills through grant writing and project reports
  • Teaches collaboration in the work place
  • Engages students in cross-cultural communication
  • Provides early exposure to research areas, helping students in career decision-making

"This is preparing me for what is to come,"
Michael Fuerte, '17, Biology says. 

"I know a lot of students tend
to rely on lab experience.
This is hands-on training."

Michael has been monitoring frogs in the 
La Crosse River marsh for two years.
UWL is dedicated to supporting research and other scholarly and creative activities by students in all academic disciplines. 


Here are some examples of real projects our students have worked on:

  • Study how mindfulness and self-control affect learning (2015)
  • Travel to Russia to work in a nuclear physics laboratory (2014) 
  • Explore effects of mercury contamination on fish and wildlife (2012)
  • Research impact on poverty and homelessness (2013)
  • Research human heart conditions and bleeding disorders (2015)
  • Perform research projects for the United Way and other local non-profits (2015)
  • Collaborate with UW-Madison on grocery shopping mobile app (2013)