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Presenting Your Work

UW-L students are provided opportunities to present their research and creative work on UW-L campus, statewide and nationally.  In addition to UW-L funded opportunities, there are a host of other events for students to present their work.  View the event comparison chart below to find the best fit for your work.


Need Help Putting Your Presentation Together?

The Undergraduate Research & Creativity Program offers a poster making workshop during the spring semester and a grant writing workshop in both the fall and spring semesters.  Join us to learn more about these processes from faculty experts.


Opportunities to Present Research
and Creative Activities
Limited Enrollment Requires Abstract Submission Open to all Disciplines Location Travel Funding Available Through
Requires Overnight Stay
Celebration of Student Research & Creativity
  X X UW-L    
UW-System Symposium for Undergraduate Research & Creative Activity X X X Varies X Depends on location
Posters in the Rotunda X X X Capital in Madison X  
National Conference on Undergraduate Research (NCUR) X X X Varies X X
UW-L SAH Summer Undergraduate
Research Symposium
  Title of poster only SAH UW-L    
Seven Rivers Undergraduate Research Symposium   X X Viterbo    
McNair Scholars Summer Research Presentations Limited to McNair Scholars X UW-L    
Limited to McNair Scholars
McNair National Research Conference Limited to McNair Scholars X Varies X X
Limited to McNair Scholars

Discipline specific meetings Location Proposals Due Conference Date  
UW Women's Studies Moves around Wisconsin March October  

Presentation Methods

There are several ways to present your creative and scholarly work.  Click on this link for general presentation guidelines or view format specific content below.


Poster Display

Oral Presentation
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Published Article
Creative Display
creative presentation