1975 Handbook on Women Workers US Department of Labor Employment Standards Administration Women's Bureau Softcover 1975

A Book of Readings For Men Against Sexism Jon Snodgrass Softcover 1977

A Case Book Study Safe House of Revolutionary Feminism in the 1970's M. F. Beal

A Chorus of Stones Susan Griffin Softcover

Part autobiographical memoir, part social history, this book ties scores of individuals to the wars they lived through or died in.
A Daughter of Han: The Autobiography of a Chinese Working Woman Ida Pruitt Paperback 1945

A Day's Work, A Day's Play

A Doctor's Guide to Having an Abortion Robert E Hall, MD Paperback 1971

A Family Secret - A&E

A&E special details how the abused children's adoptive parents, attorney Joel Steinberg and author Hedda Nussbaum, were immediately arrested. But it soon became clear that Hedda was also a victim of her husband's abuse, and charges against her were dropped. Here, Hedda reveals what life was like with Joel, offering an inside look at the family's dysfunctional lives. Courtroom footage (the trial was the first to be broadcast live in New York City), captures the highly charged atmosphere of Joel's trial, while interviews with jurors, lawyers for both the prosecution and defense, and former Mayor Ed Koch shed light on the case.
A Family Secret: The Death of Lisa Steinberg New Video DVD

A Feeling for the Organism Evelyn Fox Keller Softcover 1936
The life and work of barbara McClintock
A General Guide to Abortion R Bruce Sloane MD Hardcover 1973

A Guide to Non-Sexist Children's Books Judith Adell Paperback 1976

A Handbook for Workshops on Sex Equality in Education Mary Ellen Verheyden-Hilliard Softcover

A History of Their Own: Women in Europe Bonnie S. Anderson Paperback
european women history
feminism in europe
Volume 1 of this original and revolutionary two-volume history is divided into five parts: traditions inherited, women of the fields, women of the churches, women of the castles and manors, and women of the walled towns. The material that is encompassed in this first volume spans the centuries from prehistory to the seventeenth century and its territory covers England, France, Russia, and Germany among other countries in the European region.
A History of THeir Own: Women in Europe Volume 2 Bonnie S. Anderson Paperback 1988 women
Divided into 4 parts: women of the courts, women of the salons and parlors, women of the cities, and traditions rejected.
A History of Western Philosophy Bertrand Russell Softcover

A League of Their Own

Two sisters join the first female professional baseball league and struggle to help it succeed amidst their own growing rivalry.

A Little History of My Forest Life Eliza Morrison Softcover 2002

A Passion for Friends: Toward a Philosophy of Female Affection Janice G Raymond Softcover 2001

A Place of Rage

Documentary dealing with numerous famous feminists artists and scholars and their thoughts on the Civil Rights Movement.
A Price Ablove Rubies

This widely acclaimed motion picture features outstanding performances from Renee Zellweger and Juliana Margulies. Sonia (Zellweger) is a young woman who always did just what was expected; she married the right man, moved to the right neighborhood and had a beautiful baby. And yet, when she discovers an exciting world beyond her tightly knit community it sparks a growing desire for independence that threatens the security of the perfect life she knows. See a Price above Rubies for yourself and learn why audiences and critics nationwide have praised this passionate movie gem.

A Remarkable Woman Anne Edwards Hardcover

A biography of Kathrine Hepburn
A Statistical Portrait of Women in the US US Department of Commerce Bureau of the Census Softcover 1976

A Workbook for Healing: Adult Children of Alcoholics Patty McConnell Softcover 1986

Abortion For Survival (2 copies)

This video dispels many of the myths promulgated by anti-choice reactionaries and states clearly and concisely the case for legalized abortion. As the title indicates, legalized abortion is a matter of survival, without it women will have clandestine abortions, and women will die.
Abortion in America: The origins and evolution of national policy, 1800-1900 James C. Mohr Hardcover
Abortion--Law and legistlation--United States
In 19th century America, abortionists openly advertised their tools and services, even in religious publications. One out of every five pregnancies ended in abortion, according to estimates, and married middle-class white Protestant women had the most abortions. A book about one of the most pronounced social changes in American history.
Abortion: A Woman's Right Linda Jenness Softcover 1971

Abortion: Freedom of Choice and the Right to Life Lauren R Sass Hardcover 1978

Absent From the Majority: Working Class Women in America Nancy Seifer Hardcover


Academic Couples: Problems and Promises Marianne A Ferber Softcover 1997

Academic Women Jessie Bernard Hardcover 1964

Academic Women on the Move Alice S. Rossi and Ann Calderwood Hardcover

In America today there is increasing interest and concern over the role of women in higher education. Is their status imporving in cparison to the of their male counterpatrs? What special problems do they face as students or faculty memers> What are the drop-out rates for university women? Are they discriminated against because of their sex?
Adventures in the Gender Trade

Kate Bornstein, writer and performer, was born a man. This documentary presents her frank account of her personal journey from unhappy boy child into liberated transsexual lesbian. Intercut with her satiric night club act called "Hidden: A Gender," are the stories of a wide range of people who refused to have their identity defined by whether they were born male or female. We are thus presented with a spectrum of colorful gender anomalies: drag queens, transsexuals, cross dressers, gays and lesbians... and those who refuse to be categorized. They want the right to be not "male" or "female," but whatever they choose in between. Why, they ask, must we have a bipolar gender system, when some other cultures can accommodate diversity?
Affilia Journal of Women and Social Work
Paperback Fall 2004 Some Articles

Combining Caregiving and Career: Experiences of Social Work Fauclty

Reexaming What We Think We Know: A Lesson Learned From Tamil Refugees

Health Expectations for Older Women: International Perspectives

Affilia journal of women and social work
Softcover summer 2005

combining caregiving and career: experiences of social work faculty

The contribution of the sisters of mercy to the development of social welfare

"We are more then jailbirds": An arts program for incarcerated young women.

Computer technology for the feminist classroom.

Navigating mixed theory programs: lessons learned from a prostitution diversion project

Saving experiences past and present: narratives from low income african american women.
Affilia-Journal of Women and Social Work
Paperback Fall 2004 The Hidden War on the Poor

Lifetime abuse and mental health distress among english-speaking Latinas

African-American Reformers' Mission: Caring for our girls and women

"Family Violence"

Domestic Violence in the Orthodox Jewish Home

Affirmative Action Programs for Women: A Survey of Innovative Programs Jerolyn R Lyle Softcover

After All Mary Tyler Moore Hardcover 1995

Against Our Will Men Women and Rape Susan Brownmiller Hardcover 1975
Book that reveals much about male female relations and the author concludes that " the threat use and cultural acceptanceof sexual force is a pervasive process of intimidation that affects all women," whether or not they have been actual victims of violence.
Against the Odds Janet E. Aalfs Softcover 1981

Aging: Scientific Perspectives and Social Issues Diana S. Woodruff Hardcover
Learning and Memory with Aging
Adult INtelligence with Aging
Physiological Perspective of aging
biological perspective of aging
An introductory text written for students interested in the process and problems of aging and for individuals providing services to the elderly. While we deal with biological, psychological, and sociological concepts, we have not assumed that our readers have had any previous exposure to those disciplines, and thus we hae outlined basic concepts underlying each discipline's approach. For those interested in further exploration of any of the topics covered in this volume, we have provided extensive references at the end of each chapter.

Oprah show dealing with anxiety disorders and panic attacks.

All American Women-Lines that divide, ties that bind Johnnetta B. Cole
1986 essays, addresses and lectures on:
women in the US
social conditions
economic conditions
minority women
Based on the assumption that all women share a common "female experience," much of 20th century feminist theory and writing overlooks the lives of the majority of women in the world. Johnnetta Cole corrects this bias by showing the vast range of attitudes, circumstances, hopes, fears, and struggles of a cross-section of women in the US today.
America's Working Women Rosalyn Baxandall Softcover 1976
The neglect of workng-class women in social history has not been accidental. It is part of a systematic exclusion of the woking class from the history and social records of our country, and attempt to dissuade the contemporary working class from imagining that it could be in control or its own destiny. We want to change this pessimism... women's experiences must be made central to both an analysis of what's wrong with today's world and a projection of how to create a better one.

In this spirit of challenge and optimism, America's Working Women offers contmporary essays, diaries, union records, letters, songs, social workers' reports, statistics an photographs that cronicle the lives of women laborers of virtually all cultures, races and work force areas, from 1600 to today.
American Feminism: A contemporary History Ginette Castro Softcover

A literary political social and cultural study of the contempory american feminist movement.
American Feminists Robert Riegel Softcover 1963
An new evaluation of the american feminist movement emerges from this biographical assessment of its leaders.
American Heroine Allen F. Davis Softcover

The life and ledgend of Jane Adams
American Porn-Frontline PBS

In "American Porn," FRONTLINE reports on the forces behind the explosion of sexually explicit material available in American society. Through interviews with adult entertainment executives and lawyers, porn producers and directors, federal and state prosecutors, anti-porn activists and a Wall Street analyst covering the entertainment industry, the program examines the business ties between respected corporations and porn companies, the rise of extreme hardcore porn, and the pending political battle that may soon engulf the multibillion-dollar pornography industry.
American Women and American Studies Betty E Chmaj Softcover 1971

American Women Poets Jean Gould Hardcover 1980
Six Biographies of American poets including Amy Lowell, Millay, and Dickinson.
Among Women Louise Bernikow Paperback
Relationships among women Brings a poet's voice and a scholar's mind to the associations women forge among themselves; mother-daughter, sisters, friends, lovers, even enemies. By looking at women in history and literature, and the women in her own life, she illuminates a unique and very special bond.
An End to Shame: Shaping Our Next Sexual Revolution.
Hardcover 1990
In an End to Shame, Reiss argues that America is ripe for another sexual revolution, one that will reduce our alarming rates of AIDS, tenage pregnancy rape and the sexual abuse of children--currently the highest in the Western World! These problems have produced a crisis that threatens the integrity ofn future of our society.

In response to this crisis, Reiss presents a direct, lucid, and challenging analysisi of America's sexual problems.
An Introduction to Metaphysics Martin Heidegger Softcover 1959

An Unfinished Woman Lillian Hellman Softcover 1965
A memoir by lillian hellman
Anatomy of Research in Allied Health Franklin Stein Hardcover 1976

And Jill came Tumbling After: Sexism in American Education Judith STacey, Susan Bereaud, and Joan Daniels Softcover

From pre-school to post-grad, girls get a different education from boys. They play with dolls more than blocks, they learn to be passive and docle in elementary school, they're channeled into traditional "feminine" occupations in high school and college, and they are often passed over when it comes to graduate fellowships.
And Keep Your Powder Dry Margaret Mead Paperback 1975

And Still I Rise

Video about the stereotypical images of African American women, it focuses on the myths regarding black sexuality and contemporary black women's reactions to these myths.
Angela Davis Angela Davis Softcover

An autobiography of Angela Davis.
Anita Hill-60 Minutes

60 Minutes show dealing with Anita Hill, a law professor who was sexual assaulted by Supreme Court justice Clarence Thomas.
Ann the Word Nardi Reeder Campion Hardcover 1976
The life of mother ann lee, founder of the shakers.
Annapurna a Woman's Place Arlene Blum Hardcover 1980
The dramatic story of the first womens ascent of one of the world's highest peaks
Aphra Behn Frederick M. Link Hardcover 1968

Appalachian Women: A Learning/Teaching Guide Sharon B Lord Softcover 1979

Approaches to Teaching Bronte's Jane Eyre Diane Long Hoeveler Softcover 1993

Ariadne's Thread Lyn Lifshin Softcover 1982
A collection of womens contemporary womens journals
Aristotle Metaphysics Montgomery Furth Softcover

Around the World the LEsbian Way

A collection of five short films made around the world by and for lesbians and their friends.
Art Talk Cindy Nemser Hardcover 1975
Conversations with 12 women artists
Awakening, The

Film based on the novel by Kate Chopin
Backlash: The Undeclared War Against American Women Susan Faludi Softcover 1981
Talks about feminism from late 20th century, and what goes on behind the scenes in the governement.
Barbara Cartland Crusader in Pink Henry Cloud Hardcover 1979
Henry Cloud looks back into barbara's past life and tells of the unexpected hardships and the young girls dreams that produced her first novels.
Barriers to Educational Opportunities for Re-entry Women in Private Universities Esther Benjamin Softcover 1979

Battered Wifes Del Martin Paperback
Wife Beating
Abusive Relationships
This book is the first major report to be published on this shockingly widespread, but largely overlooked, form of violence. While FBI statistics indicate the incidence of rape increased 93% in the 1960s, the rate of marital violence was three times as high by 1973. regardless of the family's economic or social status, wife-battery continues with impunity. From the social worker to the cop on the beat, from teh psychiatrist to the judge-- professionals have consistently ignored the problem. THis book provides first-hand reports from the victims and cites the failure of the legal system and social service agencies to cope with household violence.
Battered Women as Survivors Lee Ann Hoff Paperback
Wife Abuse
Abused Women
Abuse Case Studies
Battered Women as Survivors documents the results of an urban (USA) field study of battered women and their social network members. It analyses woman-abuse in a life history perspective, and through values and network analysis reveals the relationship between personal crisis and traditional attitudes toward women, marriage, the family, and violence.
Battered Women as Survivors Lee Ann Hoff Softcover 1990
This documents the results of an urban field study of battered women and thier social network members. It analyses woman-abuse in a life history perspective, and through values and network analysis reveals the relationship between personal crisis and traditional attitudes toward women, marriage, the family, and violence.
Be a Bodywise Woman Heroes: Growing Up Female & Strong Melpomene Institute Softcover

Beginning to Heal Ellen Bass Softcover
Firt book for survivors of sexual abuse.
Bella! Ms. Abzug goes to Washington Bella S. Abzug Hardcover 1972

Betrayal of Trust: Clergy Abuse of CHildren Annie Laurie Gaylor Paperback
Clergy Abuse
The sexual abuse of a young girl or boy by a clergyman or priest is often regarded by the general public as an isolated occurrence, an aberration. Yet the committee to Protect Children from Abusive Clergy learns of three or four cases of child molestation by priests or ministers each week. Associated Press Religion Editor George Cornell has included the problem in his 1987 list of the top ten religion stories. Pollster George Gallup has spoken out on the need for churches to protect children, because when "ministers are themselves the molesters... their fellow clergy or hierarchy have hidden the facts."
Between Myth and Morning: Women Awakening Elizabeth Janeway Softcover 1975

Between Women Luise Eichenbaum Softcover 1987
As women today pursue new professional and personal goals , they often find that the supposrt they need form thier women friends has been underminded by feelings of envy, competition, and anger... In this book is how mother -daughter relationships affect women's desire to forge close adult relationship. How to stop hiding painful feelings and speak up to your friends...
Beverly Beverly Sills Hardcover 1987

Beyond Beijing: The International Womens Movement

From August 30 to September 15, 1995 two parallel events took place in China: the NGO (Non-governmental organization) Forum on Women is Huairou, and the United Nations Fourth World Conference on Women in Beijing. This documentary is about the NGO Forum in Huairou. "I'm a feminist media maker and educator. I went to Beijing with the purpose of making an independent video documentary of the forum from women's perspectives. I followed a group of Chicago based grassroots activists through the forum to make this tape."
Beyond Domination: New Perspectives on Women and Philosophy Carol C. Gould Softcover
This book offers a major collection of new essays at the forefront of contemporary feminist theory in the United States and presents the work of leading feminist philosophers, including Sandra Harding, Hilde Hein, alison M. Jaggar, Janice Moulton, Rosemary Radford Ruether, Caroline Whitbeck, and Carol C. Gould. The seventeen contributors explore such current philosophical, social, and political issues as sex differences, gynecological theory, and sexual equality; gender and rationality; concepts of womanhood and domination in psychoanalytical theory; sexism, religion, and spiritual liberation; women's work and sex roles; and the relations between the personal and the political, the private and the public.

Beyond God the Father Mary Daly Softcover

Beyond Sex Roles Alice G Sargent Softcover 1977

Beyond the Butterfly

Middle school girls throughout Wisconsin and from parts of Michigan and Ohio were given a video camera and asked to record their thoughts, feelings, discussions and activities for a week. In revealing and sometimes poignant moments, the girls chronicled their experiences with sex, substance abuse, parents, domestic violence, eating disorders, suicide, self-esteem and, of course school.

Beyond the Double Bind: Women adn Leadership Kathleen Hall Jamieson
"I can remeber," says lawyer Flo Kennedy, "going to court in pants and the judge remarking that I wasn't properly dressed, that the next time I came to court I should be dressed like a lawyer." It was a moment painfully familiar to countless women: a demand that she conform to a stereotype of feminine dress and behavior-- which would also mark her as an intruder, risin above her assigned station. Kennedy took one look at the judge's robe-- essentially "a long black dress gathered at the yoke" -- and said, "Judge, if you won't tlak about what I'm wearing, I won't talk about what you're wearing.
In Beyond the Double Bind, Kathleen Hall Jamieson takes her cue from Kennedy's comeback to argue that the catch -22 that often blocks women from success can be overcome. Sparking her narrative with potent accounts of the many ways women have beaten the double bind that would seem to damn them on matter what they choose to do, Jamieson provides a rousing and emphatic denouncement of victim feminism and the acceptance of inevitable failure. As she explores society's interlaced traps adn restictions, she drews on hundreds of interviews with women from all walks of life to show the ways they cut through them. Unlike other breakthrough feminist writers, she finds grounds for optimism in areas ranging from slow improvements in women's earnings to newly effective legal remedies, from growing social awareness to the determination and skill of individual women who are fighting the double bind.
With intensive research and incisive anyalysis, Jamieson provides a landmark of account of the binds that ensnare women's lives -- and the ways they can overcome them.
Billie Jean Billie Jean King Softcover 1974
Billie Jean tells how she reached the top, speaks openly about her family conventional family and her unconventional marraige, and the abortion that plunged her into controversy.
Birth Control In America: Woman's Body, Woman's Right Linda Gordon Paperback
Birth Control
Women's Rights
Birth Control History
Family Planning
Planned Parenthood

Blackberry Winter My Earlier Years Margaret Mead Hardcover 1972
The intimate story behind the pioneering achievementsof the world's most famous anthropologist.
Blood Ties A Woman's History Anica Vesel Mander Hardcover 1976

Bob Bilby's Domestic Abuse Tape

Borderlands: La Frontera The New Mestiza Gloria Anzaldua Softcover

Born into Brothels

A tribute to the resiliency of childhood and the restorative power of art, Born Into Brothels is a portrait of several unforgettable children who live in Calcutta's red light district, where their mothers work as prostitutes. Spurred by the kids' fascination with her camera, Zana Briski, a New-York based photographer living in the brothels and documenting life there, decides to teach them photography. As they begin to look at and record their world through new eyes, the kids, who society refused to recognize, awaken for the first time to their own talents and sense of worth. Filmmakers Ross Kauffman and Zana Briski capture the way in which beauty can be found in even the seemingly bleakest and most hopeless of places and how art and education can empower children to transform their lives.
Boss Lady: An Executive Woman Talks About Making It Jo Foxworthy Softcover 1978

Boys and Girls are Different: Men, Women and sex differences

An ABC News Special with Jeff Stossell. The program examines whether differences between the sexes are social or biological in origin. Stossell raises some interesting and frightening questions as he interviews feminist leaders such as Gloria Steinem and scientists.

Boys Don't Cry

A true story about hope, fear and the courage it takes to be yourself, Boys Don't Cry is "One of the 10 Best Films of 1999" (National Board of Review). Critically acclaimed and nominated for two Academy Awards and two Golden Globes, this four-star "must see" (People), "riveting" (Entertainment Weekly) drama features incredible performances by newcomers Hilary Swank and Chloe Sevigny.

Boys vs Girls Toys - Dateline

Dateline episode dealing with the differences between toys aimed at boys and girls. Also deals with the toy market.
Breakthrough: Women in Aviation Elizabeth Simpson Smith Hardcover 1981

Breakthrough: Women in Television Betsy Covington Smith Hardcover 1981

Breakthrough: Women In Writing Diana Gleasner
Throughout the centuries writers have been held in high regard as thinkers, as molders of thought, as possessors of keen insight adn lofty intelligence. Male writers, that is. Those few women who dared to use the pen to make their voices heard faced censure adn ridicule. History bears this out, and today most of us express gratitude that times have changed. But have they?
For this entertaining and thoughtprovoking book, Diana Gleasner interviewed five noted women writers , who share personal insights into their craft-- the problems that beset them as women writers, and the rewards. Judy Blume is known to yung readers and their parents for her perception about growing-up years; Erma Bombeck's humor is loved by millions, but few know of her hard work and sacrifices; Erica Jong pioneered ther right for a womean to write frankly and openly about sexual feelings; Jessamyn West conquered fear and a crippling disease before writing opened up the world for her; Phyllis Whitney, through sheer perseverance, overcame obstacles to a writing career that would have shattered a lesser person.
With and overview of women writers historically and an account of their particular problems in a male-dominated world, plus a chronology of noted English and American writers, Diana Gleasner has created a delightful book thta promises inspiration to all writers-- male and female, published and unpublished.
Bride & Prejudice

Bride & Prejudice

A clash of cultures in the spirit of My Big Fat Greek Wedding, this modern musical retelling of Jane Austen's classic Pride And Prejudice is a hilariously entertaining tale of one girl's search for love! Sparks immediately fly as a love/hate relationship ignites between a small-town beauty and a wealthy American who's visiting her modest Indian village! In a swirl of music, dance and comic misunderstandings, these opposites continue to attract and repel one another in a riotous romance that spans three continents!
Bringing Women into Management Francine E. Gordon Paperback 1975

Broken Feather Suzanne Stutman Hardcover 1996
Through the enchanted world of poetry and prose, Dr. Stutman takes us on a spine chilling journey from the burried depths of child abuse throught the labyrinth of rememberance to the dawn of healing.
Building Feminist Theory: Essays from Quest Quest: A Feminist Quarterly Softcover 1981

Business of Being Born Ricki Lake DVD

In 2001, actress Ricki Lake gave birth to her second child with the assistance of a midwife in her home bathtub. She made the choice for a home birth after she experienced unwanted medical interventions while delivering her first chiild at a hospital birthing center. Ricki succeeded in giving birth on her own terms and the experience was so unexpectedly empowering and life-changing that she felt every women should know what they could be missing out on.

Ricki approached film maker Abby Epstein to collaborate on a film that would examine birth culture in America, and ask questions about the way American women have babies.

Along the way, Epstien conducts interivews with a number of obstetricians, experts and advocates about the history, culture and economics of childbirth. The film's fundamental questions: should most births be viewed as a natural life process, or should every delivery be treated as a potential medical emergency?
Calamity Jane's Letters to Her Dughter Jane Cannary Hickok Softcover 1976

Canadian Journal of Women and the Law

Articles include:
Backlash against feminism: canadian custody and access reform debates of the late twentieth century

transgendered persons and feminist strategy
Career and Motherhood: Struggles for a New Identity Alan Roland Hardcover 1979

Carry Nation: The Woman with the Hatchet Herbert Asbury Hardcover 1929

Cartooning for Suffrage Alice Sheppard Hardcover 1994
As American editorial cartooning becomes more and more irrelevant, Alice Sheppard's fine book shows what a powerful tool this once popular medium can be. For ten brief years starting around 1910, dozens of women came out of nowhere and began cartooning for the womens' right to vote. Two or three like Rose O'Neil were well known as illustrators but most of the others picked up their pens simply to fight for what they thought was justice. Imagine! They won no prizes. No reprints in Newsweek. No 401K plans through their newspapers' corporate pension plans. Their only prize was the 19th Amendment. Sheppard does a great job of exhuming the stories of these funny, talented, now mostly forgotten cartoonists.
Catharine Beecher: A Study in American Domesticity Kathryn Kish Sklar Paperback 1973

Celebrating 20 years of NOW

Video about the National Organization of Women (NOW).
Century of Women II: Sexuality TBS

Part of TBS mini-series dealing with role of women in the last century.
Century of Women III: Vultural images - TBS

Part of TBS mini-series dealing with role of women in the last century.
Century of Women:Women and Work - TBS

Part of TBS mini-series dealing with role on women in the last century.
Changing Liv Ullmann Paperback 1947

Changing Women in a Changing Society Joan Huber Softcover 1973

Checks and Balances: Welfare Reform - Dateline

Dateline special dealing with Welfare reform in the U.S.

Chemical Dependency: Women at Risk Brenda L. Underhill
I am truly honored to have been asked to write the foreword for this special volume on women. The articles in this publication are written by women who have dedicated their lives to improving the quality and availability of alcoholism and drug addictions treatment for women in the United States. As I read the work presented here, I was reminded of the power, richness and diversity that is characteristic of the hundreds of advocates for women's services I have gotten to know and love over the past twenty years. The range of issues covered, from treating chamically dependent lesbians and bisexual women, to using the relational model as a context for treatment, to the role of culture in treatment services and treatment effectiveness, reflect incredible progress and advancements in our understanding of successflul therapeutic models that assist women with alcoholism and drug addictions to begin and sustain recovery. It is wonderful to have this opportunity to read the work in this volume and reflect on our progress, especially at a time when so many of the gains we have made in treating women are threatened.
Twenty-five years ago, there was almost no gender specific treatment in this country. In fact, if you suggested that women might require services that were different from men, you were often ridiculed and isolated as a crazy fringe element. THis is obvioulsy no longer the case. While the stigma associated with alcoholism and drug addiction among women has not evaporated, even among treatment professionals in the field, the times are radically different.
Today, there are hundred of programs for women across the country. Many of these programs are providing the comprehensive and gender specific services for women, their partners, adn their families. Programs are providing treatment by and for women in loving supportive enviroments where women can get clean and sober, deal with the toll addiction has taken, and rebuild healthy and meaningful lives.
The articles in this collection reflect how much we have learned. We have learned how to break down the barriers that stand in the way of women entering treatment and know what the treatment experience must include once a woman gets there. We have learned that many women enter treatment with long and devastating histories of sexual and physical abuse and need support in integreating these past experiences in order to stay clean and sober. We have learned that culture does make a difference in how women internalize their feelings about addiction and what they need to move forward. We have adopted the work of leading feminist thinkers, especially from the Stone Center at Wellesley College where the relational model discussed in a number of articles her first originated. In short, we have changed the nature of addictions treatment by pushing the boundaries of conventional wisdom and trusitn our instincts about the power of trust, identity, and relationships.
The success of these efforts is reflected throughout the writings in this volume. Each article provides some of the best thinki g about the challenges of designing and implementing gender specific and culturally relevant treatment.
Childbirth Wisdom from the World's Oldest Societies Judith Goldsmith Hardcover 1984
"Childbirth WIsdom" will fascinate both the layperson and the professional. THe author's observations- on such topics as diet and prenatal care, midwifery, massage during delivery, birth position, and breast feeding-- are certain to affect permanently the way we all view pregnancy and childbirth, and add a new dimension to the theories of Lamaze and Leboyer.
Children of Battered Women Peter G. Jaffe Softcover 1990
Journal about Develpmental Clinical Psychology and Psychiatry
Choices Liv Ullmann Hardcover 1984

Chopin, Kate and Mary Sarton

Biographical film of two famous women authors, Kate Chopin and Mary Sarton.
Circle, The

A woman gives birth to a baby girl. Little does she know, but she and her daughter are already unwanted. Three women are released from prison and their need for money leads them to take desperate measures. An unmarried woman seeking an abortion is rejected from her father's house by the violent threats of her brothers. Their crimes are vague, their guilt or innocence is unimportant. Their paths cross, the suspense of their intrigues heightens. Their plights are often too tragically similar. Their world is one of constant surveillance, bureaucracy and age-old inequalities. But this stifling world cannot extinguish the spirit, strength and courage of the circle of women.
Claiming an Identity They Taught Me to Despise Michelle Cliff Softcover 1980

Class and Feminism Charlotte Bunch Softcover 1974
This book examines how class differences affect women in the women's movement. Written by members of "THe Furies" each article synthesizes both a political and personal view of how class has functioned in the author's own experience. This book, therefore, brings the personal dymanics of class conflict together with an overall political analysis that is unique in discussions of class in the women's movement.
Class Dismissed

Closer to the Ground: Women's Classes, Criticism, Programs-1972 Nancy Hoffman Softcover 1972

CNN Presents: Beneath the Veil

Ever since the Taliban took control of most of Afghanistan in 1996, the group has imposed its harsh version of Islamic law on the country. In "Beneath the Veil," journalist Saira Shah traveled to Afghanistan to see the effects of the Taliban's rule on her father's homeland. She discovered public executions, allegations of human rights violations like massacres and torture, and a place where women are forced to beg because they are prevented from working. But she also found that the first voices of protest come from the most repressed, including an opposition group that uses hidden cameras to film the executions.

Codependents' Guide to the Twelve Steps: How to Find the Right Program for you and Apply each of the Twelve Steps to your own Issues Melody Beattie Paperback 1990

Cold Running Creek Zelda Lockhart Hardcover 2007

Colonel Kammermeyer Story, The

Glen Close stars in this film portraying the real life story of Colonel Kammermeyer and her battle to fight against discrimination in the military as a lesbian woman herself.

Coming of Age in Samoa: The Classic Study of Primitive Youth Margaret Mead Paperback 1961

Common Differences: Conflicts in Black and White Feminist Perspectives Gloria I Joseph Paperback 1981

Community Activism and Feminist Politics: Organizing Across Race, Class and Gender Nancy A Naples Softcover 1998

Complaints and Disorders: The Sexual Politics of Sickness Barbara Ehrenreich Softcover 1973

Confessions of a Pretty Lady Sandra Bernhard Hardcover 1988

Conjugal Crime Terry Davidson Hardcover 1978
Understanding and changing the wifebeating pattern.
Conspiracy of Scilence Sandra Butler Paperback 1978
ABout the trauma of incest.
Constance de Markievicz Jacqueline Van Voris Paperback 1972

Cracking the Code: Political Intelligence for Women Running for Governor The Barbara Lee Family Foundation Softcover 2004

Cracking the Glass Sliper: PEER's Guide to Ending Sex Bias in Your Schools PeER, NOW Legal Defense and Education Fund Softcover 1977

Creation Communities that Work

Communities across the United States are developing sustainable development strategies, by which they incorporate economic development approaches to benefit the local environment and the quality of life. This video highlights several success stories: a community development effort in Davis, California; a community planning process to re-site the town of Pattonsburg, Missouri after severe flooding; efforts to revitalize Portland, Oregon, and; a community-based project to develop green spaces in New York City.
Critical Review Vo. 11 No. 4 Pratap B. Mehta Journal 1997
Pluralism or Relativism?

John Gray's Pluralism

Gray's Pluralism vs. Berlin's

Frank Knight's Pluralism

Was Nietzsche a Postmoderinist?

Wittgenstein vs. Rorty

Hayek on Social Justice

Cruel & Unusual Baus, Janet DVD 2006 Prison
Sexual Violence
Protective Custody
Solitary Confinement
Hormone Therapy
Family Issues
Legal Cases
After arrest, no matter the crime, countless transgender women are incarcerated in men's prisons across the United States. These transwomen are denied medical and psychological care as well as the hormone therapy that keeps their system regulated. While painfully struggling against sudden chemical deficiency, these are often victims of heinous crimes committed by the general prison populations and prison staff including assault, rape, and murder. Cruel and Unusual is an often unsettling documentary that candidly presents the challenges and inhumane tratment faced by these women.
Crystal Eastman on Women and Revolution Blanche Weisen Cook Softcover 1978
Biography on Crystal Eastman
Culture as Art:The Flapper

Film dealing with the history of flappers.
Current Galway, Ireland literature - 2007 Various Authors Various 2007
Publications include the following:

Domestic Violence: Could YOU be at Risk?
Waterside House Refuge, Galway

Minceirs Tairing, Travelers Talking: A Collection of Poetry and Prose
GTSG Writers Group

Women & Men in Ireland: Facts and Figures
NDP gender equality unit

Living to Tell the Tale...as told by survivors of domestic violence.
Women united for and end to violence - 2004

Guidelines for Professionals: Providing Services to Women & Children who are Experiencing Violence.
Galway Mayo Roscommon

Travelers & Traveller Women - An Input
Ciara Shanahan & Ann Parie Stokes
Galway Traveller Movement

Violence Against Women: An Issue of Gender
Cork Domestic Violence Project

Child Custody and Access in the Context of Domestic Violence: Women's Experiences and the Response of the Legal System
Women's Aid 2003

Towards a Community Response to Domestic Violence
Tuam Community Development Resource Centre with Liz Power

Towards a Common European Framework to Monitor Progress in Combatting Violence Against Women

Women, Violence and Poverty in the West of Ireland: exploring Economic Abuse

National Women's Strategy 2007 - 2016: Women in Ireland
Department of Justice, Equality and Law Reform

Cut From Different Cloth: Burgas and Beliefs

In 2005 documentary filmmakers Cliff Orloff and Olga Shalygin returned to Afghanistan's northern city of Mazar-i-Sharif for the third time since the fall of the Taliban in 2002. Despite a growing network of Afghan friends and colleagues from their two prior visits, they had been restricted in their ability to meet freely with Afghan women. The all-covering burqa, the high walled living compounds and cultural restrictions on women limited their access. Olga, a Pulitzer Prize winning photojournalist, was puzzled why virtually all the Afghan women she saw still wore the burqa#even though a new constitution was adopted that granted women equal rights with men. This time Olga brought her 27 year old stepdaughter. Serena lived for a month as an Afghan with Hasina, a 27 year old Afghan woman and her family. Serena became the eyes and ears of the filmmakers. Together Serena, Hasina and Olga set out on a journey to learn what it means to be a woman in today's Afghanistan. In the process they confront their own conflicts with the culture and traditions.

Daddy's Girl: An Incest Survivor's Story Judy Freespirit Softcover 1982
About a women who survived sexual abuse from her father.
Dance While You Can Shirley MacLaine Softcover 1988
Shirly's memoir on relationships feelings and family.
Daring to Resist

Three Jewish women reflect on their lives as teenagers in Holland, Hungary and Poland during World War II when they refused to remain passive in the face of the Holocaust. Home movies and never-before-published photographs enrich their stories of resisting in courageous and unexpected ways.
Date Rap: A VIolation of Trust

Date Rape Backlash, The

How did date rape shift from a "shockingly frequent... outrage," as Newsweek once called it, to a controversy over "crying rape," as New York magazine later labeled it? Susan Faludi, bell hooks, Mary Koss, Katha Pollitt, Neil Malamuth, and others, analyze a classical case study in media "backlash."
Daughter of Earth and Water Noel B. Gerson Hardcover 1973
A Biography of Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley.
Daughter of Suicide

Opening a box of old family pictures, layering them into a collage of depression, suicide, and guilt, filmmaker Dempsey Rice tells the extremely intimate story of her mother's life and eventual suicide. Her mother Bonnie appeared to live a typical American life, for most of which she maintained the fašade of perfect daughter, wife, and mother. But she battled depression her whole life. Her suicide forces her family to reflect on their shared lives through the kaleidoscope of her final action, searching for a cause that can allow them to understand and to make peace. Throughout, the filmmaker tries to rationalize an irrational act and to find a way to forgive her mother. DAUGHTER OF SUICIDE is a deeply moving, impressionistic documentary that shares the inner thoughts and feelings of a family's personal tragedy.
Daughters of the Dust

A film of spellbinding visual beauty and brilliant resonant performances, Julie Dash's Daughter of the Dust has become a landmark of independent film. With great lyricism, Daughters tells the story of a large African-American family as they prepare to move North at the dawn of the 20th century. Using this simple tale, the film brings to life the changing values, conflicts and struggles that confront every family as they leave their homeland for the promise of a better future. In addition to this emotionally charged epic drama, Daughters explores the unique culture of the Gullah people, descendants of slaves who lived in relative isolation on the Sea Islands off the Georgia coast. As the generations struggle with the decision to leave, their rich Gullah heritage and African roots rise to the surface. Amongst a score of extraordinary performances are Cora Lee Day as Nana, the matriarch of the Peazant clan, Alva Rogers as Eula, who has been raped by a white landowner, and Barbara-O as Yellow Mary, a woman of the world who returned home "ruint" from Cuban.
Dauntless Women in Childhood Education 1856-1931 Agnes Snyder Softcover 1972

Dawns and Dusks Louise Nevelson Hardcover 1976

Day Break Joan Beaz Paperback 1966

DDT and Breast Cancer- Primetime

Primetime special focusing on the effects of DDT on Breast Cancer.
Dear Lisa

Dear Lisa
On July 29, 1994, Tom Santoro's 18 year old daughter, Lisa, was murdered by her ex-boyfriend. He experienced one of life's hardest lessons. Since then, Tom has committed to helping to stop dating violence. He brings a Life lessons program to students, parents and teachers. What are the warning signs? How can you tell if your date or significant other is abusive? Can you detect abuse from outside a relationship? Can you intervene? How? What can law enforcement do? Tom relates the lessons he has learned, with hopes that Lisa's death will serve as a cautionary message for others.
Defending our Lives

Defending Our Lives is a recent Oscar# winning documentary about the magnitude and severity of domestic violence in this country. This educational video features four women imprisoned for killing their batterers and their terrifying personal testimonies.
DES Daughter: A True Story of Tragedy and Triumph, The Joyce Bichler Story Joyce Bichler Paperback 1981

Destabilizing Theory Michele Barrett Softcover 1992
This book explores these developments in a set of specifically commissioned essays by feminist theorists. Does this change the amount to a real shift within the feminist theory, or will feminist's link with an emancipatory moderism reinstate an older political agenda? Can we transcend the common counterpostion of equlaity and difference, or is feminism condemmed to argue within the terms of binary opposition?
Devine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood

Siddalee, a famous New York playwright, is quoted in Time magazine and infuriates her dramatic, Southern mother. A long-distant fight wages until her mother's friends (and members of the Yaya Sisterhood) kidnap Siddalee and take her "home" to the South, where they hope to explain her mother's history and to patch up the rift between mother and daughter.
Dick and Jane as Victims: Sex Stereotypes in Children's Readers Judith A. Green

Dick and Jane as Victims: Sex Stereotyping in Children's Readers Women on Words and Images Softcover 1975

Different But Equal (PBS)

Film dealing with racism at Dartmouth College.
Discovering Women: Physicist, Biochemist

Focuses on women in the roles of physicist and biochemist.
Discovering Women: Physicist, Biochemist, Plate Tectonics, Archeologists

Focuses on women in these professional roles.

Discovering Women: Plate Tectonics, Archeologist

Focuses on women in the roles of plate tectonics scientist and archeologist.
Discovering Women: Silicon Chip-Brain Function; DNA splicing Brain Function

Focuses on women in science.
Disorderly Conduct: Visions of Gender in Victorian America Caroll Smith-Rosenberg Softcover 1985
Focusing on the "disordely conduct" women and some men used to break loose of the Victorian Era's rigid class and sex roles, it examines the dramatic changes in male-female realtions, family structures, sex, social customs, and rituals that occured as American transformed by rapid industrialization.
Disputed Essays on Psychoanalysis, Subjects Politics and Philosophy Jane Flax Softcover 1993
Incorporating autobiography as well as reflections on relations between mothers and daughters, pshychoanalysis, feminist theorizing, race, and modernist political theories and philosophies, reowned feminists theorist Jane Flax brings together eight of her most recent essays in "Disputed Subjects"
Diversity and Oppression and Social Functioning: Person-In-Environment Assesment and Intervention George A. Appleby Paperback 2001
Social Work with minorities

Person-in-environment system
Diversity Perspectives for Social Work Practice Joseph Anderson Paperback 2003
This book examines the prevailing theoretical frameworks for viewing diversity in social work practice and helps students develop competencies for work with and on behalf of diverse populations
Doris Lessing Lorna Sage Paperback 1983

Dreams of a Woman Sheila Moon Softcover 1983
autobiography that shares her notes, journal entriesand dream analyses to reval the daily struggle with consciousness and growth.
Dreams Of Trespass: Tales of a Harlem Girlhood Fatima Mernissi Paperback 1994

Dreamworlds (2 copies)

Using scenes from rock videos featuring Van Halen, Tone Loc, Robert Palmer, David Lee Roth and others to show the depiction of women as sexual objects. It raises questions at whom the videos are aimed -- apparently adolescent males. The program has the following segments: The women of Dreamworld: Behavior/Activities/Roles [woman as nymph and sexual aggressors. Ways of Looking: The Gaze of Objectification. How the camera looks at women in the "dreamworld." Women as object of the camera--images showing women wanted to be watch. What's Wrong with a Little Sexual Violence? -- Once images become objects what happens to interpretations of their display? Consequences: Images in the "Real World" [system of images -- what the context of the images in rock videos mean. What are the consequences of these images on sexual inter-action -- what values are affected or given justification? Rape and sexual violence statistics are highlighted in the last segment of the film.

Dreamworlds 3
DVD 2007 Desire in Music Video
Sex in Music Video
Power in Music Video
cultural attitudes toward femininity, masculinity, sexuality
Desire Sex and power in music video
Dying to be Thin NOVA

The film examines a disturbing increase in the prevalence of debilitating and sometimes life-threatening eating disorders, particularly anorexia and bulimia.
Ecofeminism Now

Bringing together insights from women's activism and experience, Ecofeminism offers a critique of social and environmental problems along with a reconstructive vision for the future.
Edge of Eachothers Battles: The Vision of Audre Lorde

Ten years in the making, The Edge of Each Others Battles is a remarkable and lovingly crafted film that celebrates Audre Lorde. Lorde, the unique black lesbian feminist, stood at the apex of many social movements. Though she eventually succumbed to her 14-year battle with breast and liver cancer, Lorde's legacy lives on. She brought art and philosophy to activism, just as she brought activism to all other endeavors, including that as New York State Poet Laureate.
Education of a Princess Marie Grand Duchess of Russia Hardcover 1930

Effective communication Strategies: Bridging the Gender Gap

Deals with effective communication strategies between men and women.
Eighty Years and More: Reminiscences 1815-1897 Elizabeth Cady Stanton Paperback 1971

Eighty Years and More: Reminiscences 1815-1897 Elizabeth Cady Stanton Paperback 1971

Elanor Marx Vol. 1 (2 copies) Yvonne Kapp Hardcover 1973
first of a 2 volume biography and is the narrative itself of elanors life as a child a schoolgirl and a young woman up to and throughout the year of her fathers death in 1883.
Elanor Marx Vol. 2 Yvonne Kapp Softcover

Volume 2 opens with Elanors commonlaw union with Edward Aveling in 1884 and concludes in 1898 when she committed suicide at the age of 43.
Eleanor Roosevelt - PBS

PBS documentary about the life of Eleanor Roosevelt.

Eleanor Roosevelt: The American Experience

Eleanor Roosevelt struggled to overcome an unhappy childhood, betrayal in her marriage, a controlling mother-in-law, and gripping depressions-all the while staying true to her passion for social justice. This biography includes rare home movies, contemporary footage, and reflections from Eleanor's closest surviving relatives, as well as biographers Blanche Wiesen Cook, Allida Black, and Geoffrey C. Ward, bringing to vibrant life one of the century's most influential women.
Elizabeth Cady Stanton Lois W. Banner Paperback 1980

Eminent Victorian Women Elizabeth Longford Hardcover 1981

Ending Welfare as We Know it

This PBS special follows six families depending on welfare to survive and find out what happens when that money is gone.

Engagin With Irigaray Carolyn Burke Softcover

Engendered Lives: A New Psychology of Women's Experience Ellyn Kaschak Softcover 1992
A noted feminist psychologist takes a fascinating lookat the lived and ordinary experience of women to present the first psychology of women that intergrates all aspects of experincem from the physical to the sociocultural.
Engendering the State: Family, Work and Welfare in Canada Nancy Christie Softcover 2000

Enterprising Women Caroline Bird Hardcover 1976

Enterprising Women Caroline Bird Paperback 1976

Essays in Feminism Vivian Gornick Hardcover 1976
essays on diverse topics first appeared in the Village Voice during the past eight years; gathered under the rubric of feminism, they make up an impressive collection.
Every Woman Has a Right to Know the Dangers of Legal Abortion Ann Saltenberger Paperback 1975

Everything a Woman Needs to Know to Get Paid What She's Worth Caroline Bird Paperback 1973

Everywoman's Guide to Colleges and Universities: An Educational Project of the Feminist Press Florence Howe Softcover 1982

Exile in the Primise Land Marcia Freedman Softcover 1990
A lively first person account of her fourteen years in israel, the story of a modern jewish woman's longing to be at home in the homeland of the jews.
Existential Phenomenology andn the World of Ordinary Experience Paul T. Brockelman Softcover 1980

Existential Philosophy: An Introduction L. Nathan Oaklander Softcover 1992

Existentialist Philosophy L. Nathan Oaklander Softcover 1992

Experiencing Race, Class and Gender in the United States Virginia Cyrus Softcover 1993

Extracted from: The Crtitque of War Robert Ginsberg Softcover

Faces of Poverty: Portraits of women and children on welfare Jill Duerr Berrick Paperback
Poor Women
Poor Children
Welfar recipients
Public Welfare
Case Studies
This book dispels the misconceptions and myths about welfare and the welfare population that have clouded the true picture of poverty in America.
Failing at Fairness: How America's Schools Cheat Girls Myra and David Sadker Hardcover
Sex discrimination in education
sexism in education
women in education
This book is a powerful indictment of sexism in America's Classrooms. THe findings from twenty years of research by two of America's most distinguished social scientists show that gender bias in our schools makes it impossible for girls to receive and education equal to boys'. Girls are systematically denied opportunities in areas where boys are encouraged to excel, often by well-meaning teachers who are unaware that they are transmitting sexist values. Girls are taught to speak quietly, to defer to boys, to avoid math and science, and to value neatness over innovation, appearance over intelligence. In the early grades girls, brimming with intelligence and potential, routinely outperform boys on achievement tests, but by the time they graduate from high school they lag far behind boys--a process of degeneration that continues into adulthood. By the time girls enter the working world, the damage has been done. Out daughters, tomorrow's women, learn that to be female is to be passive and deferential; We have, effectively, made girls second-class citizens in a world whose survival will depend on their contributions. The implications are devastating: If the cure for cancer is incubating in the mind of one of our daughters, we may never find it. The authors have produced a comprehensive, compelling, and essential resource, "a truly optimistic book, testament to the resilience of the human psyche and the power of education to create space for personal and intellectual growth."
Family Violence Across the Lifespan: An Introduction Ola Barnett Paperback 2005
Family Violence Across the Lifespan, Second Edition helps students achieve a deeper understanding of the methodology, etiology, prevalance, treatment, and prevention of family violence. Research from experts in the fields of psychology, sociology, criminology, and social welfare is woven together to provide broad coverage of current viewpoints and debates within the field of domestic violence study
Fear That Binds us, The / Anush 87 / Strangers in the garden (2 Copies)

Overview of Domestic violence in rural areas made in the 1980s.

Female Space/ Sprouts by Dena Armson

Feminine Sexuality Juliet Mitchell Hardcover 1982
This book presents articles on feminine sexuality by Lacan and member of the Ecole Freudienne, the school of psychoananlysis that Lacan directed in Paris from 1964 to 1980.
The question of feminine sexuality has divided the psychoanalytic movement since the 1920s. Despite thier opposition o each other, contemporary psychanalysis and feminsim both reject phallocentrism.
Feminism & Psychology Volume 14 Number 3 Sue Wilkinsom book August 2004
Articles includethe following:

Troubling Girls

Securing Her Experience: Friendship versus Popularity

Girls on Girls: Tensions and Anxieties in Research with Girls

Glares of Contempt, Eye Rolls of Disgust, and Turning Away to
Exclude: Non-verbal Forms of Social Aggression among Girls

Sexual Tensions in Girls' Friendships

African-American-White Girls' Friendships

The Interpaly of Leadership and Friendship in the Young Women's Leadership Alliance

The 'Mean Girl' Crisis: Problematizing Representations of Girls' Friendships
Feminism and Psychology
Softcover Feb 2006

Feminism and The Self: The Web of Idenity Morwenna Griffiths Softcover 1995
What does the politics of the self mean for a politics of liberation? Morweena Griffths argues that mainstream philosophy, particularly the Anglo-analytic tradition, needs to tackle the issues of the self, idenity, autonomy, and self-creation. Although identity has been central concern of feminist thought it has been excluded from philisophical analysis.
Feminism as Therapy Alice Vesel Mander Softcover 1974
This book is about the work of other women in women's conciousness raising, and about using the concepts of feminism as the philisophical base for a new psychology theory/ practice.
Feminisms and the Self Morwenna Griffiths Softcover 1995

Feminisms and the Self Morwenna Griffiths Softcover 1995
Feminisms and the Self is both a critique and a construction of feminist philosophy, bringing an original contribution to the current debate surrounding identity and subjectivity.
Feminist Activism in the 1990s Gloria Griffin Softcover 1995
Feminist Activism is often taught as a historical phenomenon, and many students entering courses on women's studies are not familiar with current feminist work in the field. This unique volume documents a wide variety of contemporary women's campaigns, feminist organizations, women's critiques of current social and political concerns for women....
Feminist Approaches to Science Ruth Bleier Paperback 1986

Feminist Chronicles: 1953-1993
Feminism--History This book revisits the last four decades of American current affairs--this time from a woman's perspective. The authors' annual accounting of feminist gains and setbacks proves clearly that women's struggle for an equal footing--and our culture's resistance to that struggle--is not a sometime occurrence, but a year-in, year-out battle.
Feminist Collections Vol. 28 No. 2
Softcover Winter 2007
From Girl Power to Empowerment: The Theory, Pedagogy, and practice of Girls' Film.

E-Sources on Women and Gender

New Refrence Works in Womens Studies
Feminist Collections: A Quarterly of Women's Studies Resources University of Wisconsin System Softcover 2006

Feminist Education Barbara Hillyer Davis Softcover 1985

Feminist Frameworks Third Edition Allison M. Jaggar Softcover 1993
Provides just the kind of comprehensive critical examination of the major traditions in feminist theory that students need
Feminist Frontiers Laurel Richardson Softcover 2001

Feminist Frontiers II: Rethinking Sex, Gender, and Society Laurel Richardson Softcover 1989

Feminist Interpretations and Political Theory Mary Lyndon Shanley Softcover 1991
This volume brings together exciting and provacative new feminist readings of famous classic and contemporary texts from Plato to Habermas. The collection also includes examinations of the writings of Mary Wollstonecraft and Simone de Beauvoir that are usually excluded from the works conventionaly held to comprise "Western political thought". The essays raise fundamentally important questions about the signifigance of sexual difference in the great works of political theory and draw attention to neglected arguments and silences in the texts....
Feminist Legan Theory Katharine T. Bartlett Softcover 1991

Feminist Periodicals
Softcover Winter 2007

Feminist Periodicals Volume 26, Numbers 2&3 University of Wisconsin System Periodical 2006
Current Feminist Periodicals Available
Feminist Perspectives on Eating Disorders Patricia Fallon Hardcover 1994

Feminist Teacher Volume 14, #3 UW-Eau Claire Softcover 2003
Articles include the following:

White Girl Watching: Reading Eye to Eye

Teaching about Interlocking Oppressions: The Case of HIV and Women

Identities of Race, Class, and Gender Inside and Outside the Math Classroom: A Girl's Math Club as a Hybrid Possibility

Marketing and Teaching a Women's Literature Course to Culturally Conservative Students

Feminist and Queer Values in the Southern Conservative Christian Classroom: The Case of Jane Austen's Emma

Book Reviews
Feminist Teacher Vol 13, Issue 1
Softcover 2000

Feminist Teacher Volume 13, #2 University of Wisconsin Eau Claire Periodical 2001
Articles include the following:

Student Resistance in Nationalism in the Classroom: Some Reflections on Globalizing the Curriculum

FemiQueer PedagogieS: "Lesbian/Gay" Studies in Postmodern Women's Studies by K.L. Broad and Mary K. Bloodsworth

Teaching as Activism and Excuse A Reconsideration of the Theory-Practice Dichotomy

Student Perceptions of Gender in the Curriculum: The Effects of the MWC Race and Gender Requirement

Slingshot or Popgun? And the Goose and Gander Problem: Short-Term Achievement Effects of Single-Sex Math Classes in a Coeducational Middle School

Book Reviews
Feminist Teacher Volume 13, #3 University of Wisconsin Eau Claire Paperback 2001
Articles include the following:

Sexual Discrimination and Women's Retention Rates in Science and Engineering Programs

Mutating "Virology": How Far to Feminist?

Rewriting Gendered Scripts: Using Forum Theatre to Teach Feminist Agency

Women's Lib", Gender Theory, and the Politics of Home: How I Became a Black Male Feminist

Surveying Feminist Pedagogy: A Measurement, an Evaluation, and an Affirmation

Book Reviews
Feminist Teacher Volume 14, #2 University of Wisconsin Eau Claire Periodical 2002
Articles include the following:

Sexual Discrimination and Women's Retention Rates in Science and Engineering Programs

Mutating "Virology": How Far to Feminist?

Rewriting Gendered Scripts: Using Forum Theatre
Feminist Theory Josephine Dononan Softcover 1985
This is the first major study on the subject-- a comprhensive survey and analysis of the roots and developemnt of American feminist theory.
The author shows how the ideas of the first major feminist theorists-- Mary Wollstonecraft, Frances Wright, Sarah Grimke-- were shped by the Vewtonian world view of the Enlightenment. The nineteenth century saw feminism becoming involved with larger social issues. Most importantly for a fuller understanding of the works of feminists from the 1960's to the present, Professor Donovan underscores how profoundly the ideas of Freud, Marz and the Existentailists changed feminists' awareness of the societal forces that keep women oppressed.
Feminist Thoery: A Critique of Ideology Nannerl O. Keohane Softcover 1982
This books meets the challenge. Collected from several issues of "Sigen- Journals of Women in Culture and Society," these essays explore the relationships between objectivity and masculinity, between psychology and political theory, and between family and state. In pursuing these critical exploration,a nd contributors- liberal, Marxist, socialist, and radical feminists- examine the foundations of power, of sexuality, of language, and of scientific thought.
Feminist Thought: A Comprehensive Introduction Rosemarie Tong Softcover 1989
An important new survey of feminist theory, Rosemaire Tong has produced the first text to do justice to the variety and richness of contemporary feminist thought. In addition to providing up to date coverage of Anglo- American traditions, she covers the increasing importatnt perspectives of the psychoanalytic, existential, and postmodern schools of feminism.
Feminists Teaching in Theory & Practice: Situating Power & Knowledge in Poststructural Classrooms Becky Ropers-Huilman Softcover

Reminds us that there is no more critical ussue in curriculum today than thinking through our theories of teaching. The book is not about treaching in theory, mind you, but eaching as the deliberate and thoughtufl pracitce of a theory.
Feminsm and Psychoanalytic Theory Nancy J. Chodorow Softcover 1989
In this important book, a leading theorist traces the development of her views on the psychodynamic and the culutre of gender, drawing on her understanding of psychoanalysis as well as her background in sociology and anthropology. In a series of provocative essays, Nancy elucidates how the unconsious awareness of self and gender we develop from the earlist infancy continues to shape both our experiences as amen and women and the patterens of inequality and difference that permeate our society and culture.
Femisnism & Psychology Volume 16, #1 Sue Wilkenson ed. Softcover February 2006
Articles include the following:

Feminism Without Borders: Exploring the Relationships Between Feminist and Political Psychology

Political Psychology and the Insistence of Feminism

Some 'Latin Women Activists' Accounts: Reflections on Political Research

Examining Gender Gaps in Sociopolitical Attitudes: It's Not Mars and Venus

Men as Individuals, Women as a Sexed Category: Implications of Symbolic Asymmetry for Feminist Practice and Feminist Psychology

Gender, Nationalism and Ethnic Difference: Feminist Politics and Political Psychology?

Identity and Social Change: Contextualizing Agency

What Feminist and Political Psychologists Can Lear from Each Other: The Case of Authoritarianism

Feminism and Identity in Political Psychology

Exploring Activism and Change: Feminist Psychology, Liberation Psychology, Political Psychology

Breaking Alignments between 'the Personal' and 'the Individual': What Can Psychology do for Feminist Politics?

Film Video
Softcover 1983
A feminist publication on art and politics.
Fire in the Rain...Singer in the Storm Holly Near Hardcover 1990

Five Girls

5 Girls is a documentary portrait of five Chicago-area girls. Finitzo and her crew spent three years with this diverse group of young women and their families, delving into their inner concerns and social realities. The film weaves together the stories and personalities of the girls, following them as they make their way through high school, examining their relationships, expectations and goals, as well as those of their parents.
Flappers: The Birth of 20th Century Women

Film deals with history and importance of flappers.

Flickering Clusters: Women, Science and Collaborative Transformations Cheryl Ney Softcover 2001

Flowering of the Cumberland Harriette Simpson Arnow Paperback
frontier and pioneer life
cumberland river valley--history
cumberland river valley--social life and customs
A companion volume to Harriette Arnow's earlier book on the settlement of the Cumberland valley. It covers the same period of time, 1780-1803, and many of the settlers from the first book reappear here. Their sturggle for simple physical survival is still much in evidence. Yet in the main we see in Flowering the pioneer as a social being, for along with their log houses these settlers were building a culture and a society that would in time influence much of the american southwest. With the same loving detail that characterized the earlier book Harriette Arnow here tells the fascinating story of how British colonials moving across the mountains from the coast became Americans.
Food Fight

Evelyn Couch is having trouble in her marriage, and no one seems to take her seriously. While in a nursing home visiting relatives, she meets Ninny Threadgoode, an outgoing old woman, who tells her the story of Idgie Threadgoode, a young woman in 1920's Alabama. Through Idgie's inspiring life, Evelyn learns to be more assertive and builds a lasting friendship of her own with Ninny.
Fried Green Tomatoes
Food for our Grandmothers Joanna Kadi Softcover 1994
Adding to the literature on multiculturalism, this collection of essays, poems, and recipes highlights some of the experiences and attitudes of North American women of Arab descent. The contributors share strong nationalist sentiments about their root countries (primarily Lebanon and Palestine), rail against the bigotry and ignorance encountered by their families in North America, and uniformly denounce the Gulf War. While they fondly refer to their "sittees" (grandmothers) as the conduits of their ethnic heritage, they give few details of the culture itself. Since most of the writers are Christian, there is a lack of a Muslim viewpoint. Readers inspired to learn more or to explore their own Arab roots will find valuable the last section on other source material and contact organizations. Because of its fresh perspective, this work is a worthwhile purchase for any library.
Foolproof Birth Control: Male and Female Sterilization Lawrence Lader Hardcover 1972

Forgotten Promise: Race and Gneder Wars on a Small College Campus Gretchen von Loewe Kreuter Softcover

A memoir-frank, human, humorous-that reveals what it is like to head an American colege in the "culture-wars" era.
Fried Green Tomatoes (2 copies)

From the Center: feminist essays on women's art Lucy R. Lippard Paperback 1976
Book about the women's art movement
Fugative Information: Eassays from a Femininst Hothead Kay Leigh Hagan Softcover 1993
Wise reflections on contemporary sexual politics from a witty feminist hot head. Kay Leigh Hagan revitalizes the essential spirit of feminism with her writings on:

Codependency and the Myth of Recovery

The WIlderness of Intimacy: Control and Connection

Orchids on the Artic: The Predicament of Heterosexual Feminism

Heart Sisters: Loving each other over Time

Bitches from Hell: The Politics of Self Defense
Games Mother Never Taught You: Corporate Gamesmanship for Women Betty Lehan Harragan Paperback 1977

Gay Bashing/ 48 Hours and Women and Politics-PBS

48 episodes dealing with women in politics and gay bashing.
Gender Ivan Illich Paperback 1982

Gender Equality

Gender Equality or Bust! Mary Dee Wenniger Paperback
women college teachers
women and higher education
sex discrimination in education
women college administrators
leadership in women
Since 1992 women faculty and administrators have turned to women in higher education as their barometer of campus climate and survival guide to the topology of career advancement. Now, in this lively compendium of articles from newsletter's first eight years, editors of this book provide a wild ride across the turbulent gender equality landscape of American higher education. THey offer a broad view of the progress women have made toward achieving full and fair career recognition, and assess the distance that remains to be covered. Readers will appreciate the book's blend of serious commentary, sage advice, and healthy doses of wry humor, as well as successful strategies from women who have broken the academic glass ceiling and scaled campus career ladders.
Gender Images: Readings for Composition Melita Schaum Softcover 1992

Gender in Intimate Relationships: A Microstructural Approach Barbara J Risman Softcover 1989

Gender on Campus: Issues for College Women Sharon B Gmelch Hardcover 1998

Getting Free: A Handbook for Women in Abusive Relationships Ginny NiCarthy Paperback
Abused Wives
The author confirms what most of us in the battered women's movement have learned: that the battered woman is no different from the rest of us, that the plight of the battered woman magnifies what most women have experienced at some point in their lives. This book addresses everywoman who ever had any doubts about her self and her mission in life.
Getting Yours: How to Make the System Work for the Working Woman Letty Cottin Pogrebin Paperback 1975

GI Jane

When a crusading chairperson of the military budget committee pressures the would be Navy secretary to begin full gender integration of the service, he offers the chance for a test case for a female trainee in the elite Navy SEALS commando force. Lt. Jordan O'Niel is given the assignment, but no one expects her to succeed in an inhumanly punishing regime that has a standard 60% dropout rate for men. However, O'Niel is determined to prove everyone wrong.
Girl, Interrupted

Susanna is rushed to the hospital. Afterwards she discusses this with a psychiatrist. She had been having some delusions. She had also been having an affair with the husband of her parents' friend. The doctor suggests that combining a bottle of aspirin and a bottle of vodka was a suicide attempt. This she denies. He recommends a short period of rest at Claymoore. Claymoore is a private mental hospital full of noisy, crazy people. Georgina is a pathological liar. Polly has been badly scarred by fire. Daisy won't eat in the presence of other people. Lisa is a sociopath, the biggest exasperation for the staff - like Nurse Valerie - and the biggest influence on the other girls in the hospital. Lisa has a history of escapes, so gaining access to personal medical files is not a problem... Susanna's boyfriend Toby is concerned that she seems too comfortable living with her institutionalized friends.
Girls Can

A comprehensive look at the status of girls in the U.S. public education system. Explores conflicts between institutional expectations and the realities of student lives and discusses social, cultural, and community factors.

GIrls in the Middle

This intriguing report and companion video show how adolescent girls, regardless of their race, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, or region of the country, use a common set of behavioral strategies to meet the challenges of middle school. Girls try out these behaviors in a vital but often-misunderstood identity-making process, shifting strategies to fit changing circumstances. No single strategy works all the time, and all have risks.
Girls Like Us

Four years in the lives of four teenage girls from South Philadelphia: Raelene tackles parenting, Anna struggles with sexuality, De'Yona grapples with loss and Lisa wrestles with relationships.
Girls Wrestler

GIRL WRESTLER follows a year in the life of Tara Neal, a Texas teenager who rocks the establishment by insisting that girls and boys should be able to wrestle on the same mat. GIRL WRESTLER was filmed during a crucial period in Tara's wrestling career: the last year that she was allowed to wrestle boys under Texas state guidelines. In the United States, only Texas and Hawaii prohibit girls from wrestling boys in high school. Once she entered high school, Tara's opportunities to compete would disappear. Because so few girls choose to wrestle, and she wouldn't be allowed to wrestle boys, she would have no one to wrestle with at school. "If they make me stop wrestling boys," she says, "then I'm not going to get any competition because there aren't enough girls from Texas that are my age and weight.
Global Assembly Line

Traveling from Tennessee to Mexico's northern border, from Silicon Valley to the Philippines, The Global Assembly Line takes viewers inside our new global economy. A vivid portrayal of the lives of working women and men in the "free trade zones" of developing countries and North America, as U.S. industries close their factories to search the globe for lower-wage workforces. We take a rare look at the people who are making the clothing we wear and the electronics goods we use--as well as the business decisions behind manufacturing--on the global assembly line.
Gov and Acquittal of Battered Women WHo Kill Men

The film chronicles the lives of ordinary women as well as individuals such as Harriet Tubman, Elizabeth Keckley, Frances Willard and Abigail Scott Duniway through the great 19th century events: industrialization, abolition, the Civil War, westward movement, temperance and suffrage.
Growing Elmer H. Burack
Growing-- a practical guide for women wanting to advance in their careers but lcking the skills and knowledge to make it hapen.
Tells you how to:
-assess your values, skills, and style
-set goals
-design a realistic action plan
-develop skills to implement your plan

Also tells you how to let employers adnd associates help you build your career, negotiate for career progress, build a support network, reduce chances for failure, adn develop transferable skills for greater job mobility.
Growing Older Margaret Hellie Huyck
Human Developement Books is a series designed to bridge the gap between research and theory in the behavioral sciences and practical application by readers. Each book in the seriess deals with an issue important to the growth and developement of human beings, as individuals and in interactions with on another. At a tiem when the pressures and complexities of the world are making increased demands on people's ability to cope, there is a need for tools that can help individuals take a more active role in solvign their own problems and in living life more fully. Such information is not easily found or read by those without previous experience or familiarity with the vocabulary of a particular behavioral field. The books in this series were designed and executed to meet that purpose.
Growing Up Fast

This engrossing documentary follows six teen mothers through their last months of high school. It goes beyond explaining the difficulties of early parenthood to reveal the compassionate strength, resilience, spirit and above all else, self-awareness of these adolescents. Through their intimate stories, the program explores the emotions, relationships and psychological forces that leas to teen pregnancy. Assumptions about teen mothers are challenged as the girls support their families while simultaneously working to graduate from high school with the assistance of tutoring and daycare. Recognized by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences as an outstanding short documentary.
Growing up Female in America: Ten Lives Eve Merriam Softcover 1971
This multicultural anthology of excerpts from the journals, letters, and autobiographies of ten women portrays life as it was lived across America from the eighteenth to the early twentieth century.
Growing Up in New Guinea: A Comparative Study of Primitive Education Margaret Mead Paperback 1968

Guide to Nonsexist Language and Visuals Rhonda Lee Softcover 1985

Gun Women: Firearms and Feminism in Contemporary America Mary Zeiss Stange Hardcover 2000

Gyn Ecology: The Mathematics of radical feminism Mary Daly Softcover

Gyn/Ecology: The Metaethics of Radical Feminism Mary Daly Hardcover 1978

Having it All:Love, Success, Sex, Money, Even if you're starting with nothing... Helen Gurley Brown Hardcover
This book gives you the lowdown on everything from work to sex, from love to having a better body, from what to wear to how to get married and stay married, from your diet to your face (and how to make the most of it), and showing you how to have it all--men, money, success, fame... including, among over 200 separate topics.
He and She: How Children Develop Their Sex-Role Identity Jeanne Brooks-Gunn Paperback 1979

Heart on a Chain: The Truth about Dating Violence

The Truth about Dating Violence
Video dealing with dating violence
Hearts and Hands

The film chronicles the lives of ordinary women as well as individuals such as Harriet Tubman, Elizabeth Keckley, Frances Willard and Abigail Scott Duniway through the great 19th century events: industrialization, abolition, the Civil War, westward movement, temperance and suffrage.
Heidegger on Heraclitus: A New Reading Kenneth Maly Hardcover 1986

Heidegger on Heraculitus Kenneth Maly Hardcover

Helping Victims of Sexual Abuse Heitritter, Lynn book 2006 Sexually Abused
Sexually Abused Children
Adult Child Sexual Abuse
Sexual Abuse Victims
This solidly biblical and senstive resource is newly updated and full of helpful information and practical tools to help you minister to survivors of sexual abuse.

"Heitritter and Vought have done the Christian community an enormous service by demonstrating the extent of the problem in the local church and by providing practical, tested strategies for ministry with survivors. This should be required reading for pastors, lay leaders, and others who interact with victims of sexual abuse." Dale S. Ryan, Director, Fuller Institute for Recovery Ministry: CEO, Christian Recovery International

Her Honor The Judge Beverly B. Clopton Hardcover 1980
The story of Reva Beck Bosone
Heroes Growing Up Female and Strong

Helps girls examine their self-esteem and future choices, discover role models, and expand their ideas.
Heros and Their Own Lives: The Politics and History of Family Violence Linda Gordon Softcover 1988
History of family violnce from it's "discovery" in 1870 through the 1960s, is based in a new source for historians- the case records of social work agencies. As she investigates child abuse, child neglect, wife beating, and incest, Gordon show that it is no the existence of family violence that has changed, but society's attitude towards it. In addition, she allows the poignant case histories to speak for themselves.
Hidden In The HOusehold Bonnie Fox

Hillbilly Women Kathy Kahn Softcover 1972

History of Ideas on Woman Rosemary Agonito Hardcover 1977 Philosophy and feminism A collection of philosophical articles about women.
Homeless to Harvard: True Story Based on Liz Murray

A group of inner city high school students from New York is visiting the campus of Harvard University. One of the students is homeless Liz Murray and, for her, the visit is a defining moment: Liz decides to take a shot at gaining admission there. "You think they let people like us into Harvard?" a friends later taunts. Emmy nominee Thora Birch portrays teenage Liz, homeless but not hopeless as she takes control of her life and overcomes the dead end start of parents who are loving but poor, addicted to drugs and in deteriorating health. Sleeping in subways, getting food where she can and finding a job to help pay her way, Liz overcomes her late start in high school by finishing a four year class load in two. Yes, they let people like that into Harvard. Liz's example shows all that obstacles are not here to impede us but to be overcome.
Hours, The

The film concerns three women each suffering from depression. Virginia Woolf (Nicole Kidman) is starting to write her book 'Mrs. Dalloway' in 1923 England. She is coming to the realization of her lesbianism and fighting her pure despair of life and headaches. Virginia receives a visit from her sister Vanessa and Vanessa's two sons and daughter. The daughter places a strong influence on Virginia's emotions through the death of a bird. Eventually, Virginia must face the decision to run away to London, stay with her beloved husband, or move to London where the doctors forbid her to go. Laura Brown (Julianne Moore), is a mother fearing her ability to be a mother again. She is reading 'Mrs. Dalloway' in 1951 Los Angeles. Laura is trying to throw a wonderful birthday party for her husband. The very pregnant Laura thinks she won't be an adequate mother to her son and current baby on the way in a few months. Laura must make the decision to run away from it all or live miserably with her happy husband. Clarissa Vaughan (Meryl Streep) is a career publisher living in present 2001 New York. Her nickname, given by her poet-friend, Richard, who is dying of AIDS, is Mrs. Dalloway. Clarissa is also throwing a party but for Richard who is receiving an award for his poetry. Like Virginia Woolf, Clarissa is also a lesbian but also wonders if she is in love with Richard with whom she once dated. At the end, the whole plot twists and comes together. The basic theme of the film is wondering if it is better to live your life for your own happiness or others.
Household and Kin Amy Swerdlow Softcover 1981

How Schools Shortchange Girls The AAUW Report Paperback 1995

How to Get Higher Marks in School Harry Sheefter Softcover

Offers valuable suggestons to parent swho wish to help their children do well in school.
Human (and anti-human) Vaules in Children's Books Council on Interracial Books for Children Softcover 1976

Human Trafficking Part One

A young, single mother from Prague falls for a handsome stranger while waitressing. A beautiful teen auditions in Ukraine to be a model. In the Philippines, a 12-year-old American girl is intrigued by a local boy peddling bracelets. What do these three unsuspecting individuals have in common? They're being lured into an international sex-trafficking ring run by ruthless criminals. The lives of these victims and others who have been abducted will never be the same; while locked away they'll be forced into prostitution, see their families threatened and worse. It's up to a rookie Immigration and Customs Enforcement agent, her seasoned boss and his team to bust this operation and rescue these people. (Part 1)
Human Trafficking Part Two

Part 2 of the mini-series.
Hungry Heart: The Literary Emergence of Julia Ward Howe Gary Williams Hardcover 1999

Hysterical Blindness - HBO

In this bittersweet slice of working class single New Jersey life, best friends Debby and Beth (both pushing thirty) go looking for love in the wrong place - namely their favorite bar, Oliver's. Rugged contractor Rick eyes Beth but ends up going home with the more assertive Debby. Beth's style is further cramped by the responsibilities of single motherhood. As Debby tries to parlay what was essentially a casual fling into possible marriage with an indifferent Rick, her mother Virginia wonders if her affair with widower Nick is the real thing. Rounding out the romantic possibilities is Bobby, the bartender who flirts with Beth. The women clash as plans go awry, tragedy strikes, and hearts get broken. In the end, Debby, Beth, and Virginia find, if not the relationships of their dreams, peace with each other and within themselves.
I Was a Teenage Feminist Terese Shechter DVD

Imaginary Bodies Moria Gatens Softcover 1996
Imaginary Bodies is a collection of essays that offer a sustained challenge to traditional philosophical notions of the body, sex and gender. Moira Gatens explores alternative positions to dualism by exploring psychoanalytic, Foucaultian and Spinozist notions of embodiment. The book traces a largely neglected geneaology of philosophers from Spinoza, Nietzsche, Freud, Foucault and Deleuze and sets this tradition against that of the Enlightenment. What emerges are new ways of thinking those aspects of life which Gatens calls "imaginary."

Confining herself to neither philosophy of "the subject" nor an ahistorical philosophy of "the body" at the expense of broader ethical and socio-political issues, Gatens shows the many connections between theories of bodies politic and the (sexed) individual. She compellingly, lucidly, and trenchantly engages with the ethical, legal and sexual relations between men and women which are placed in its proper historical and political context.

Impure Thoughts Kathryn Pyne Addelson Hardcover 1991
essays that offer criticismof philisophical and feminist ethics and social theory.
In All Fairness: A Handbook on Sex Role Bias in Schools Gloria Golden Softcover 1974

In Her Own Image: Women Working in the Arts Elaine Hedges and Ingred Wendt Paperback 1980
Brings together the work of Western Women artists in a stunning array of forms.
In Her Prime: A new veiw of middle-aged women Judith K. Brown Paperback
Middle-aged women--Cross cultural studies
This book challengers our culture-bound stereotype of middle age in women as simply a time of "middle-aged jitters" and "empty nest syndrome." In fact, middle age finds women more energetic and autonomous and less restricted than during the child-rearing years. Informed women will be fascinated by the authors' reports of women in widely divergent cultural environments ranging from the primitive hunter/gatherer tribes to late industrial societites.
In Our Own Image: Poverty in WI (3 Copies)

A cross-section of single mothers, students, and workers living at or below the poverty level share their experiences and reactions to Wisconsin experimental welfare programs. The video challenges the stereotype of the "welfare mom."
In Search of our Mothers Gardens Alice Walker Paperback 1983

In Service to America: A history of women in the Military
DVD 1998
Women have served in war and conflict since our nation was born. Now hear the story that begins with the brave "Molly Pitchers" who carried water to the battlefields of the revolutionary war, and follow women's role in fighting freedom right through desert storm.
In the Light of Reverence

A stunning portrait of land use conflicts over Native Americans sacred sites pm public and private land around the West.

Incest: The Story of Three Women Dianne Cleveland Paperback
Incest Victims
Incest Case Studies
Adult Child Abuse Victims
Incest in the United States
Incest is believed to be far more common than anyone has been able to document. Estimates suggest that 50,000 children--mostly girls--are sexually abused by parents or guardians each year. This sensitive book is the first major attempt to investigate the longterm consequences of a childhood sexual experience with one's father. The author uses Erickson's stages of psychosocial development to compare the lives of these three women for common patterns of emotions, relationships, and developmental processes.
Including Diverse Women in the Undergraduate Curriculum: Reasons and Resources Task Force on Representation in the Curriculum of the Division of the Psychology of Women of... Softcover

Indecent Proposal

48 Hour special dealing with sexism and sexual harassment in the workplace.
Inside Scars Sheila L. Sisk and Charlotte Foster Hoffman Paperback
Child Abuse
Victims of Crime
Women's Issues
Sexual Abuse
Therapy with incest victims
Incest recovery as told by a survivor and her therapist. This book provides a window to the recovery process of a survivor of childhood incest. Many books stop where this one begins, clearly expressing the many facets and phases of healing that can and must occur for adult survivors to take control of their present and future. This book is fully expressive (through poems, drawings, and narrative) of the pain and hope to be found when addressing childhood sexual abuse. This book is recommended to all adult survivors seeking an answer to the questions "Will i ever get better?"
Inside Scars Sheila L. Sisk and Charlotte Foster Hoffman
A biographical story about the window to the recovery process of a survivor of childhood incest.
Integrating Women's Studies Into the Curriculum Betty Schmitz Paperback
Women's studies
interdisciplinary approach in education
education, humanistic
universities and colleges
A thorough, practical guide for all faculty and administrators who have come to realize that the male-defined college curriculum is obsolete. By illuminating proven patterns of formal collegial support, the author clears the way for faculty to incorporate the new feminist scholarship into their teaching and their research.
Intercourse Andrea Dworkin Softcover 1987
Andrea Dworkin, once called "Feminism's Malcolm X," has been worshipped, reviled, criticized, and analyzed-but never ignored. The power of her writing, the passion of her ideals, and the ferocity of her intellect have spurred the arguments and activism of two generations of feminists. Now the book that she's best known for-in which she provoked the argument that ultimately split apart the feminist movement-is being reissued for the young women and men of the twenty-first century.
Intercourse enraged as many readers as it inspired when it was first published in 1987. In it, Dworkin argues that in a male supremacist society, sex between men and women constitutes a central part of women's subordination to men. (This argument was quickly-and falsely-simplified to "all sex is rape" in the public arena, adding fire to Dworkin's already radical persona.)

In her introduction to this twentieth-anniversary edition of Intercourse, Ariel Levy, the author of Female Chauvinist Pigs, discusses the circumstances of Dworkin's untimely death in the spring of 2005, and the enormous impact of her life and work. Dworkin's argument, she points out, is the stickiest question of feminism: Can a woman fight the power when he shares her bed?
International Films By Bullfrong: Rights: Caught in the Crossfire

Sushila is deaf and dumb. She sells herself on the streets of Suva so she can go on providing for her elderly father. Since the armed coup in 1987, Fiji has become a cauldron of ethnic persecution and human rights abuses. Male authority in Pacific culture is so deeply entrenched that women have no power to say "No." to sexual exploitation. Prostitution is a taboo subject in Fiji and is illegal, but it is the women and not the men who get prosecuted.
International Films By Bullfrong: Rights: Girls From Chacka Street

In 1996 Eva was driven into the forest, stripped and gang-rapped by 14 men who left her for dead. It was, she said, just one of the occupational hazards of working as a prostitute in Latvia. The flourishing sex industry in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia first took off when Baltic countries gained independence from the Soviet Union and economies crashed. Underage girls, earning more in a night on the street than a trained doctor does in a month, face physical and psychological risks and Mafia involvement is growing.
International Films By Bullfrong: Rights: House on Fire

Mother of 8, Gloria Jones, is used to being beaten by her husband James. It is part of the heritage Jamaican women expect from their men folk. She in turn, beats her children. How can this cycle of violence be broken? The Caribbean has one of the highest rates of domestic violence in the world. Triggered by unemployment and drug use, it is also perpetuated by a culture that still fails to condemn violence against women and sexual violence, in particular, as a crime.
International Films By Bullfrong: Rights: Not the Numbers Game

Six films were edited into a single 44 minute film for broadcast on the BBC, a thought provoking look at the role of women in various countries are playing to solve the twin problems of population and development. The stories include: women in India who are demanding the basic services they need for a dignified life; women in Uganda who are calling for a halt to the barbaric practice of female genital mutilation; a second wife working endless jobs in Kenya to afford school and hope for her children; teenage pregnancy and machismo in Peru; industrial employment in Indonesia and the status of women on postwar Cambodia.
International Films By Bullfrong: Rights: World of Difference

According to a 1997 report from the United Nations Population Fund, denial of women's human rights to education and reproductive healthcare constitutes a violation of human rights on a massive scale. A "Question of Rights" shows the reality of the report's findings for women around the world. The first film sets the scene, tracing the background to the International agreements on women's rights. The late Bella Abzug, Dr. Nafis Sadiq and others show that when women are excluded from the basic rights and decision-making the economy, development and environment suffers.
International Films By Bullfrong: Rights: Young Wives Tale

Nibret is just 11 years old. She is being married to a man she has never met before, to cement family ties, secure property and because there are no schools providing her with any other choice. What are her chances of surviving the experience? Despite international treaties to protect women's and children's rights, recent statistics show that early marriage is on the increase in many parts of the world, with girls as young as 8 or 9 married off in areas of North and West Africa, the Sahel and Latin American. This increases exponentially the risk of complications from pregnancy and childbirth for girls whose bodies are not fully developed.
Irish Feminist Review Rebecca Pelan ed. Periodical 2006
Articles include the following:

Gender, Representation and the Northern Ireland Peace Process

Reflections on Northern Irish Women: Gendered Narratives of Absence and Silence

Greenham Women and the Law

From the Archives of Spanish Autonomous Feminism: Gretel Ammann, Catalan Lesbian Feminist

Trajic Heroines, Stinking Lillies and Fallen Women: Love and Desire in Kate O'Brien's As Music and Splendour

Openness of Essentialism: Democracy and Gender in New Social Movements.

One Aboriginal Australian Woman Artist's Interpretations of Womanhood in Contemporary Australian Society

Colour Section:
Gazing on the Gazers, August 2006

'We have hardly begun.' Feminist Art History-Conference Review
Iron Jawed Angels HBO DVD 2004

Iron Jawed Ladies

Defiant young activists take the women's suffrage movement by storm, putting their lives at risk to help American women win the right to vote.
Is Feminism Dead

Video assuring it is not.

Isadora Isadora Duncan Softcover

A pasionate autobiography of isadora who dared to display her nude body her beautiful love children her scandalous affairs and proud fufillments of her womanhood.
Israeli Women The Reality Behind the Myths Lesley Hazleton Softcover

Speaking to hundreds of her fellow israelis, journalist and psychologist Lesly Hazleton discovered a shocking reality about israeli women.
Issues in Feminism: An Introduction to Women's Studies Sheila Ruth Softcover 1990

It Changed My Life (2 copies) Betty Friedam Softcover 1975
Writings on the womens movement
It's Not Always Happy at my House

This film provides help in breaking down the sense of isolation and secrecy that prevails in a battered family.

Its a Female Thing

This is an uplifting video on self-esteem and empowerment for women.
Jackie Cochran Jacqueline Cochran and Maryann Bucknum Brinley Hardcover 1987
The autobiography of the greatest woman pilot in aviation history.
Jailed for Freedom Doris Stevens Hardcover 19976

Jane Trahey on Women and Power: Who's Got in, How to Get it Jane Trahey Paperback 1977

Joan of Arc Jewkes and Landfield Softcover 1964

Judith Sargent Murray: A Brief Biography with Documents Sheila L Skemp Softcover 1998

Judy Collins Vivian Claire Softcover 1977
A revealing Portrait of a multi talented star that follows her development from concert pianist to folk singer, protest singer, sctivist, songwriter and filmmaker.
Jury of her Peers

At a desolate American farm in the early 1900's a farmer is found murdered in his sleep and his wife is jailed as the prime suspect.
Just Call Me Kade Sam Zolten DVD
Transgendered Students
Kade Farlow Collins is a sixteen year old FTM (female to male transgendered person) residing in Tucson, Arizona. Kade's parents maintain a supportive and nurturing relationship to Kade regarding the many challenges facing their teenage child. However, it hasn't asways been easy.

As Kade's body began to transform during puberty, Kade became nearly suicidal. Realizing that the issue was more complex than Kade being a tomboy or a lesbian, the family searched for information. THrough a local support group and the internet, Kade's mother found books and other resources pertaining to transgenderism. Kade and his family agreed to have their lives documented in order to bring awareness to the subject.
Keys to the Governor's Office: Unlock the Door: The Guide for Women Running for Governer The Barbara Lee Family Foundation Softcover 2001

Killing us softly 3

Jean Kilbourne's pioneering work helped develop and popularize the study of gender representations in advertising. Her award winning films "Killing Us Softly" (1979) and "Still Killing Us Softly" (1987) have influenced millions of college and high school students across tow generations and on an international scale. In this important new film, Kilbourne reviews if and how the image of women in advertising has changed over the last 20 years. With wit and warmth, Kilbourne uses over 160 ads and commercials to critique advertising's image of women. By fostering creative and productive dialogue, she invites viewers to look at familiar images in a new way that moves and empowers them to take action.
Lady Sings the Blues Billie Holiday with William Duffy Softcover 1956
The Story of Billie Holiday
Laid to Waste - UC Center for Media and Independant Learning

This film deals with the environmental injustice and racism in a mostly African American neighborhood in Pennsylvania. The film documents the communities fight to deal with these issues.
Lakota Woman Mary Crow Dog Softcover 1991
A unique document unparalled in American Indian literature, a story of death, determination against all odds.
Language and the Feminine in Nietzsche and Heidegger Jean Graybeal Softcover 1990

Language and the Sexes Francine Frank Softcover 1983

Language, Sex and Gender: Does "La Difference" Make a Difference? Judith Orasanu, Mariam K. Slater, and Leonore Loeb Adler Softcover

A sexual dichotomy marks many if not all species. Humans, being human, express many of the differences in linguistic codes or messages. In the Indo-European family, this interface between social reality and verbal expresssion is a matter that was formally recognized as least by the time of the Greeks...
Learning Our Way: Essays in Feminist Education Charlotte Bunch Paperback 1983

Lesbian Communities in the South

Lesbianism and the Women's Movement Nancy Myron & Charlotte Bunch Softcover
Women's Movement
Feminist Movement
Class and Feminism examines how class differences affect women in the women's movement. Written by memebers of THe FUries, each article synthesizes both a political and personal view of how class has functioned in the author's own experience. THis book, therefore, brings the personal dynamics of class conflect together with an overall political analysis that is unique in discussions of class in the women's movement.

Lesbianism and the Women's Movement outlines the essence of lesbian/feminist politics and documents how the women's movement has responded to it. In so doing it critiques heterosexuality and shows why lesibanism is one of the fundamental issues of feminism today. The articles collected here were written by The Furies and/or taken from Furies publications over a two-year period.
Letters From a War Zone Andrea Dworkin Softcover 1993

Letters from Colette Robert Phelps Paperback 1980

Letters from the Field: 1925-1975 Margaret Mead Softcover 1977

Letters Home Sylvia Plath Paperback 1975

Letters of a Woman Homesteader Elinore Pruitt Stewart Paperback 1914

Letters of Flannery O'Connor The Habit of Being Sally Fitzgerald Softcover

Letters from Flannery O'Connor
Liberating Our Children, Ourselves: A Handbook of Women's Studies Course Materials for Teacher Educators American Association of University Women Softcover 1975

Liberating Young Children from Sex Roles: Experiences in Day Care Centers, Play Groups and Free School Phyllis Taube Greenleaf Softcover 1972

Life and Ledgend of Sojurner Truth, The

This is a biographical film about the life of famous woman Sojourner Truth.
Life and Times of Rosie Riverter, The

A documentary on the American home front during WWII.
Life as We Have Known It: Working women describe their jobs, families and political awakening in early 20th century England Co-Operative Working Women Paperback 1975

Life Skills: For Women in Transition Margaret Hunt Softcover 1982


Damn, she's fine! Niecy (Kerry Washington) is the Boston queen with her fly clothes, a tight ride and a nice crib. The problem is, it's all hot merchandise. As a talented department store display designer, she uses her brand-name knowledge and slick attitude to glide by salesmen and security, passing stolen credit cards and bogus checks. Now, she's going for a big time jewelry heist and teaming up with a dangerous gang with quick trigger fingers. Inside the store, the alarm is tripped, all hell breaks loose and Niecy barely escapes. Where will she go when her crew and the cops both want to take her down?
Listen Up Barbara Findlen Softcover 1995
A collection of essays explore such topics as feminist politics, sex, racism, careers, identity, and abortion.
Little Miss Muffet Fights Back Judith A. Green Softcover

Feminists on children media was formed in NYC in the summer of 1970 by women distrubed by the stereotryped protrayals of girls and women found in children's books.
Living My Life Emma Goldman Softcover

Autobiography of Emma Goldman's Life. (2 volumes)
Living Well is the Best Revenge Calvin Tomkins Hardcover 1962

Look Me in the Eye: Old Women, Aging and Ageism Barbara Macdonald Softcover 1983

Look to the Mountain: An Ecology of Indigenous Education Gregory Cajete Softcover 1994
Dr. Cajete has tought extensively at the Insitiute of American Indian Arts in Santa Fe, where he was the founding Director of the Center for Research and Cultural Exchange. He has lectured widely in schools, universities, and for educational programs throughout America, Canada, Europe, and the former Soviet Union.
Love Among the Butterflies Margaret Fountaine Softcover

The diaries of a wayward determined and passionate Victorian lady
Love Song to the Warriors Oriethyia Softcover 1977

Low Income Women and High Education in Chippewa Valley

This video focuses on the issues of underpaid women in the workforce, particularly in Chippewa Valley.
Low Wage Workers in an Affluent Society Charles T Stewart Jr. Hardcover 1974

Low-Income Life Styles Lola M Irelan Softcover 1967

Lucy Parsons American Revolutionary Carolyn Ashbaugh Paperback 1976

Lucy Stone: One of Americas First and Greatest Feminists Elanor Rice Hays Softcover

The absorbing story of lucy stone's fight for individuality and justice for herself and all women.
Machina Ex Dea Joan Rothschild Softcover

This scholarly works seeks to redress th exlusion of women from technological hisotroy and culture by proviiding feminist perspectives on the social context and nature of technology, and the content and methodology of technology as a field of study.
Madame Sarah Cornelia Otis Skinner Hardcover 1966

Making Ends Meet

to the world of the petty Dublin criminal. We meet criminals such as Massive Mags, the Byrne Brothers and Cal.
Making Room: Women and Architecture Heresies 11 Softcover 1981

Male and Female: A Study of the Sexes in a Changing World Margaret Mead Paperback 1967

Man's World Woman's Place Elizabeth Janeway Softcover 1971

Mandatory Motherhood: The True Meaning of "Right to Life" Garrett Hardin Paperback 1974

Manifesta: Young women, feminism, and the future Jennifer Baumgarner Paperback
Young Women
This book examines the snags in the feminist movement--from the dissolution of Riot Grrrls into the likes of the Spice Girls, to older women's hawking of young girls' imperiled self-esteem, to the hyped hatred of feminist thorns like katie toiphe--and prove that these snags have not, in fact, torn feminism asunder. In contrast, they show vibrance with which the movement has evolved, detail important political goals that still need to be achieved, and spell out what a world with true equality would look like.
Margaret Fuller From Transcendentalism to revalution Paula Blanchard Paperback 1978
Asseses Fullers resistance to accepted opinion and concentrates on her rich life and many significant relationships.
Margaret Mead Jane Howard Hardcover 1984

Margaret Sanger Pioneer of Birth Control Lawrence Lader Softcover 1969
biography of margaret sangers crusades
Margaret Sanger: A Public Nuisance

Film about the life and influence of Margaret Sanger.
Margret Cho: Revolution

Filmed live at the Wiltern Theater in Los Angeles, Revolution is comedian Margaret Cho's triumphant return to the screen with the same unbridled no holds-barred humor that infused her previous two concert films. In revolution, Margaret tackles the axis of evil, her travels through Thailand's red light district, the explosion of child bitch, bartering sex for household chores, revolutionizing one's self-esteem, the joy of bodily functions, her loser ex-boyfriend and of course, her now world-famous mother. Known as much for her social activism as she is for her raunchy humor, Margaret is a one of a kind phenomena who once again brings her distinctive and empowering personal voice to her devoted and adoring fans.

Martina Martina Navratilova Hardcover 1985

Mary Mary E. Melbane Hardcover 1933

Mary Coffin Starbuck and the Early History of Nantucket Roland L Warren Paperback 1987

Mary Wollstonecraft Eleanor Flexner Softcover

This bio makes that pioneering eighteenth century feminist as captivating now as she was in her own day.
Mean Girls

Raised in the African bush country by her zoologist parents, Cady (Lindsay Lohan) thinks she knows all about the survival of the fittest. But the law of the jungle takes on a whole new meaning when the home-schooled 15-year old enters public high school for the first time. Trying to find her place among jocks, mathletes and other subcultures, Cady crosses paths with the meanest species of all, the Queen Bee, aka the cool and calculating Regina (Rachel McAdams) leader of the school's most fashionable clique, the Plastics. When Cady falls for Regina's ex-boyfriend, thought, the Queen Bee is stung, and she schemes to ruin Cady's social future. Cady's own claws soon come out as she leaps into a hilarious "girl world" war that has the whole school running for cover.

Medicine Woman Lynn V. Andrews Paperback 1981
Account of a womans search for identity in a native american culture
Megatrends for Women Patricia Abudene and John Naisbitt
The women of the 90's are challenging andoverturning the male-dominated status-quo, reintegrating female values and perspectives and recasting the social, political and economic megatrends of the day.
Men and Women of the Corporation Rosabeth Moss Kanter Paperback 1977

Men's Studies Modified-The Impact of Feminism on the Academic Disciplines Edited by-Dale Spender
1981 Higher education of women A collection of essays from international contributors. Fundamental to feminism is the premise that women have been "left out" of codified knowledge, so that the world has been explained in terms of men but not women. The contributions explore not only how this happened but why. They document, discipline by discipline, the gains that feminism has made in establishing alternative processes and alternative knowledge and the effect these are having in modifying the academic curriculum-the men's studies of the title.
Menopausal Years The Wise Women Way Susan S. Weed Softcover 1992

Mighty Times: The Legacy of Rosa Parks

A biographical look at the life of Rosa Parks and her influence on the world.
Minuses into Pluses - Dr. Ethel Allen

Mississippi Masala

An Indian family is expelled from Uganda when Idi Amin takes power and they are forced to move to Mississippi.

Monster Robin Morgan Softcover 1972

Mother Jones, Woman Organizer Pricilla Long Softcover 1976
Relations with miners' wives, working women, and the suffrage movement.
Mother of the Blues Sandra lieb Softcover 1981
A study of Ma Rainey
Motherhood in Black and White Ruth Feldstein Softcover 2000

Mothering: Essays In Feminist Theory Joyce Trebilcot Softcover 1983
This volume offers a fine crticial study of existing theory as well as a number of penetrating, original contributions which go beyond previously established frontiers in the field.
Just all about Mothering and studing this important apect in life.
Mothers and Amazons: The First Feminine History of Culture Helen Diner Paperback 1973

Mothers Can Do Anything Joe Lasker Hardcover 1979
childrens book, demonstrates the many occupations that mothers can do.
Mountain Wolf Woman Nancy Oestreich Lurie Paperback 1966
An autobiography of a winnebago woman.
Moving Beyond Words Gloria Steinem Hardcover 1994

Moving Through Pregnancy Elisabeth Bing Paperback 1975

Magazine Summer 2005 Gloria Steinem
Body Image
Sexual Assult
Social Insecurity
Supreme Court
Gloria Steinem on the L Word

5 rights women coul dlose

the meaning of fat

What's at stake for us? The Looming fight over supreme court

Feminism and Face Lifts

Summersgate: Are Girls Dumber?

The Dialectic of Fat

Still Carrying the Torch: THe author recalls growing up feminist at a u.n. conference 30 years ago. Plus, a report on the latest global status-of-women gathering.

A shot against cervical cancer
Multicultural Issues in Social Work Patricia L. Ewalt Paperback 1999
Multicultural Issues in Social Work outlines new stratagies for helping diverse groups and communities gain their voices and enhance their capabilities. You'll develop an understanding of changes in multicultural practice skills now required by the revised NASW Code of Ethics. Learn subtleties in cultural patterns and political circumstances in diverse immigrant populations that affect your practice approches.
My feminism

Powerful interviews with feminist leaders, bell hooks, and Gloria Steinem, exploring the past and present status of the women's movement.
My Girlfriend Did It

Stories of a wide range of women who have been in same-sex abusive relationships and how they managed to survive.
My Grandma is a Lesbian

A Donahue special dealing with people with Lesbian relatives.

My Home- Your War Kylie Grey DVD 2006
My Home- Your War offers an exceptional look at the effect of the Iraq war through the eyes of an ordinary Iraqi woman. Shot in Baghdad over three years that span the time before, during and after the invasion of Iraq.
My Husband is Going to Kill Me

Based on the true story of a dysfunctional family which becomes increasingly unstable, the film deals with the life of the family.
My Life Golda Meir Paperback 1975

Narcotics Anonymous fourth edition

Many books have been written about the nature of addiction. This book primarily concerns itself with the nature of recover. If you are an addict and have found this book, please give yourself a break and read it!

The material for this book was drawn from the personal experiences of addicts within the Fellowship of Narcotics Anonymous. This Basic Text is based on an outline derived from our "white book," Narcotics Anonymous. The first eight chapters are based on the topic headings in the white book and carry the same title. A ninth chapter has been included, Just for Today, as well as a tenth chapter, More Will Be Revealed. Following is a brief history of the book.
National Issues Forums Started Tape

Deals with three main sections and issues; The Poverty Puzzle, The $4 Trillion Debt and The Health Care Cost Explosion.

Nations Without Nationalism Julia Kristeva Hardcover 1993

Nausea Jean Paul Sartre Softcover 1964

New Conceptions: A Consumer's Guide to the Newest Infertility Treatments Lori B Andrews, JD Hardcover 1984

New Life Options: The Working Woman's Resource Book Rosalind K. Loring Hardcover 1976

Nobody Speaks for Me: Self-Portraits of American Working Class Women Nancy Seifer Softcover 1976

Nobody Speaks for Me: Self-Portraits of American Working Class Women Nancy Seifer Softcover 1976

Non-Sexist Childraising Carrie Carmichael Hardcover 1977


The story of a seemingly normal Midwestern factory worker who stuns his family and community by revealing that he wants a sex change operation.
Not A Love Story

Canadian documentary film maker takes an in-depth look at the pornography industry and the terrors that the women in the industry often face.
Not Exactly Nirvana: Young Women and Self Esteem

During the film, young women talk openly about how they think about themselves and about being a young woman.
Notes of a Feminist Therapist Elizabeth Friar Williams Softcover 1976
In Notes of a Feminist Therapist, Elizabeth Friar Williams writes of her experience as a feminist therapist helpin women gian a sense of their own power, self-esteem and autonomy. Dealing with case histories and drawing on her own experience, she bridges the gap between the rhetoric of feminist issues and the reality in the lives of individual women. She discusses such issues as sex, love, work , money, motherhood, lonlieness, depression, dependence, fidelity, and creativity, each in a feminist perspective. Emphasizing that the ultimate aim of feminist therapy is to free both men and women from the limitations of sex-role stereotyping, Williams offers compassionate and intelligent advice to women who want to lead fuller, freer and more satisfying lives.

Elizabeth Friar Williams is a practicing psychotherapist in new York City. SAhe has taught psychology at the City University of New York and the New School for Social Research. She is a member of the New York Institute of Gestalt Therapy, the Association for Women in Psychology, the American Psychological Association, and the New York Association of Feminist Therapists.
NWSA Journal


Odd Girl Out
DVD 2005

Odd Girls and Twilight Lovers Lillian Faderman Softcover 1991
The term "lesbian" came into use when late nineteenth-century European sexologists began to explore female same-sex loving. The women thus described accepted this label but set out to alter the sexologists' definitions and create identities and ideologies for themselves Faderman offers a decade-by-decade account of ths evolution in the twentieth century, looking at the establishment of lesbian subcultures and the ways in which feminism an gay liberation have gradually destygmatized female same-sex loving today. Her often surprising narrative is based on a refreshing variety of sources, including journals, unpublished manuscripts, songs, news accounts, novels, medical literature, and numerous personal interviews with lesbians of all races, ages, and classes.
Of Woman Born Adrienne Rich Hardcover 1976
Adrienne Rich's influential and landmark investigation concerns both the experience and the institution of motherhood. The experience is her own#as a woman, a poet, a feminist, and a mother#but it is an experience determined by the institution, imposed on all women everywhere. She draws on personal materials, history, research, and literature to create a document of universal importance.

Of Women Born: Motherhood as Experienced and Institution Adrienne Rich Hardcover 1976

Office Politics: Seizing Power, Wielding Clout Marilyn Moats Kennedy Paperback 1980

On Death and Dying Elizabeth Kubler- Ross Softcover 1969
How to help people who are terminally ill, or it can help us face professionally and personally, the end of life.
On Her Own: Growing Up in the Shadow of the American Dream Ruth Sidel Softcover 1990

Once We're Warriors

Film on domestic violence.

One Fine Day

: Kay Weaver's classic celebration of the American Woman from the 1800's to the present. Set to a rousing anthem written and sung by KAY WEAVER, this fast-paced music-film uses over 100 scenes, beginning with black-and-white stills of Sojouner Truth, Emily Dickinson and Harriet Tubman which dissolves into live action suffrage parades, that march us into present-day footage of Gloria Steinem, Shirley Chisholm, and Geraldine Ferraro. Guaranteed to lift your heart and bring you to your feet.
One Woman, One Vote

Documents the seemingly endless fight for women's suffrage.
Organizational Issues in the Delivery of Health Services Irving K. Zola Paperback
health services administration--addresses, essays, lectures
Delivery of health care
health and welfar planning
organization and administration

Ossie Ossie Guffy Paperback

The autobiography of a blackwoman
Our Blood: Prophecies and Discourses on Sexual Politics Andrea Dworkin Softcover 1976
In this fierce and beautiful book, the author confronts our most profound social disgrace: the sexual, cultural, and political subjugation of women to men, and with rare eloquence examines the systematic crimes of our male-dominated society against women.
Our Bodies, Ourselves: A Book by and for Women Boston Women's Health Book Collective Softcover 1971

Our Hidden Heritage: Five Centuries of Women Artists Elanor Tufts Hardcover 1975

Our Right to Choose: Toward a New Ethic of Abortion Beverly Wildung Harrison Softcover 1970

Out and About

: Early lesbian video about lesbian lives.

Out For a Change: Addressing Homophobia in Women's Sports

Addressing Homophobia in Women's Sports
Dealing with the issue of homophobia in women's sports.
Out of All Time: A Gay and Lesbian History Terry Boughner Paperback 1988

Out of the Past: The Struggle for Gay and Lesbian Rights in America

Documents the history of Gay and Lesbian rights in American and the distances we have come, along with those we still need to go.
Outercourse Mary Daly Hardcover 1992
This philosophical autobiography of the world's foremost radical feminist philosopher offers an imaginative chronicle of Mary Daly's voyage. Daly sees her work as that of a pirate, righteously plundering treasures of knowledge that have been stolen and hidden from women. In this inventive blend of autobiography and visionary philosophy, she reveals her struggles to smuggle back these treasures and to distinguish them from their mindbinding trappings. Outercourse brilliantly recounts Daly's debunking of patriarchal thought and blazes new paths to freedom by enabling women to discover the hidden connections that make sense of their lives.
Outrageous Acts and Everyday Rebellions Gloria Steinem Hardcover 1983


Out-rid-er, (noun) one who comes before and in some way announces the coming of another, a forerunner, harbinger. Join a group of outriders-some homeless, all poor00as they cross the country on the New Freedom Bus determined to challenge the perceptions of America's "boon time" economy.
Paglia, Camille on Women

Controversial feminist scholar.
Passionate Politics: Essays from 1968-1986 Charlotte Bunch Softcover 1987
This book of essays traces the contemporary history of women's struggles in the work of one of the most thoughtful founders and organizers of the Women's Movement. Long regarded as a profound feminist thinker as well as an indefatigable activist, Charlotte Bunch has had enourmous impact in this country and around the world. Her reflections on specific topics- the leadership question, reform and revolution, lesbainism, global connectuons....
Path Breaking Elanor Flexor Softcover

An Autobiographical History if the equal suffrage mavement in the pacific coast states. Studies in the life of women
Pentimento Lillian Hellman Hardcover 1973
The autobiographical novel by the writer and actor explores the men and women who influenced Hellman throughout her life and career.
Philosophies of Art and Beauty Albert Hofstader Softcover 1964
Selected readings in aesthetics from plato to heidegger
Philospohy Of Law Joel Feinberg Hardcover 1975

Pill, The

Film about the origins and history of the birth control pill in American society.
Pink Collar Workers: Inside the World of Women's Work Louise Kapp Howe Hardcover 1977

Poems Between Women Emma Donoghue Hardcover 1893
The collection Poems Between Women explores many facets of female-female relationships in poems not only about love or affection between or inspired by women but also about the moments that complicate and call into question the nature of sexuality and intimacy between women. Including women married and single, young and old, lesbian, bisexual, and heterosexual, the anthology covers historical development and changing mores through the seventeenth century, after the Restoration of Charles II, a time of relative freedom for women; the eighteenth century, when the cult of romantic friendship reached its peak; the nineteenth century, when women writers wrote about issues of same-sex desire indirectly and explored complex issues such as death in tones of weariness and resignation; and the twentieth century, when poets began to engage in more overt explorations of women's bodies, sensuality, and lovemaking. Emma Donoghue's introduction deftly guides readers into the rich tradition of women's poetry in English, exploring the relationships between poets and their muses and poets and their cultures. Poems Between Women is testimony not only to the recurring theme of the unique bonds among women but also to the universality of love, friendship, and creativity.
Politics and Warriors: Women in the Military

Film dealing with the issues of women in the military.
Politics the Wellstone Way: How to elect progressive candidates and win on issues Wellstone Action Paperback
Political Participation
Politics, Practical
Political Campaigns
Wellstoe Action
Wellston, Paul David.
Political activism has grown to a level that has not been seen in the U. S. since the Vietnam War. Tensions over the presidential election and the war in Iraq Motivated many people, of different political positions, to take the streets. This book offers a comprehensive set of strategies to help progressives channel that energy into winning issue-based and electoral campaigns, including how to communicate, develop. organize, identify, and plan.
Poor Women Powerful Men Martha C. Ward Softcover 1986
This is a true story about poor women and dead babies, about visions realized and visions failed, about money, about science in action, about politics, population, poverty, and public health policy.
Popcorn Venus: Women Movies and the American Dream Marjorie Rosen Paperback 1973
First Major Perspective on women in films, on camera and behind it.
Pornography Andrea Dworkin Softcover 1989
The assult of pornography against women, its function as a form of cultural propoganda, is carefully proven here.
Pornography: Private Right or Public Menace? Robert M. Baird & Stuart E. Rosenbaum Paperback
Pornography--Social Aspects
Violent Pornography
Women's Civil Rights
This collection reflects new directions the pornography debate has taken in recent years. Included are essays on defining pornography; the differences between pornography, erotica, and "moral realism" in artistic expression; investigating evidence concerning the effects of pornography; pornography and sexism; violent pornography and women's civil rights; and the frowth of a multi-billion dollar pornography industry.
Poverty Outlaw

story of hard choices posed by those living in poverty without society's safety net to help them when they need it most.
Pregnancy as a Disease: The Pill in Society Donald H Merkin Hardcover 1976

Princess Tam Tam

A mischievous Shepard girl rises through society to become a pretend princess and the toast of Paris nightlife.
Prisons That Could Not Hold Barbara Deming Paperback 1985
Collection of essays from prison by the radical activist Barbara Demming spans 20 years of struggle that pushed through the political limits of modern america, embracing what Grace Paley calls " the dangerous transforming spirit-endless love."
Private Faces Public Places Abigail McCarthy Paperback 1974
A candid self-portrait of an american woman, her marraige, and her part in the meaking of history.
Probing the Unknown: The Story of Dr Florence Sabin Mary Kay Phelan Paperback 1969

Proceedings of The National Conference on Women in Mathematics and the Sciences Sandra Z Softcover 1990

Promise Keepers Equality Bashers

produced by NOW focuses on the media PR of the "Promise Keepers" especially in their anti-women homophobic political agenda.

Pure Lust Mary Daly Softcover

Elemental Feminist Philosophy
Pushed to the Edge - ABC News

ABC news special dealing with issues of rape, domestic abuse, and family violence.
Quakers as Pioneers in Social Work Auguste Jorns Hardcover 1969

Rabbit-Proof Fence

Rabbit Proof Fence- featuring the Golden Globe nominate score by Peter Gabriel- is the powerful true story of hope and survival and has been met with international acclaim. At a time when it was Australian government policy to train aboriginal children as domestic workers and integrate them into white society, young Molly Craig decides to lead her little sister and cousin in a daring escape from their internment camp. Molly and the girls, part of what would become known as Australia's Stolen Generations, must then elude the authorities on a dangerous 1,500 mile adventure along the rabbit-proof fence that bisects the continent and will lead them home. As shown by this outstanding motion picture, their universally touching plight and unparalleled courage are a testament to the undying strength of the human spirit.
Rabel Girl Elizabeth Gurley Flynn Softcover

An Autobiography on the life of elizabeth flynn
Race, Class and Gender in the United States Paula S Rothenberg Softcover 1998

Rachel Carson - Silent Spring

The story and fight of woman scientist Rachel Carson against harmful pesticides commonly used in American society.
Radical Teacher: Women's Studies in 1977: Going Forward Reamy Jansen and Susan O'malley Paperback

Various articles about Women's Studies in the 1970's.
Rape Is

Rape is...

Film dealing with rape.
Rape: The Politics of Consciousness Susan Griffin Paperback
Rape--United States
"Susan Griffin has written a movingly beautiful book.... Decisively connecting feminist consciousness and religious experience, she gves us all the hope that we may live someday in a world without rape." -Unitarian Universalist World
Re-Entering Eleanor Berman
The first book specifically designed to solve the problems of women who want to get a job after a hiatus at home, Re-entering goes well beyond the usual career guide that often fails in such cases and instead makes use of the methods employed in the highly successful workshop for returning homemakers given at Hunter College. Using these techniques, job hunters whose children have passed infancy, those escaping the later "empty nest" syndrome, the newly divorced, windows, or women who simply want to augment the family income can now transform what is often a traumatic transition into a rich and rewardign period of personal growth.
In Re-entering, prospective job hunters can discover
- the best ways to overcome the initial fear associated with a return to work
-how to conquer the "catch22's" of job hunting: how to get a job when you lack experience and how to get experience if you can't get a job
-how to uncover the essential person underneath, along with hidden strengths that can yield surprising results
-the way to zero in on a definite career with an action plan that really works
a wealth of factual information on newst trens in today's job market
-an eye-opening section on the financial assistance and special programs availavle from colleges
-special techniques for women who want to make up for lost time by moving ahead fast
-invaluable advice on keeping the family back home happy
At the close of each chapter, there are firsthand accounts from re-entering women, each of whom dramatically illustrates the particular points under discussion. They offer a realistic but also inspiring picture of what these successful back-to-work strategies can accomplish, showing how the homemaker with little or no job experience can carve out arewarding career. The appendixes list state-by-state sources for counseling, education, and financial and career information, enableing women in every part of teh country to get the information and assistance they have so urgently needed.
Real Women Have Curves

Should she leave home, go to college and experience life? Or stay home, get married and keep working in her sister's struggling garment factory? It may seem like an easy decision, but for 18 year old Ana, every choice she makes this summer will change her life. At home she is bound to a mother who wants her to become someone she's not. But at school, she's encouraged by a teacher who sees her potential and adored by a boyfriend who loves her for who she is. Right now Ana may be making clothes for less shapely women. But she's about to discover that real women take chances, have flaws, embrace life and above all, have curves!
Reason and Practice Kai Nielson Hardcover

Rebel in Paradise Richard Drinnon Softcover

A biography of emma goldman
Reconstructing Gender: A Multicultural Anthology Estelle Disch book 2006
This anthology focuses on women and men in the United States and the multiple identities that comprise the lives of individuals across gender. Drawing from a wide range of sources--including research articles, essays, and personal narratives--Disch has chosen accessible, engaging, and provocative readings that represent a plurality of perspectives and experiences. By providing this multidimensional view, Disch helps students see how gender operates across numerous categories including race, sexual orientation, class, age, and disability.
Recovering Bodies: Overcoming Eating Disorders-Media Education Foundation

Film dealing with the issue of eating disorders and how to fight their growing prevalence in America today.

Recovering from Rape Linda E. Ledray Paperback
Rape Victims--Life skills guides
Rape Victims--psychology
Practical advice on overcoming the trauma and coping with police, hospitals, and court---for-survivors of sexual assult and for their families, lovers, and friends
Recovering from Workaholism...From the Inside Out Barbara Hawkins, M.S., Ed.S. Softcover 1989

Recreating Motherhood: Ideology and Technology in a Patriarchal Society Barbara Katz Rothman Hardcover
Technology - social aspects
Baby M and Baby Doe, infertility and in vitro fertilization, abortion and adoption, delayed childbearing, teenage mothers, sperm donors and surrogacy--all are manifestations of biomedical and social "advancement" with which we have become familiar in recent years. Yet they are often regarded as distinct issues, only looosely related under the rubric of reproduction.

In this powerful and moving book, Barbara Katz Rothman shows instead how they form a complex whole that demands of us in response a coherent vision--a woman-centered, class-sensitive way of understanding motherhood. We need, she says, a social policy for dealing with mothers and motherhood that is consistent with feminist politics and feminist theory.
Reflections on Gender and Science Evelyn Fox Keller Hardcover 1985

Refuse to be a Victim

Film dealing with prevention of violent crime and women's self-defense.
Reweaving the Web of Life: Feminism and Nonviolence Pam McAllister Softcover 1982

Reweaving The World: The Emergence of Egofeminism Irene Diamond Softcover 1990
The Ecofeminism Movement represents the coming together of the environmental, feminist, and women's spirituality movements out of a shared concern for the wllbeing of the Earths and all forms of life that our Earth supports. "Reweaving the World" is a major resource on ecofeminsim, gathering in a single volume articles, essays, and poetic prose pieces by the foremost writers, scholars, activists, artists, and spiritual teachers of this movement. Interweaving politics and philosophy, theory, and activism, this provacative collection advocates a restoration of harmony in a global environment damaged by a devaluation of nature and women.
Rewriting Writing: A Rhetoric and Handbook Jo Ray McCuen Hardcover 1987

Rohynol: Date Rape Drug

Film dealing with date rape drugs and their use in American society.
Room of One's Own

Based on the novel by famous woman author Virginia Woolf.

Rooms with no view Ethel Strainchamps Paperback 1971
65 women who earn their livlihood in the publishing and television industries discuss their jobs.
Rosalind Franklin and DNA Anne Sayre Paperback 1975
The first full account of Rosalind Franklin's role in the discovery of the double-helix structure of DNA.
Rosie the Riverter

Women's role during World War II, circa 1944
Rush to Judgement: The Anita Hill Story

Biographical film about the life of Anita Hill, a law professor who made sexual assault allegations against Clarence Thomas, the first African-American Supreme Court Justice.

Ruth Benedict: Patterns of a Life Judith Schachter Modell Hardcover 1983

Sarah: Plain and Tall

Film based in 1990's about a stepmother who is expected to fill multiple roles in her household as a stepmother and wife.
Saturday's Child: 36 Women Talk About Their Jobs Suzanne Seed Softcover 1973

Savage City Productions: Ending Welfare as We Know It

Film about welfare.
School Girls: Young Women, Self-Esteem and the Confidence Gap Peggy Ornstein Paperback 1994

Scilencing the Self Dana Crowley Jack Softcover

Sea and Earth: The Life of Rachel Carson Philip Sterling Paperback 1970

Searching for Angela shelton

Filmmaker Angela Shelton journeys across the United States meeting other Angels Sheltons in an effort to survey women in America. She discovers that 24 out of the 40 Angela Sheltons have been raped, beaten or molested- 25 if she includes herself. Then the filmmaker meets an Angela Shelton who tracks sexual predators and lives in the same town as the filmmaker's father who molested her and her stepsiblings for years. The filmmaker's survey of women becomes a journey of self-discovery during which she decides to finally confront her past and her own father- on Father's Day. The Angela Sheltons complete the journey by teaching the filmmaker about forgiveness, faith and the power of the human spirit, no matter what your name is. In all probability, you know someone who was abused, if you think not, meet the Angela Sheltons.
Seattle Women: A Legacy of Community Development Mildred Andrews Softcover 1984

Self Esteem Tools For Recovery Lindsey Hall Softcover 1990
This is a book for those people who no longer care to look outside themselves for sources of guidance, acceptance, and confience. It is for those people who have decided that thier coping mechanisms no longer serve their lifestyle.
Self-Image and Eating Disorders: A mirror for the Heart

Film dealing with the issue of self-image and how it relates to eating disorders.
Seneca Reflections: 150 Years of Women's Rights

At the 150th anniversary of the First Woman's Rights Convention in Seneca Falls, New York, participants and keynote speakers, women's studies scholars and historical performers, were asked to put the 1948 convention in perspective for a contemporary audience, and to reflect on its unique significance to our time. Included are the voices of Betty Friedan, Hillary Rodham Clinton, Donna Shalala, Sally Roesch Wagner, Judy Wellman, Coline Jenkins-Sahlin, Karen Staser, and others.

Seven Women: Portraits from the American Radical Tradition Judith Nies Paperback 1977

Seven Years Later: Women's Studies Programs in 1976: A Report of the National Advisory Council on Women's Educational Programs Florence Howe Softcover 1977

Sex and Caste in America Carol ANdreas Paperback

The author asserts that sexism can be eliminated only by recognizing its economic roots and by restructuring the social instituitions that define people's roles in life. Our school's deliberately steer children toward "appropriate" sex roles. Madison Avenue manipulates sexual anxieties to sell all types of products. Churches and counsellors reinforce old doctrines about the inferiority of women, while the state enforces marriage laws that are inhumane to both sexes.
Sex and Destiny: The Politics of Human Fertility Germaine Greer Softcover 1984

Sex and Temperament in Three Primitive Societies Margaret Mead Paperback 1963

Sex Discrimination in Career Counseling and Education Michele Harway Hardcover 1977

Sex in the Therapy Hour Carolyn M Bates Hardcover 1989
Book about the disturbing frequency with which sexual misconduct occurs between mental health practitioners and their patients.
Sex, Gender and Society Ann Oakley Paperback 1972

Sexism in School and Society Nancy Frazier Paperback 1973

Sexism in School and Society Nancy Frazier Softcover 1973

Sexism: The Male Monopoly on History and Thought Marielouise Janssen-Jurreit Softcover 1982

Sexual Harassment

Film dealing with the issue of sexual assault.

Sexual Harassment in High School

Film dealing with the issue of sexual harassment in high schools.
Sexual Harassment: Building Awareness on Campus

Film dealing with the issue of sexual assault on college campuses and how to go about building awareness of the issue.
Sexual Shakedown: The Sexual Harassment of Women on the Job Lin Farley Hardcover
Sexual Discrimination
Sex Discimination against women
Sex discrimination in employment
Indecent assult
Sex Discrimination Law and Legislation
Sexual Shakedown is a ground-breaking work, revealing for the first time the sexual coercion of women on the job. Lin Farley traveled the country interviewing both female employees and male employers to get at the hidden truth of the condition of today's working women, from secretary to waitress to lawyer to professor to factory worker. The story that emerges is one of the sexual blackmail, job insecurity, economic powerlessness, and fear--fear of retribution by the harasser, fear of job loss, fear of social stigma. The author explicitly describes this abuse of economic power and the very real losses and suffering endured by working women and their families.
Shirley Chrisholm Shirley Chrisholm Softcover 1970
The dynamic first black Congresswoman speaks out on her life, politics, and people
Showing Up For Life Heidi Waldrop
October 1990
A true accont of the writer's emergence from compulsive overeating, Showing Up For Life looks beyond diets. It openly describes the emotional and spiritual transformation that rehabilitated her body and soul, allowing her to lose over 160 pounds. The isolation and double life of food obsession are tenderly revealed, showing how compulsive eaters' use of food limits and controls their world. Showing Up For Life probes the reasons Heidi Waldrop began to depend on food for security and comort as well as the realization that brought her to a place wher she could give up her addiction and fce life squarely without a numbing substance. The process of a heart in transition is felt in the pages, as Heidi recounts hte emtional and social changes she faced in giving up her addiction and living at a normal weight after being obese most of the life. Freed from the compulsion to overeat, she begoan to resolve complex intimacy issues and discover a deeper richness in life.
Paperback Summer 2007

The difigured body of the female geurilla: demilitarization, sexual violence, and redomestication.

All the men are fighting for freedom, all the women are mourning their men, but some of us carried guns: A race gendered analysis of fanons psychological perspectives on war

Negotiating (In) Security: Agency, resistance and resourcefulness among girls formerly associated with sierra lenone's revolutionary united front.

politcal violence and body language in life stories of women ETA activists

brides of palestine/angels of death: Media gender and performance in the case of the palestinian female suicide bombers

Occidentalism Meets the Female suicide Bomber: Critical Reflection on recent terrorism debates

Gendering checkpoints: checkpoint watch and the repercussions of intervention.
Signs Volume 32, #2 University of Chicago Periodical Winter 2007
Articles include the Following:

Comparative Perspectives Symposium: Comparative

Rights, Reproduction, Sexuality, and Citizenship in the Ottoman Empire and Turkey

The Contentious Subject of Feminism: Defining Women in France From the Second Wave to Parity

Masculine Talk: On the Subconscious Use of Masculine Linguistic Forms among Hebrew- and Arabic-Speaking Women in Israel

The Magdaline Sisters: Evidence, Testimony...Action?

"Critical Extasy, Orgasm and Sensibility in Memoirs of a Woman of Pleasure

That the Mothers May Soar and the Daughters May Know Their Names: A Retrospective of Black Feminist Literary Criticism

The Global Assembly Line in the New Millennium A Review Essay

Remaking Families: A Review Essay

Book Reviews
Signs Volune 32, #3 University of Chicago Periodical 2007
Articles include the following:

Living on the edges: Afghan Women and Refuge Camp Management in Pakistan

Journey of the Abandoned: Endless Refugee Camp and Incurable Traumas

Abuse of Power: Sexual Exploitation of Refugee Women and Girls

Notes toward a Gendered Understanding of Mixed-Population Movements and Security Sector Reform after Conflict

Tales of Strength and Danger: Sahar and the Tactics of Everyday Life in Amari Refugee Camp, Palestine

"Acting like a Man": Adrian Piper's Mythic Being and Black Feminism in the 1970's

Producing Homonormativity in Neoliberal South Africa: Recognition, Redistribution, and the Equality Project

China's New Rural Daughters Coming of Age:
Downsizing the Family and Firing Up Cash-Earning Power in the New Economy

The Question of the Slit-Mouth Woman Contemporary Legend, the Beauty Industry, and Women's Weekly Magazines in Japan

Worrying about Vaginas: Feminism and Eve Ensler's The Vagina Monologues

Gender, Citizenship, and the Public Sphere in Postunification Germany: Experiments in Feminist Journalism

Recent Work on and by Julia Kristvea: Toward a Psychoanalalytic Social Theory
Signs-Journal of Women in Culture and Society
Paperback Summer 2006 Women and the Democratization Process in India

Feminist views on Democratization in Serbia/Western Balkans

A view from Africa-Democratization

Signs: Journal of Women and Culture in Society
Softcover Fall 2007
Zakia salime- The war on terrorism: Appropriation and subversion by Moroccan women

Bronwyn Winter- Preemtive Fridge Magnets and Other Weapons of Masculinist Destruction: The Rhetoric and Reality of Safeguarding Australia

Stephanie Kane and Pauline Greenhill- A Feminist Perspective on Bioterror: From Anthrax to Critical Art ensemble.

Janice C. H. Kim- The pacific war and working women in late colonial korea.

Orna Sasson-Levy and Sarit Amram-Katz- Gender integration in israeli officer training: Degendering and regendering military

Rosemary Marangoly George- Ordinary Violence: National lituratures diasporic aesthetics and the politics of gender in south asian partition fiction

Cihan Ahmetbeyzade- Negotiation silences in the so called low intensity war: the making of the kurdish diaspora in Istanbul

Cawo Mohamed Abdi- Convergence of Civil war and the religious right: reimaging somali women.
Signs: Journal of Women in Culture and Society
Softcover 1981

Silence for Survival

Activist and ecologist Vandana Shira is the leader of a people's movement in India that opposes "reductionist Western science." She argues that the failure of the green revolution was due to the fact that women's knowledge of traditional seed varieties was ignored. She devoted her scientific knowledge to local farming methods which recognized diversity within.
Simone Weil: A Life Simone Petrement Softcover 1976

Sisterhood is Powerful Robin Morgan Softcover 1970
An anthology og writiong from the women's liberation movement.
Sisters in Crime Freda Adler Paperback 1975
Women are committing more crimes and more violent ones then ever before, and this crime wave is growing at an alarming rate.
Skin Dorothy Allison Softcover 1994
Impassioned, personal and highly intelligent, Allison's ( Bastard Out of Carolina ) collection of published writings and addresses from the past decade examines issues of class and sexuality through the intricate lenses of autobiography and the literary experience. "I try to live naked in the world," says the writer, as she blends a tender reminiscence of her mother's death with an attempt to make sense of her mother's life. "I refuse the language and categories that would reduce me to less than my whole complicated experience," she proclaims, advancing the idea that those born "poor, queer, and despised" have an imperative to do more than simply survive. All of these finely wrought essays discuss the author's emotions and politics during years marked by poverty, abuse and the realization that her sexual nature was a threat even to lesbians and feminists. The power of the writing lies in its fluid, almost musical ability to move from one dimension to another, so that politics are laced with accounts of childhood wounds, sexual pleasures and an ongoing look at how the author's work as a writer of fiction meshes with her fervent will to speak only the truth. Strap-on dildos, backyard barbecues, family terrors, bygone lovers and the literary canon all find their way into this exuberant volume by a writer who exposes even the most painful realities with reverence and awe
Slim Hopes

Jean Kilbourne's award-winning video offers an in-depth analysis of how female bodies are depicted in advertising images and the devastating effects of those images on women's health. Addressing the relationship between these images and the obsession of girls and women with dieting and thinness, Slim Hopes offers a new way to think about life-threatening eating disorders such as anorexia and bulimia, and a well-documented critical perspective on the social impact of advertising.
Slow Motion: Changing Masculinities, Changing Men Lynne Segal Paperback 1990

Slow Motion: Changing Masculinities, Changing Men Lynne Segal Softcover 1990
This book approaches the changing nature of men's lives and experiences in a new way, by looking not at masculinity, but at specific masculinities. From tough guys to martial men, to camp, gay, black-macho, and anit-sexist men, their competing images and roles are anaylized.
From the complex and contradictory web of different male identities a new approach to sexual politics begins to emerge . Segal maintains that men's resistence to change is not simply due to psychic obstinacy or incapacity- men can and do change.
Smiling Throught Tears Pamela Freyd Softcover 1998

Social Welfare A History of the American response to Need June Axinn Paperback 2005
Social Welfare: A History of the American Response to Need, Sixth Edition describes and analyzes the ideas that have shaped the history of social welfare from the Colonial Period to present day.

Using original documents from each respective period through the current Bush Administration, this classic text examines the history of events and ideas that have shaped American social welfare policy. Coverage of economic developments, the impact of voluntarism, the impact of privatization helps students to understand the context of social welfare movements and policies, while material on trends in the justice system include the immigration debate.
Social Welfare: A History of the American Response to Need June Axinn Softcover 2005
Using original documnets from each respective period through the current Bush Administration, thuis classic text examines the history of events and ideas that have shaped AMerican social welfare policy. Coverage of economic developments, the impact of voluntarism, the imapct of privatization helps students to understand the context of social welfare movements and policies, while material on trends in the justice system include the immigration debate.
Some Are Born Great Adela Rogers St Johns Hardcover 1974
Lively and controversial tales of some of the extrodinary women of our time.
Some Reflections on Separatism and Power Marilyn Frye Softcover 1977

Soviet Women William M Mandel Paperback 1975

Speak Up! Improving the Lives of Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgendered Youth

Gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered students and their allies face unique challenges of violence and harassment in schools. Speak Up explores what these students have done to transform their schools into safer and more welcoming environments. Interviews with students, parents, teachers, administrators and national activists highlight not only the need for transformation, but offer resources and advice for those actively working for change. Featuring interviews with Judy Shepard, Danny and Julie from MTV's The Real World and actor-musician Anthony Rapp, this innovative video offers a powerful look at the ways in which individuals are reclaiming their classrooms and hallways as spaces safe for GLBT students.
speaking of women's health

Speaking Out: Women, Poverty and Public Policy Katherine A Rhoades Paperback 1998

Speaking With Authority: From Economic Security to National Security The Barbara Lee Family Foundation Softcover 2002

Spectrum: Alcohol Problem Prevention for Women by Women National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism Softcover 1981

Speculum of the Other Woman Luce Irigaray Softcover

Standard of Care For Women, The

Standpoint Center for Research on Women Softcover 2006

Step By Step: Building a Feminist Movement

This one-hour documentary traces the emergence of feminism through the life stories of eight women. Set against the backdrop of decades of war, prosperity, and reform, their testimonies weave a narrative of a mass movement evolving as personal experience yields political analysis and spurs social protest.
Still Killing Us Softly

A follow-up to Jean Kilbourne's award-winning 1979 documentary Killing Us Softly: Advertising's Image of Women, Still Killing Us Softly: Advertising's Image of Women further probes the harmful effects of stereotypical and sexist images in advertising. Kilbourne conducts a lecture within the film, displaying still images of women, men, children, and violent crime via a slide projector. By emphasizing the dehumanization of women by television's body-image obsession, Kilbourne teaches viewers how America is taught to categorize women primarily as sex objects. She arms viewers with tools for communication and suggestions for opening an empowering dialogue.
Still Waiting - Life After Katrina Ginny Martin DVD 2007
The day before Hurricane Katrina washed over Saint Bernard Parish, Connie Tipado opened her Dallas home to her extended family - all 155 of them. When they evacuated, they did not imagine that their homes would be swamped by 10 feet of water, delaying their return for months. Over steaming pots of homemade gumbo, Connie and her kin draw togehter, consoling one another in well-knotted bonds of love and reciprocity that have functioned for generations in their Afro Creole culture. But the lure of life on the bayou draws one after the other back to their ruined communities on the banks of the Mississippi. They are at first overjoyed to be back on familiar ground. But as the months drag by, their hopes for reclaiming life as it once existed look increasingly remote. The lack of government action, the reality of cramped living quarters, and the racial pressures that begin to emerge create strain and unexpected difficulties. Still Waiting draws viewers into this remarkable story of resilence, family and attachemt to place.
Story of the Hour, The - Kate Chopin

Film based on the novel by famous woman author Kate Chopin.
Storyteller Leslie Marmon Softcover 1981
Novelist, poet, essayist, photographer, cinematographer, and in every case storyteller: Leslie Marmon Silko is perhaps the most familiar and most often anthologized American Indian writer today, and her novel Ceremony is as widely recognized as any other contemporary American novel.1 In Ceremony as in all her other work to date, Silko's creative vision has been shaped in nearly equal measure by the land and by the variety of oral and written storytelling performances that were a part of her life growing up at Laguna Pueblo. According to both cultural anthropology and oral tradition, Laguna has always been one of the most adaptive pueblo communities in the Southwest, and many of the stories comprising Laguna oral tradition preserve the complex strategies of resistance and assimilation that have enabled the people to survive and adjust to myriad external pressures. Like her native Laguna, Silko's work is a study in cultural mediation2 and spirit transformation. Again and again her creative vision celebrates the transformative power of story and place, working together for life in a healing way.

Subjection & Subjectivity Diana Tietjens Meyers Softcover 1994
Diana Meyer has grapsed an idea that outhg to have been clear to us all but has eluded us until now: that explorations of a depth psychology are crucial to formulating a theory of morla personality. Moreover, that the revisions and investigations by feminists into the possibilities of an adequate thoery of perosnality afforeded by psychoanalysis is a field rife for concepts useful for the feminist projects of reorienting ethics to inclufe gender and difference
Sultana's Dream and Selections from The Secluded Ones Rokeya Sakhawat Hossain Softcover 1988

Surface Tension Meg Daly Softcover 1996
Representing a fascinating spectrum of feeling and opinions about lesbianism, the friendships women share-or fear- and the rich diversity of personal choices women make today, this collection of brash and thoughtful essays , stories, offer

What it means to be a lesbain
The impact of "sexual betrayal" by an ex-lover
Creative freedom only experienced by lesbains
Sexual dance between lesbians and straight women
Pain of reconciling one's sexual orientation with past relationships
Surviving AIDS Michael Callen Paperback 1990

Sylvia Pankhurst: A Life in Radical Politics Mary Davis Softcover

An in depth study of the spectrum of sylvia's political activism
Sylvia Plath Method and Madness Edward Butscher Paperback 1976

Tactics of Control: A womens Perspective

Film about domestic violence and the power and control tactics used by men who commit the violence.

Take Back the Night: Women on Pornography Laura Lederer Hardcover
Pornography--addresses, essays, lectures
Pornography--Social Aspects--United States
Pornography--Moral and religious aspects
Pornography--Psychological aspects
Sex crimes
Readable, thoughtprovoking collection of articles, interviews, research, and rousing calls to action by women who are leaders in the struggle to stop violence against women.
Take it From Me, Welfare is Only Part of the Story

Film about welfare which examines the under belly of poverty.
Taking the Heat: Women Firefighters

Talking It Out: A guide to groups for abused women Ginny NiCarthy, Karen Merriam, and Sandra Coffman Paperback
Family Violence
Abused wives--Services for
Self-help groups
Group counseling
Group relations training
Whether you're a counselor, mental health worker, or shelter or community activist, this book can help you become more effective in working with women in abusive relationships. Written by three experienced counselors and group leaders, this book pays special attention to the eneds of women of color, disabled women, recovering alcoholics, teenagers, religious women, and lesbians. This book is written from a feminist perspective and used in a timely handbook for the volunteer as well as the professional.
Talking to High Monks in the Snow: An Asian American Odyssey Lydia Minatoya Paperback 1992

Talking Woman Shana Alexander Paperback 1976
Collection of Ms. Alexander's essays covers just about everyone and everything of interest in the last 15 years
TARNATION Caouette, Jonathan DVD 2003 Mental Illness
Mothers and Sons
Domestic Violence
Kids in Trouble
Questioning Sexuality
coming out
coming of age
culture & Society
Interpersonal Relationships
Tarnation is a wondrous achievement, a personal essay that miraculously balances despair and tragedy with an overriding air of hopefulness. Raised by a schizophrenic mother and abusive foster parents in and around Houston, TX Jonathan Caouette escaped from his bleak surroudings by hiding behind a video camera. Since he was eleven, Jonathan obsessively documented himself and those around him, resulting in a stockpile of videotapes that appeared to have no certian purpose. Around this time, he made another dramtic discovery: he was gay. Inspired by underground horror films, musical theatre, and other forms of pop culture, Jonathan knew that he one day wanted to be a performer, and so, in his early twenties, he moved to New York City, where he acted in student films and found stability in the form of his loving boyfriend, David. When he discovered Apple's easy-to-use iMovie editing software, Jonathan began the arduous process of assembling the endless footage of his past. The result is an autobiographical documentary that defies descrption, a heart-wrenching, devastating testament to person human spirit. Even after all that his mother put him through, Caouette heroically stands behind her, which gives Tarnation its unwavering soul and makes it must-see viewing for everyone.
Teaching About Women In the Foreign Languages: French, Spanish, German, Russian Sidonie Cassirer Softcover 1975

Teaching Guide Ingrid Wendt Paperback 1981
Women Working in the arts
Teaching Guide to Accompany Household and Kin: Families in Flux Alexandra Weinbaum Softcover 1981

Teaching Guide: to accompany With These Hands Joan M Jensen Softcover 1981

Teaching the Postmodern Fiction and Theory Brenda K. Marshall Softcover 1992
This is the first introduction to postmoderism accessible enough for the undergraduate reader...
Marchall engaginly introduces the reader to key terminology and concepts - structuralism, poststructuralism, the crtitque of subjectivity, the critique of representation, intertexualtity, historiographic metafiction, and counter memory.
Teaching to Transgress: Education as the Practice of Freedom Bell Hooks Paperback 1994

Teaching Women's History Gerda Lerner Softcover 1981

Tell Them I am a Mermaid

Terror at Home

The "Undetected" Rapist

The Abortion Guide: A Handbook for Women and Men Carole Dornblaser Paperback 1982

The Alchemy of Race and Rights Patricia J. Williams Softcover

autobiographical essay in which the author reflects on the intersection of race gender and class
The American Male Myron Brenton Softcover
What are the real reasons for the War between the Sexes? What is the Sexual Revolution really about? Here is a lively and informative exploration of sexual identity in today's world that will startle many. The fears, myths, and misconceptions about male--and female--behavior are unmasked with astonishing candor.
The American Woman: Her Past, Her Present, Her Future Marie Richmond-Abbott Paperback 1979

The American Woman: Who Will She Be? Mary Louise McBee Paperback 1974

The Art of Courtly Love Andreas Capellanus Paperback 1941
Portrays life at Queen Elanor's court at Poitiers between 1170 and 1174.
The Autobiography of Alice B Toklas Gertrude Stein Paperback 1933

The Basement: Meditations on a Human Sacrifice Kate Millett Hardcover 1979

The Best Kept Secret-Sexual Abuse of Children Florence Rush
Florence Rush, a psychiatric social worker, reveals the historical patterns which have been instrumental in sanctioning and perpetuating child/adult sex through the ages.
The Biography of Alice B Toklas Linda Simon Paperback 1978

The Black Female Experience in America: A Learning/Teaching Guide Joanna Allman Softcover 1979

The Black Women's Health Book Evelyn C. White Softcover 1990, 1994
In this expanded edition of The Black Women's Health Book, more than fifty black women write abut the health issues that affect them and the well-being of their families and communities. An all new section of the book presents contributions on topics such as fibroids, the benefits of breast-feeding, skin color issues, menopause, HIV infection, the evolution of the African-American diet, non-Western healing, the Tuskegee syphilis study, and excerpts from the works of bell hooks and Toni Morrison.

These pages are filled with words of comfort, advice, inspiration and healing from a wide variety of black women writers and health care providers, including Alice Walker, Zora Neale Hurston, Byllye Y. Avery, Audre Clifton and many others. From personal accounts of dealing with health concerns such as breast cancer to community perspectives on AIDS, The Black Women's Health Book testifies to the determination of black women to be and stay well.
The Cabbridge Companion to Heidrgger Charles Guignon Softcover

The Cambridge Companion to Heidegger Charles Guignon Softcover 1993
Martin Heidegger is now widely recognized as one of the greatest philosophers of the twentieth century. He transformed mainstream philosophy by defining its central task as asking the 'question of being'. His thought has contributed to the recent turn to hermeneutics and to current postmodernism and poststructuralism. Moreover, the disclosure of his deep involvement in Nazism has provoked much debate about the relation of philosophy to politics. This new edition brings to the fore new works, as well as new approaches to scholarship. The essays cover topics such as Heidegger's conception of phenomenology, his relation to Kant and Husserl, his account of truth, and his stand on the realism/anti-realism debate. This edition includes a new preface by the editor, revised versions of several essays from the first edition, and an exhaustive and up-to-date bibliography, providing guidance for both newcomers to Heidegger's work and established scholars.
The Chalice and The Blade Riane Eisler Softcover 1987
The Chalice and The Blade tells a new story of our cultural origins. It shows that the war and "the war of the sexes" are neither divinely or biologically ordained. And it provides verification that a better future is possible- and is in fact firmly rooted in the hauting drama of what actually happened in our past.
The Change: Women, Aging and the Menopause Germaine Greer Softcover 1991

The Changing Roles of Men and Women

In Sweden, the debate on the problems of the family has progressed beyond the conflict between women's two roles-in the home and on the job-to encompass the two roles of men as well. Prepared by a team of six Scandinavian experts, this survey of contemporary attitudes of men and women at work and at home-as solid as it is provocative-serves to examine, illustrate, and dramatize the efforts on the part of the Swedish government to increase man's right to a larger position within the home, as well as women's right to a career and family.
The Church and the Second Sex Mary Daly book

The Cinderella Complex Colette Downing Hardcover 1981
UNcovers the roots of these inner fears and conflicts, and reveals how women can truly spring free, achieving a level of independance that is felt, and real and lasting.
The Concise History of Woman Suffrage Mari Jo and Paul Buhle Softcover 1978

The Cult of Thinness Sharlene Nage Hesse-Biber Softcover 2007
Whether they are rich or poor, liberal or conservative, religious of atheist, thriving or stagnant, most American women have one thing in common--they want to be thin--or thinner. And they are willing to go to extraordinary lengths to get that way, even to the point of starving themselves. Why are America's women so preoccupied with weight? Is there more to this preoccupation than weight alone? What has caused recur numbers of young women--even before they reach their teenage years--to suffer from weight obsession, poor body image, and disorder eating? Why are some young women able to resist cultural pressures to be thin when others are not? The cult of Thinness, Second Edition, answers these questions and more.

Hesse-Biber goes beyond traditional psychological explanations of eating disorders to level a powerful indictment against the social, political, and economic pressures women face in a weight-obsessed society society that is, ironically, becoming increasingly more fat while worshipping a progressively more thin ideal. Hesse-Biber examines the profit motives of corporate America that promote this paradox. Moreover, a new chapter on preteens, masculinity, ethnicity, gay and lesbian body image, ant the globalization of body image issues aligns a refined cultural study of body image with the trends found in current research studies, demographic data, and popular culture.
The Dangerous Sex: The Myth of Feminine Evil H.R. Hays Paperback 1964

The Death of Innocence: How Our Children are Endangered by the New Sexual Freedom Sam Janus Hardcover 1981

The Defenders: A History of the Birth Control Movement in Wisconsin Planned Parenthoos DVD

The Descent of Woman Elaine Morgan Hardcover 1972

The Diary of Alice James Leon Edel Softcover

Alice, the sister of Henry James, the novilist, kept a diary in the later years of her life.
The Diary of Anais Nin: Volume 2 1934-1939 Gunther Stuhlmann Paperback 1967

The Diary of Anais Nin: Volume 3 1939-1944 Gunther Stuhlmann Paperback 1969

The Diary of Anais Nin: Volume 4 1944-1947 Gunther Stuhlmann Paperback 1971

The Diary of Anais Nin: Volume 5 1947-1955 Gunther Stuhlmann Paperback 1974

The Diary of Anais Nin: Volume 6 1955-1966 Gunther Stuhlmann Paperback 1966

The Dinner Party: A symbol of our Heritage Judy Chicago Softcover 1979

The Doctrine of Selective Depravity Bruce Cutler Softcover

The Emotional Self: A Sociocultural Exploration Deborah Lupton Softcover 1998

The Englishwoman in American Isabella Lucy Bird Paperback 1966

The Eros of Everyday Life Susan Griffin Hardcover

essays on ecology, gender and society
The F Word: Women's and Gender Studies Vanderbilt University Softcover 2006

The Female Body in Western Culture Susan Rubin Suleman Paperback 1985
23 internationally noted scolars and critics in especially comissioned essays, explore these reprsentations andn their consequences for contemporary art and culture.
The Feminist Legacy of Karen Horney Marcia Westkott Paperback 1986

The Feminist Papers Alice S. Rossi and Ann Calderwood Hardcover 1973
Major writings by feminists document the movement's development and goals from the late-eighteenth to mid-twentieth century
The Feminization of American Culture Ann Douglas Paperback 1977

The Femlae Experience in America: A Learning/Teaching Guide Sharon B Lord Softcover 1979

The Gender Reader Evelyn Ashton-Jones Softcover 1991

The Gender Reader Evelyn Ashton-Jones Softcover 1991

The God of Small Things Arundhati Roy Hardcover 1997
The year is 1969. In the state of Kerala, on the southernmost tip of India, a skyblue Plymouth with chrome tailfins is stranded on the highway amid a Marxist workers' demonstration. Inside the car sit two-egg twins Rahel and Esthappen, and so begins their tale...

Armed with only the invincible innocence of children, they fashion a childhood for themselves in the shade of the wreck that is their family--their lonely, lovely mother, Ammu (who loves by night the man her children love by day), their blind grandmother Mammachi (who plays Handel on her violin), their beloved uncle Chacko (Rhodes scholar, pickle baron, radical Marxist, bottom pincher), their enemy, Baby Kochamma (ex-nun and incumbent grandaunt), and the ghost of an imperial entomologist's moth (with unusually dense dorsal tufts).

When their English cousin, Sophie Mol, and her mother, Margaret Kochamma, arrive on a Christmas visit, Esthappen and Rahel learn that things can change in a day. That lives can twist into new, ugly shapes, even cease forever, beside their river "graygreen. With finish in it. With the sky and trees in it. And at night, the broken yellow moon in it."

The brilliantly plotted story uncoils with an agonizing sense of foreboding and inevitability. Yet nothing prepares you for what lies at the heart of it.

The God of Small Things takes on big themes--love. Madness. Hope. Infinite Joy. Here is a writer who dares to break the rules. To dislocate revived rhythms and create the language she requires, a language that is at once classical and unprecedented. Arundhati Roy has given us a book that is anchored to anguish, but fueled by wit and magic.
The Grandes Dames Stephen Birmingham Hardcover 1982
Once again, the author of California Rich, Real Lace and Our Crowd has written a book as rich in colorul anecdotes and personalities as it is in its social history.
The Grandes Dames is the fascinating story of those rich and powerful women who for the better part of a century-- from the 1870's to the second world war-- ruled Amewrican society and our most cherished cultural institutions with flair, inventiveness and the sure hand of authority that make today's jet set and beautiful people seem like thin parodies. inked by money, marriage, privilege, power, and class, these women fromed a grand Amerian matriachy that dominated the social and cutural life of our nation. They were the center of high society, just as they were the center of family life, leaving to thier husbands the business of amassing colossal fortunes.
Here are the great families-- Astor, Rockefeller, McCormick, Belmont, Huntingtion, Cromwell, Gardener-- who for better or wrse froged a national identity, creating art museums, opera houses adn symphony orchestras almost as private clubs--or as public extensions of their rivate selves. These were women who knew what they wanted and precisely how to get it, and had the ability to rise serenely above all criticism, malice and jelousy. There was the formidable Caroline Astor who, when asked to deposit her fare upon boarding a streetcar, replied, "No, thankyou, I have my own favorite charities." There was Abigail Adams Homans who, while seeking refuge form a Boston blizzard, was told her husband's exclusive club could not accommodate and unescorted woman. Only after she suggested she share a room with her cabdriver did the club capitualte. Edith "Effie" Stern who, as her child approached school afe, had a school built for her. And there was the grand Isabella Stewart Gardener, who once said to a contemporary who was babbling about Mayflower ancestors, "Of course, immigreation laws are much mor strict nowadays."
Such women had looks and manners and that elusive ingredient know as style, but above all they had a snse of personal theater about them-- the sense that when one of them entered a room, something important had happened. They were The Grand Dames.
The Grandes Dames Stephen Birmingham Hardcover 1982

The Greatest Silence - Rape in the Congo Lisa F. Jackson DVD 2007
"The sexual violence in Congo is the worst in the world. The sheer numbers, the wholesale brutality, the culture of impunity - it's appalling." - John Holmes, UN

Since 1998 a brutal war has been raging in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). Over 4 million people have died, and many tens of thousands of women and girls have been systematically kidnapped, raped, mutilated and tortured by soldiers from both foreign militias and the Congolese army. Until now, the world has known nothing of their stories. A survivor of gang rape herself, Emmy-Award winning filmmaker Lisa F. Jacson has created an extraordinary film in which these brave women finally speak.
The Greening of America Charles A Reich Paperback 1970

The Handbook of Nonsexist Writing: For Writers, Editors and Speakers Casey Miller Softcover 1980

The Hazards of Being Male: Surviving the Myth of Masculine Privilege Herb Goldberg Paperback 1976

The Hebrew Goddess Raphael Patai Softcover 1978
The Hebrew Goddess demonstrates that the Jewish religion, far from being pure monotheism, contained from earliest times strong polytheistic elements, chief of which was the cult of the mother goddess. Lucidly written and richly illustrated, this third edition contains new chapters on the Shekhina.
The Hidden Malpractice: How American Medicine Mistreats Women Gena Corea Softcover 1977

The Hiding Place Corrit tenBoom Paperback 1971

The Horrors of the Half-Known Life G.J. Barker-Benfield
Male Attitudes Toward Women and Sexuality in Nineteenth-Century America
The Household Economy: Its Shape, Origins and Future Scott Burns Paperback 1975

The Impact of Feminist Research in the Academy Christie Farnham Softcover 1987

The Impossibility of Motherhood: Feminism, Indidiualism and the Problem of Mothering Patrice DiQuinzio Softcover 1999

The Jewish Woman in America Charlotte Baum Hardcover 1976

The Kaleidoscope of Gender: Prisms, Patterns, and Possibilities
book 2004
Topics include the following:

The prism of gender
The interaction of gender with other socially constructed prisms
Gender and the prism of culture
Learning and doing gender
Buying and selling gender
Tracing gender's mark on bodies, sexualities, and emotions
Gender at work and leisure
Gender in intimate relationships
Enforcing gender
Nothing is forever
The Kwan Yin: Book of Changes Daine Stein Softcover 1985
This is the long awaited version of the classical Chinese I Ching- from a women's point of view. Not just a feminist inversion of the very masculist I Ching as we know it, this is a major work of broad perspective that reveals an impressive understanding of the cosmic knowledge contained in the I Ching.
The Ladies of Seneca Falls: The Birth of the Woman's Rights Movement Miriam Gurko Softcover 1974

The Lady Laureates: Women Who Have Won the Nobel Prize Olga S. Opfell Hardcover 1978

The Lecherous Professor: Sexual Harassment on Campus Billie Wright Dzeich Hardcover 1984

The Life and Death of Mary Wollstonecraft Claire Tomalin Paperback 1974

The Life and Times of Anne Royall Sarah Harvey Porter Hardcover 1972

The Life of Mrs. Mary Jemison James E Seaver Paperback 1961

The Life of the Mind: Thinking Hannah Arendt Hardcover 1971

The Longest War: Sex Differences in Perspective Carol Tavris Softcover 1977

The Madwoman in the Attic Sandra M Gilbert Softcover 1979
Bold new interpretation of the great 19th cantury women novelists.
The Man and Woman Thing and Other Provocations George B Leonard Softcover 1970

The Managerial Woman Margaret Hennig Hardcover 1976

The Managerial Woman Margaret Hennig Paperback 1976

The Menopause Industry: A Guide to Medicine's 'Discovery' of the Mid-Life Woman Sandra Coney Softcover 1991

The Mermaid and the Minotaur: Sexual Arrangements and Human Malaise Dorothy Dinnerstein Paperback 1963

The New Male: From Macho to Sensitive but Still All Male Herb Goldberg Paperback 1979

The New Our Bodies, Ourselves: A Book by and for Women Boston Women's Health Book Collective Softcover 1984

The New Our Bodies, Ourselves: Updated and Expanded for the '90s Boston Women's Health Book Collective Softcover 1992

The New Womans Broken Heart Andrea Dworkin Softcover 1980
8 short stories
The Nonsexist Communicator: Solving the Problems of Gender and Awkwardess in Modern English Bobbye D Sorrels Softcover 1983

The Obsession: Reflections on the Tyranny of Slenderness Kim Chernin Hardcover 1980

The Politics of Realtiy: Essays in Feminist Theory Marilyn Frye Softcover 1983
These essays serve as a back drop for understanding the basic, early, and continuing perspectives of feminists. And for all of us they provide a theoretical framwork in which to read the present as well as the past
The Primacy of Perception Maurice Merleau-Ponty Softcover 1964
Studies in phenomenology and existential philosophy
The Proceedings of the International Tribunal on Crimes Against Women Diana E. H. Russell and Nicole Van de Ven
1976 women-crimes against- congresses Over 2,000 women from 40 countries gathered for this historic event. They were not appointed by parties, nor by nations, nor by any political or economic group--it was as women that they expressed themselves. By transcending overwhelming differences in nationality, culture, class, race, sexual preference, age, and politics, women from around the world moved their stuggle for liberation into an international context.
The Real Truth About Women and AIDS: How to Eliminate the Risks Without Giving Up Love and Sex Helen Singer Kaplan Softcover 1987

The Remembered Gate: Origins of American Feminism Barbara J Berg Hardcover 1978

The Right Women: A journey through the heart of conservative America Elinor Burkett Paperback
Sex discrimination against women
Despite feminist predictions that women's liberation would forge a national sisterhood steeped in common values and goals, today's most outspoken voices come from women who ironically embody the ideal of independence even as they denouce the principles of "old" feminism. Drawing on more than one hundred interviews, Elinor Burkett takes readers into the lives, mindes, and hearts of conservative women, from prominent politicians like Elizabeth Dole to gun-toting militiawomen. Neither an attack on feminism nor a defence of antifeminism, this book is an evenhanded and lively exploration of a movement that is rewriting the rules, not only for women, but for American society as a whole.
The Sacred Hoop Paula Gunn Allen Softcover

Essays about the important information about women's power in American Indian life.
The Sadeian Woman and the Ideology of Pornography Angela Carter Hardcover 1978
A daring and provocotive book about the relationship of sexuality to power.
The Sambia: Ritual and Gender in the New Guinea Gilbert Herdt Softcover 1981

The Second X: Sex Role and Social Role Judith Long Laws Softcover 1979

The Secret Trauma-Incest in the Lives of Girls and Women Diana E. H. Russell
1986 incest
incest victims
This study presents the most convincing evidence to date that both the incidence and the consequences of incest have been grossly underestimated.
The Sex-Role Cycle-Socialization from infancy to old age Ginny NiCarthy

Includes conscious-raising activities for the classroom, student research projects that replicate experiments discussed in the text, and suggestions for presenting material on sexual preference and violence toward women to the coeducational classroom. An annoteated bibliography of books and films is an additional resource for teachers and students.
The Sex-Role Cycle: Socialization from Infancy to Old Age Nancy Romer Softcover 1981

The Sexual Politics of Meat Carol J. Adams Softcover 1992
Many cultures equate meat-eating with virility, and in some societies women offer men the "best" (i.e., bloodiest) food at the expense of their own nutritional needs. Building upon these observations, feminist activist Adams detects intimate links between the slaughter of animals and violence directed against women. She ties the prevalence of a carnivorous diet to patriarchal attitudes, such as the idea that the end justifies the means, and the objectification of others. In Frankenstein , Mary Shelley made her Creature a vegetarian, a point Adams relates to the Romantics' radical politics and to visionary novels by Charlotte Perkins Gilman, Dorothy Bryant and others. Adams, who teaches at Perkins School of Theology, Dallas, sketches the alliance of vegetarianism and feminism in antivivisection activism, the suffrage movement and 20th-century pacifism. Her original, provocative book makes a major contribution to the debate on animal rights.
Copyright 1989 Reed Business Information, Inc.
The Sociology of the Languages of American Women Betty Lou Dubois Softcover 1976

The Stations of Solitude Alice Koller Hardcover 1990

The Subordinate Sex: A History of Attitudes Toward Women Vern L. Bullough Softcover 1974

The Trouble With Rape Carolyn J. Hursch Paperback
Rape--United States
"The intelligent well-informed general reader will find this volume a thoughful, ease to read, authoritative, and comprehensive description and analysis of the problem. For the mental health professional it should provide an excellent orientation to the current state of knowledge in this area and an index to the emerging new directions in investigation and action. The bibliography is wide in its coverage and could prove to be an excellent starting point for intensive analyses. The point of view that Dr. Hursch develops shows so much common sense and is so practical that I am sure that the general public will find her book to be most useful. Especially, though, police and law enforcement officials will find her treatment of the data and problem to be of inestimable help to them in carrying out their job."
The Ultimate Lesbian: Short Film Festival

Contains 10 short films full of intrigue, fantasy, suspense and, of course, sex! Contains: A Woman Reported, Dani and Alice, Frozen Smile, Everything Good, Saint Henry, Blow, Transit, Half Laughing, Tina Paulina: Living on Hope Street and The Black Plum.
The Underside of History: A View of Women through Time Elise Boulding Softcover 1976

The War Against Women Marilyn French Softcover

The White Goddess Robert Graves Softcover 1966
The White Goddess is perhaps the finest of Robert Graves's works on the psychological and mythological sources of poetry. In this tapestry of poetic and religious scholarship, Graves explores the stories behind the earliest of European deities#the White Goddess of Birth, Love, and Death#who was worshipped under countless titles. He also uncovers the obscure and mysterious power of "pure poetry" and its peculiar and mythic language.

The Wire Womb: Life in a girls penal institution Henry P. Lampman, Ph.D. Hardcover

Story of stuggle of compassionate pioneer in correctional work. THe setting is a girls' reformatory in the west. And though the time of action is never declared, the reader senses that the events took place not too long ago, that they could be taking place across the U.S. today.
The Woman and the Myth Bell Gale Chevigny Softcover 1976
Margaret Fuller's Life and Writings
The Woman Patient: Medical and Psychological Interfaces; Volume 1: Sexual and Reproductive Aspects of Women's Health Care Malkah T Notman Hardcover 1978

The Woman's Dress for Success Book John T Molloy Hardcover 1977

The Women Who

The Women Who Hate Me Dorothy Allison Softcover 1991
Allison ( Trash ) writes poems that brim with emotion, sometimes focused and tender, but more often confused and enraged. The subject in this expanded edition of her collection of poems is Allison's lesbianism. Although she mentions the freedoms denied her and her "sisters," the poet ultimately seems to care little for furthering peoples' acceptance of lesbianism. Indeed, she goes so far as to proclaim: "I do not believe anymore in the natural superiority / of the lesbian." The poet realizes, bitterly, that she has been unable to escape her past. Abused as a child, she seeks dominant lovers who like to play rough: "I have never been able to resist" a woman who "talks mean" and "makes shell-puckered hickey-bite marks." As a child, the poet's family was "despised," her mother called " no-count, low down, disgusting " ital in text for her affairs with various "uncles." Allison acknowledges that she is her "mama's daughter," with "at least as much lust / in her life as pain." The poet's imagery is explicit and jarring but her wordplay unpolished. Except for a couple of sentimental love poems, what takes precedence here is a sense of vengeance against all who "hate" her.
The Women's Health Data Book: A Profile of Women's Health in the United States, Third Edition Dawn Misra Softcover 2001

The Women's Kingdom Xiaoli Zhou DVD 2006
Keepers of one of the last matriarchal societies in the world, Mosuo women in a remote southwest Chine live beyond the strictures of mainstream Chinese culture- enjoying great freedoms and carrying heavy responsibilities.
The Women's Room Marilyn French Hardcover 1977
The bestselling feminist novel that awakened both women and men, The Women's Room follows the transformation of Mira Ward and her circle as the women's movement begins to have an impact on their lives. A biting social commentary on an emotional world gone silently haywire, The Women's Room is a modern classic that offers piercing insight into the social norms accepted so blindly and revered so completely. Marilyn French questions those accepted norms and poignantly portrays the hopeful believers looking for new truths.

The Women's Wheel of Life: Thirteen Archetypes of Woman at her Fullest Power Elizabeth Davis Softcover 1996

The Word of a Woman: Feminist Dispatches 1968-1992 Robin Morgan Hardcover 1992

The Working Mother Alice H. Cook
1978 why women work
women's jobs
women and education
equal pay
home and mother
child care
women and labor market policy
protective legislation
social welfare
social insureance
women and trade unions
individual vs social resposibility
A survey of problems and programs in nine countries
The World of Mary Cassatt Robin McKown Paperback 1972
The story of an independant and talented woman who helped revolutionize the world of art.
Thea Bowman Handing on Her Legacy Thea Bowman Softcover 1991
Reflects upon and forwards Thea's multicultural and multidisciplinary commitments to people, faith, spirtuality...
Thelma and Louise

A waitress and housewife murder a rapist and take off in a 1966 Thunderbird.
Thelma and Louise

Through the Flower Judy Chicago Hardcover 1975

To be Young Gifted and Black Lorraine Hansberry Softcover

An informal autobiography of Lorraine Hansberry
Today's Changing Roles: An Approach to Non-Sexist Teaching A National Education Association Publication Softcover 1974

Together: Stop Violence Against Women and PSA

Film about ending violence against women.

Tomboys! Feisty Girls and Spirited women

Louisa May Alcott was a tomboy, as was her heroine, Jo March, in Little Women. But Jo, like most literary tomboys, was tamed once she reached adolescence. Real-life tomboys tell a different story. In this lively, inspiring documentary, interviews with African-American teenager, Jay Gillespie; firefighter, Tracy Driscoll; lesbian artist, Nancy Brooks Brody; and political activist. "Granny D," are intercut with personal photographs and archival footage to celebrate tomboys of all ages. The connection between the rebel girl and the spirited woman is gloriously clear. Their tales of energy and enterprise are a revelation to us all.
Tongue Of Flame: The Life of Lydia Maria Child Milton Meltzer Paperback 1965

Tough Guise (abridged version)

While the social construction of femininity has been widely examined, the dominant role of masculinity has until recently remained largely invisible. Tough Guise is the first educational video geared toward college and high school students to systematically examine the relationship between pop-cultural imagery and the social construction of masculine identities in the U.S. at the dawn of the 21st century.
Toward a Feminist Theory of the State Cathatine A. MacKinnon Softcover 1989
Catherine MacKinnon's powerful analysis of politics, sexuality, and the law from the perspective of women. Using the debate over Marism and feminsim as a point of departure, MacKinnon develops a theory of gender centered on sexual subordination and applies it to the state. The result is an informed and compelling critique of inequality and a transformative vision of a direction for social change.

Emmy winner Felicity Huffman won the Best Actress Golden Globe Award for her "fiercely funny and deeply powerful" performance that is "thrilling to watch." Huffman plays Bree Osbourne, a conservative transsexual woman, who learns she is the parent of a long-lost 17 year-old son. The whells of fortune take Bree and her son on a cross-country adventure, including a memorable visit with Bree's parents, that will change both of their lives. A funny, touching, completely original look at the modern American family.
Transforming Knowledge Elizabeth Kamarck Minnich Softcover 1990

Transforming Knowledge Elizabeth Kamarck Minnich Softcover 1990
Transforming Knowledge suggests that education can serve neither the quest for knowledge nor the promise of a genuinely democratic system until some very basic intellectual errors are uncovered and corrected. Examining the heritage of a tradition created primarily by white Euro-American men who considered themselves the norm and the ideal for all humankind, Elizabeth Kamarck Minnich identifies these errors, characterizes them, and demonstrates how they work to distort and limit our knowledge. She cites work primarily by feminist scholars and activists, but also from ethnic, peace, and ecological studies, and argues that a reorientation of education and thus thinking and thus knowledge makes sense.
This book is the result of more than twenty years of work in higher education during which the author talked with thousands of faculty members, administrators, students, and community people about the necessity to transform the curriculum in this country. Drawing also on her years of work with Hannah Arendt and on Dewey, Kant, Plato, and Socrates, Minnich confronts the "dominant meaning system" that perpetuates errors in thinking, particularly faulty generalization and universalization, circular reasoning, mystified concepts, and partial knowledge.

In light of the heated debate in which such critics as William Bennett and Allen Bloom charge that a return to "the classics" is the only acceptable route for education, Transforming Knowledge offers a philosophical analysis of the cultural, intellectual, political tradition behind our curriculum. Minnich warns that it is in and through education that a culture, and polity, not only tries to perpetuate but enacts the kinds of thinking it welcomes, and discards and/or discredits the kinds it fears
Transforming the Cirriculum: Ethnic Studies and Women's Studies Johnnella E Butler Paperback 1991

Transforming Women's Education University of Wiscosin System Women's Studies Consotium Softcover

The first women students entered the University of WIsconsin in Madison, enrolled in a short-lived teacher-training program. THere were no women faculty or administrators, no women on the board of Regents overseeing the University, and no women enrolled in any other program or department.
Trauma and Recovery Judith Lewis Herman Softcover
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
The aftermath of violence--from domestic abuse to political terror.

Exploring post-traumatic stress disorder from a psychiatric viewpoint.

Bridging the worlds of war veterans, prisoners of war, battered women and incest victims, Herman presents a compelling analysis of trauma and the process of healing. She presents a convincing case for the empowerment and care of all trauma victims.
Trught and Method Hans-Georg Gadamer Softcover 1995

Truth and Method Hans-Georg Gadamer Softcover 1994
Hans-Georg Gadamer#s Truth and Method (Wahrheit und Methode, 1960) has as its major theme that truth cannot be adequately explained by scientific method, and that the true meaning of language transcends the limits of methodological interpretation. Gadamer argues that hermeneutics (the science of interpretation) is not merely a method of determining truth, but that it is an activity which aims to understand the conditions which make truth possible. According to Gadamer, the role of hermeneutics in the human sciences is not the same as the role of methods of research in the natural sciences. Hermeneutics is not merely a method of interpretation, but is an investigation of the nature of understanding, which transcends the concept of method. Truth is not something which may be defined by a particular technique or procedure of inquiry, but is something which may transcend the limits of methodological reasoning. The truth of spoken or written language may be revealed when we discover the conditions for understanding its meaning
Turning on the Lights - Student Production

Twelve American Women Elizabeth Anticaglia Hardcover 1975
atempts to reach beyond the footnotes of american history to celebrate the achievements of a handful of the many women who have made major and lasting contributions to the total life of america.
Twenty Years at Hull House Jane Addams Paperback 1960
Jane Adams graphic account of her famed settlement house in Chicago's West side slums.
Two or Three Things, But Nothing For Sure

The condensed story of acclaimed author Dorothy Allison ("Bastard Out of Carolina") who tells of her growing up poor and white in the south.

un becoming Rick Schweikert DVD


Un Becoming revolves around Emma Douglas, a woman who has everything#to lose. She is sensual, smart and driven. Painting is her life's breath. But a medical opinion threatens everything. Un Becoming explores how any woman can lose control when the voice of intuition is silenced.

Underground Railroad, The

Undetected Rapist, The

This videotape is the reenactment of pieces of interviews conducted by Dr. Lisak, the Director of Men's Sexual Trauma Research Center at the University of Massachusetts at Boston, with fraternity members during one of his studies of sexually predatory male behavior. In it, a college male explains how unsuspecting women are targeted for intoxication and rape by members of the fraternity. He uses works like "target" and "prey" to refer to the women. After dehumanizing their victims with this language, he then blames them for their own victimization. The interview indicates that these rapes are a regular occurrence on and off campus, and the rapists are usually never detected, much less punished in any way. The video closes with an analysis of the interview and the interviewee, including the tones and meanings of the language the fraternity member used to describe the rape behavior, by Dr. Lisak.
Undoing Sex Stereotypes: Research and Resources for Educators Marcia Guttentag Softcover 1976

Unequal Sisters: A Multi-Cultural Reader in US Women's History Vicki L Ruiz Softcover 1994

Union Maids

Documentary about women in the workers movement.
Unladylike and Unprofessional: Academic Women and Academis Unions Elaine Reuben Softcover 1975


Vagina Monologues 2005
Vagina Monologues
Vagina Monologues, The - HBO (2 Copies)

HBO production of Eve Ensler's play, "The Vagina Monologues" which is a collection of stories told by real women dealing with issues ranging from violence against women to rejoicing womanhood.
Vagina Monologues, The - UWL 2003 (3 copies)

Film copies of the 2003 UW-L campus production of Eve Ensler's "The Vagina Monologues
Vaginal Politics Ellen Frankfort Paperback 1972

Viaolence Against Women Vollume 3, #3 Claire Rensetti, ed. Periodical june 1997
Articles include the following:

Harm, Moralism, and the Struggle for the Soul of Feminism

Disability Pornography: The Fetishization of Women's Vulnerabilities

Predictors of Depression in Battered Women

A "Brutal Case" or "Only a Family Jar"? Violence Against Women in San Diego County, 1880-1900

Research Note:
Public Health Screening for Intimate Violence

Book Reviews:
Sexual Abuse in Nine North American Cultures: Treatment and Prevention

Sexual Assault and Abuse: Sociocultural Context of Prevention

Warrior Dreams: Violence and Manhood in Post-Vietnam America
Violence Against Wmen; Vol. 8 No. 9
Softcover Sept. 2002
The Everyday occurence: Violence in the lives of girls exploited through prostitution

Violence and Coercion in Sri Lanka's Commercial Sex Industry

Pimp Controlled Prostitution

Male customers of prostituted women
Violence Against Women
Softcover June 2006
Theorizing About Violence: Observations From the Economic and Social Research Council's Violence Research Program

Putting a Stop to Domestic Violence in the United Kingdom: Challenges and Opportunities

Who Listens? The Voices of Domestic Violence Survivors in Service Procision in the United Kingdom

A Qualitative Exploration of the Nature of Domestic Violence in Pregnancy
Violence Against Women
Softcover Aug. 2006
History of domestic violence and physical health in midlife

prevalence of male intimate partner abuse in vietnam

social support among afro trinidadian women experiencing intimate partner violence

reducing repeat victimization among high risk victimsof domestic violence

hostile sexism, type of rape, and self-reported rape, proclivity within a sample of zimbabwean Males

Violence Against Women
Softcover march 2006
Intimate Partner Violence and womens depression before and during preganancy

the improtance of spirituality in the lives of domestic violence surviviors

responding to the needs of older women experiencing domestic violence

punitive action or gentle persuasion: exploring police officers justifications for using dual arrest in domestic violence cases.
Violence Against Women Volume 12, Number 6 Claier M. Renzetti ed. Periodical June 2006
Articles include the following:

Theorizing About Violence: Observations From the Economic and Social Research Council's Violence Research Program

Putting a Stop to Domestic Violence in the United Kingdom: Challenges and Opportunities

Who Listens? The Voices of Domestic Violence Survivors in Service Provision in the United Kingdom

A Qualitative Exploration of the Nature of Domestic Violence in Pregnancy
Violence Against Women Vol.4, #3 Claire Rensetti, ed. Periodical June 1998
Articles include the following:

Violence Against Women: An Integrated, Ecological Framework

King Kong and the White Woman: Hustler Magazine and the Demonization of Black Masculinity

High School Students' Adherence to Rape Myths and the Effectiveness of High School Rape-Awareness Programs

Magnitude Scaling of Intensity of Sexual Refusal Behaviors in a Date Rape

Self-Esteem and Depression in Battered Women: A Comparison of Lesbian and Heterosexual Survivors

Book Reviews:
Sexual Assault on the College Campus: The Role of Male Peer Support

Neither Man nor Beast: Feminism and the Defense of Animals
Violence Against Women Vol.8, #3 Claire Rensetti, ed. Periodical March 2002
Articles include the following:

A Typology of Women's Use of Violence in Intimate Relationships

Improving Intimate Partner Violence Protocols for Emergency Departments: An Assessment tool and Findings

The Definitional Process of Domestic Violence in Japan:
Generating Official Response Through Action-Oriented Research and International Advocacy

Violence Against Immigrant Women: The Roles of Culture, Context, and Legal Immigrant Status on Intimate Partner Violence

Poem: M Distant Aunt...and I

Book Review:
Engendering Resistance: Agency and Power in Women's Prisons
Violence Against Women Vollume 3, #4 Claire Rensetti, ed. Periodical August 1997
Articles include the following:

Therapist Responses to Recovered and Never-Forgotten Memories of Child Sex Abuse: A National Survey of Licensed Psychologists

General and Culture Factors Influencing African American Women's Reporting Patterns and Perceived Social Support Following Sexual Assault: An Exploratory Investigation

Sexism and Sexual Harassment: Concerns of African American Women of the Christian Methodist Episcopal Church

An Empirical Classification of Motivations for Domestic Violence

The Battered Women's Movement Response to Children of Battered Women: A Critical Analysis

Book Reviews:
Elder Mistreatment: Ethical Issues, Dilemmas, and Decisions

Victimized Daughters: Incest and the Development of the Female Self
Violence Against Women Volume 3, #5 Claire Rensetti, ed. Periodical October 1997
Articles include the following:

Gender differences in Attributions of Self-Defense and Control in Interpartner Aggression

Talking Violent: A phenomenonological Study of Metaphors Pattering Men Use

Elderly Adult Survivors of Family Violence: Implications for Clinical Practice

Victim-Perpetrator Reconciliation

Research Note:
Spousal Homicide in Russia: Gender Inequality in a Multifactor Model

Book Reviews:
Homicide in Families and Other Special Populations

When Women Kill
Violence Against Women - Volume 10, Number 1
Paperback January 2004 ARTICLES:

"Just Let Him Have His Way": Partner Violence in The Lives of Low-Income Teenage Mothers

Abject Economics: The Effects of Battering and Violence on Women's Work and Employability

When Words are Not Enough: The Search For the Effect of Pornography on Abused Women.

Sexual Assault of Women: Prevention Efforts and Risk Factors

Chattles of Society: Domestic Violence in India

Violence Against Women - Volume 10, Number 2
Paperback February 2004 ARTICLES:

Violence in Indoor and Outdoor Prostitution Venues

The PEERS Story: Effective Services Sidestep Controversies

Female Prostitution, Customers, and Violence

A Comparason of Pimp- and Non-Pimp-Controlled Women

Global Woman: Nannies, Maids and Sex Workers in the New Economy

Violence Against Women - Volume 10, Number 5
Paperback May 2004 ARTICLES:

Women's Situational Coping With Aquaintence Sexual Assault: Applying an Appraisal-Based Model

Self-Defence/ Assertiveness Training, Women's Victimization History, and Psychological Characteristics

Homocide Risk Factors Among Pregnant Women Abused by Their Partners: Who Leaves the Perpetrator and Who Stays?

A Contextual Analysis of Battered Women's Saftey Planning

Understanding the Impact of Intimate Partner Violence Mandatory Reporting Law

Violence Against Women - Volume 10, Number 6
Paperback June 2004 ARTICLES:

Not an Ordinary Killer- Just an Ordinary Guy: When Men Murder and Intimate Women Partner

Female-Perpetrated Femicide and Attempted Femicide: A Case Study

Understanding Women's Heightened Risk of Violence in Common Law Unions: Revisiting the Selection and Relationship Hypothesis

Making Sociological Sence out of Trends in Intimate Partner Violence: The Social Structure of Violence Against Women

Violence Against Women - Volume 10, Number 8
Paperback August 2004 ARTICLES:

Canadian Domestic Violence Policy and Indian Immigrant Women

Regional and Cultural Utility of Conventional Batterer Councling

Child Maltreatment Investigations Among Aboriginal and Non-Aboriginal Families in Canada

Partner Violence and Child Custody Cases: A Cross-National Comaparason of Legal Reforms and Issues

Violence Against Women - Volume 10, Number 9
Paperback September 2004 ARTICLES:

Welfare Reform, Domestic Violence, and Employment: What Do We Know and What Do We Need to Know?

"I Couldn't Go Anywhere": Contexualizing Violence and Drug Abuse: A Social Network Study

Battered Women's Multitude of Needs: Evidence Supporting the Need For Comprehensive Advocasy

The Impacet of Father-To-Mother Aggression on the Structure and Content of Adolescents Perceptions of Themselves and Their Parents

The Coverage of Rape in the Israeli Popular Press

Violence Against Women - Volume 11, Number 3
Paperback March 2005 ARTICLES:

Barriers to Domestic Violence Help Seeking: Implications for Intervention

Women's Resources and Use of Stratagies as Risk and Protective Factors for Reabuse Over Time

Knowledge and Attitudes About Intimate Partner Violence Among Immigrant Latinos in Rural North Carolina: Baseline Information and Implications for Outreach

Individual, Family, and community Risk Markers for Domestic Violence in Peru

Understanding Women's Labeling of Unwanted Sexual Experiences With Dating Partners: A Qualitative analysis

Violence Against Women - Volume 11, Number 5
Paperback May 2005 ARTICLES:

Justice From the Victim's Perspective

Gendered Violence and Restorative Justice: The Views of Victim Advocates

Sita's Trousseau: Restorative Justice, Domestic Violence, and South Asian Culture

Saftey Confrencing: Toward a Coordinated and Inclusive Response to Safeguard Women and Children

Incoporating Feminist Theory and Insights Into a Restorative Justice Response to Sex Offenses

Violence Against Women - Volume 8, Number 5
Paperback 2002 ARTICLES

Self-Reports of Sexual, Physical and Nonphysical Abuse Perpetration: A Comparason of Three Measures.

Battered Women Speak Out: Welfare Reform and Their Decisions To Disclose.
Patterns of Assault in a Sample of Recent Rape Victims

Separation Assault in the Context of Postdivorce Parenting: An Integrating Review of the Liturature

Violence Against Women Vol 10 No 10
Violence Against Women Vol 11 No 9
Softcover Sept. 2005

Interviewing clinicians and advocates who work woth sexual assault survivors

Intimate partner violence, substance use and HIV among low income women

Prosecutorial perspectives on gender bias hate crimes
Violence Against Women Vol 3 No 6
Softcover Dec. 1997
Special Issue:
Intimate relationship status variations in women abuse
Violence Against Women Vol 5 No 6
Softcover June 1999
Specail Issue:

Violence against south asian women, part 2
Violence Against Women Vol 8 No 6
Softcover June 2002 Special issue Health care and domestic violence
Violence Against Women Vol 8 No 7
Softcover july 2002

The relationship between intiimate partner violence and the ude of addictive substances in poor and homeless single mothers

An emperical investigation of the psychological sequelae of childhood sexual abuse

A Case study of responses to rural women battering

Complexity of patterns of violence against women in heterosexual relationships
Violence Against Women Vol. 10 No. 2
Softcover Feb. 2004
Violence in indoor and outdoor prostitution venues

effective services sidestep the controversies

female prostitution, customers and violence
Violence Against Women Vol. 10 No. 5
Softcover May 2004

Women's situational coping with acquaintence sexual assault

Self defense training

Hmocide risk factors among pregnant women abused by their partners.

Violence Against Women Vol. 10 No. 6
Softcover June 2004
Articles Involving:

Lethal and non-lethal violence against women by intimate partners: Trends and prospects in the United Kingdom, and Canada.
Violence Against Women Vol. 10 No. 8
Softcover Aug. 2004
Articles on:

Services for battered women and batterers

Domestic violence and child welfare

Violence Against Women Vol. 10 No. 9
Softcover Sept. 2004
Welfare reform, domestic violence, and emplayment

Contextualizing violence and drug abuse

Battered women's multitude of needs

The impact of father-to-mother aggression

The coverage of rape in the Israli popular press
Violence Against Women Vol. 11 No. 3
Softcover March 2005

Barriers to domestic violence help seeking

Individual, Family, and Community risk markers for domestic violence in Peru

Understanding Womens labeling of unwanted sexual experiences with dating partners
Violence Against Women Vol. 11 No. 5
Softcover 2005
Justice from the victim's perspective

Gendered violence and restorative justice

Sita's Trousseau: Restorative justice, domestic violence, and south asian culture

Saftey Confrencing: Toward a coordinatied and inclusive response to safeguard women adn children

Incorporating femisist theory and insights into a restorative justice response to sex offenses
Violence Against Women Vol. 4, # 2 Claire Rensetti, ed. Periodical April 1998
Articles include the following:

Woman Abuse in South Africa An Exploratory Study

Tensions in Providing Services to South Asian Victims of Wife Abuse in Toronto

Gender and Contextual Factors in Adolescent Dating Violence

Victims of Dating Violence Among High School Students: Are the Predictors Different for Males and Females?

Coping Appraisals and Adjustment to Nonstranger Sexual Assault

Book Reviews:

Date Rape: Feminism, Philosophy, and the Law
Public Heroes, Private Felons: Athletes and Crimes Against Women

Violence Against Women Vol. 4, #1 Claire Rensetti, ed. Periodical February 1998
Special Issue: Women, Violence, and the Media
Articles include the following:

Jane Tennison and the Feminist Police Procedural

"That Wasn't Even Me They Showed": Women as Criminals on America's Most Wanted

Crack Mothers at 6: Prime-Time News, Crack/Cocaine, and Women

The Relative Visibility of Rape Cases in National Popular Magazines

Tailhook and the Construction of Sexual Harassment in the Media: "Rowdy Navy Boys" and Women Who Made a Difference

Playing Gender Against Race Through High-Profile Crime Cases: The Tyson/Thomas/Simpson Pattern of the 1990's

Book Review:

Representing O.J.: Murder, Criminal Justice and Mass Culture
Violence Against Women Vol. 8 No. 10
Softcover Oct. 2002
Silencing state sponsored rape in and beyond a transnational guatemalean community

growin up sexualized: issues of power and violence in the lives of female exotic dancers

speaking silence: definitional dialogues in abusive lesbian relationships
Violence Against Women Vol. 8, #4 Claire Rensetti, ed. Periodical April 2002
Articles include the following:

A Cost-Benefit Analysis of the Violence Against Women Act of 1994

A Risk Marker Analysis of Wife Assault in Latino Families

Correlates of Poverty and Partner Abuse Among Women on Methadone

To Love Violently: Strategies for Reconciling Love and Violence

Pharanoic Circumcision Under Patriarchy and Breast Augmentation Under Phallocentric Capitalism: Similarities and Differences

Book Reviews:

Female Genital Mutilation: A Guide to Laws and Policies Worldwide

Rape on the Public Agenda: Feminism and the Politics of Sexual Assault
Violence Against Women Vollume 4, #4 Claire Rensetti, ed. Paperback August 1998
Articles include the following:

Separate and Intersecting Realities: A Comparison of Men's and Women's Accounts of Violence Against Women

Men's Sexual Aggression in Marriage: Couple's Reports

Abused Women: Help-Seeking

A Post-Structuralist Review of the Theoretical Literature Surrounding Wife Abuse

Predictors of Tolerance of Sexual Harassment Among Male U.S. Army Soldiers

Research Note:
Holding Men Accountable for Prostitution The Unique Approach of the Sexual Exploitation Education Project (SEEP)

Book Reviews:
Sexual Coercion in Dating Relationships

Rape and Society: Readings on the Problem of Sexual Assault
Violence Against Women-An International and Interdisciplinary Journal
African American women at the crossroads of violence

Urban Adolescent Mothers

Peritraumatic Responses of Female Crime Victims

Violence against women in Asian Societies

Violence Against Women-An International and Interdisciplinary Journal
DVD August 2005 Child Custody determinations among couples with a history of intimate partner violence

Violence Against Women-An International and Interdisciplinary Journal
Paperback July 2005 The many faces of violence in the lives of racialized immigrant girls

Restraining Orders in CA

Flawed theory and method in studies of prostitution

Prostitution harms women even if indoors

Violence Against Women-An International and Interdisciplinary Journal
DVD June 2005 Battered women in India

Ethnographic evidence from rural sounth India

Teaching about women's resistance to violence

Training Police Officers on Violence and Racism

Violence Against Women: Vol. 12, #5.
Softcover May, 2006
Articles include the following:

Murder in Cuidad Juarez: A Parable of Women's Struggle for Human Rights.

Dating Agression, Sexual Coercion, and Aggression-Supporting Attitudes Among College Men as a Function of Participating in Aggressive High School Sports.

The Impact of Sexual Abuse in the Lives of Young Women Involved or At Risk of Involvement With the Juvenile Justice Sysytem.

Responding in Their Best Interests: Contextualizing Women's Coping With Acquaintance Sexual Agression.

The Pheneomenology of Meditation for Female Survivors of Intimate Partner Violence.

From Madness to Mutiny: Why Mothers are Running From the Fmaily Courts--and What can be Done About It.
Violence Against Women: An international and interdisciplinary journal Sage International Magazine
Violence against women
Child Abuse
Interpersonal Violence
Articles Include:

Bringing women's voices to the center: innovative methods in violence against women research.

A web in the patriarchal clan system: tactics of intimate partners in the japanese sociocultural context

Disclosure of child abuse in conflict areas

The critical path of women affected by family violence in latin america: case studies from 10 countries

Experiencing interpersonal violence: perspectives of sexually active, substance-using women living in shelters and low-income housing

Immigrant latinas conceptualizations of intimate partner violence
Violence Against Women: An international and interdisciplinary journal Sage International Magazine
Articles Include:

Battered mothers speak out: Participatory human rights documentation as a model for research and activism in the united states

The framing safety project: photographs and naratives by battered women

Through black eyes: African american women's constructions of their experiences with intimate male partner violence

Considering the interplay of cultural context and service provision in intimate partner violence: The case of haitian immigrant women
Violence Against Women: An International and Interdisciplinary Journal Vol 11, Number 9 Sage Publication Softcover 2005

Violence Against Women: The Bloody Footprints Pauline B. Bart Paperback 1993
Violence against women permeates our society at every level and in every setting.
Violence Against Women: Vol. 10 No. 1
Softcover Jan, 2004

"I Just Le tHim Have His Way": Partner violence in the lives of low-income, teenage mothers

Abject Economics: The effects of battering and violence on women's work and employability

When words are not enough: The search for the effect of pornography on abused women

Sexual assault of Women: Prevention efforts and risk factors
Violence Against Women: Vol. 12, #4.
Softcover April 2006
Articles include the following:

Gender Equality and Womwn's Absolute Status: A Test of the Feminist Models of Rape.

Coping and Violence Exposure as Predictors of Psychological Functioning in Domestic Violence Survivors.

Arresting Developments: Trends in Female Arrests for Domestic Violence and Proposed Explanations.

Electroshock as a Form of Violence Against Women.

Gender, Categories, and Science-as-Usual: A Critical Reading of Gender and PTSD edited by R. Kimerling, P. Ouimette, & J. Wolfe.

Dark Side of the Nation: Essays on Multiculturism, Nationalism and Gender.

Violence Against Women: Vol. 5 No. 5
Softcover May 1999

Medicolegal Respinse to Violence Against WOmen in India

Marking Bodies, Reproducing Violence: A feminist Reading of Female infanticide in South India

Domestic Dangers: Approaches to Women's Suicide in Contemporary Maharashtra, India

Making Sex Violent: Love as a force in Recent Hindi Films
Violence Against Women: Vol. 5 No. 7
Softcover Nov. 1999

Provision and Exclusion: The Dual Face of Services to Battered Women in Three Deep South States

Violence Against Women in Disasters: A Study of Domestic Violence Programs in the US and Canada

Domestic Violence in the Vietnamese Immigrant Community: An Exploratory Study

Teaching Women A Lesson: Sexually Agressive and Sexually non-agressive Men's Perceptions on Date Rape

Persistence, Intensity, and Areal Extent of Violence Against Women: Baltimore City, 1992-1995
Violence Against Women: Vol. 7 No. 10
Softcover Oct. 2001

Anatomy of a Massacre: Gender, Power, and Punishment in Revolutionary Paris

Effects of Intimate Partner Violence Versus Poverty on Women's Health

The Process of Ending Abuse in Intimate Relationships: A Qualitative Exploration of the Transtheoretical Model

Violent Offenders on Probation

Achieving Successful Collaboration in the Evaluation of Sexual Assault Prevention Programs
Violence against Women: Vol. 7 No. 11
Softcover Nov, 2001

Violence, Injury, and Presentation Patterns In Spousal Sexual Assaults

Marital Rape: A Student Assesment of Rape Laws and Martial Exemption

Disclosure Patterns of Black Female Sexual Assault Survivors

Intimate Partner Violence in Jamaica: A Descriptive Study of Women Who Access the Servicesof the Women's Crisis Centre in Kingston

Control and the Dalkon Shield
Violence Against Women: Vol. 7 No. 7
Softcover July 2001
European research on the prevalence of violence against women

Reflections of the reproduction and transformation of gender differences among women in the shelter movement in germany

Violent men as good-enough fathers? A look at England And Sweeden

Security Matters: Domestic violence and public social services

Femicide in the name of honor in turkey

Men in transition: the representation of mens violence against women in greenland
Violence Against Women: Vol. 7 No. 8
Softcover Aug. 2001

The Impact of Sexual Assault, Sexual Assault Perpetrator Type, and Location of Sexual Assault on Ratings of percieved Saftey

Rape- Accepting Attitudes: Precursors to or Consequences of Forced Sex

Attitudes Toward Marital Violence: An Examination of Four Asian Countries

Violence Against Women: Vol. 7 No. 9
Softcover Sept. 2001

Culture of honor, culture of change: A feminist analysis of honor killings in rural turkey

Nationalism, war, and archaizationof gender relations in the balkans

Seeking Informational Support: Marital Violence Against Women in Greece The Opression if Women in India

Equality and Truth of Brahma

Violence against Women: Vol. 8 No. 2
Softcover Feb 2002

Assisting women victims of violence who experience multiple barriers to service

Missing Voices: Patterns of bettered women's satisfaction with criminal legal system
Violence Against Women: Vol. 8 No. 5
Softcover May, 2002

Self reports of sexual, physical, and nonphysical abuse perpetration: A Comparison of three different measures

Battered Women Speek Out: Welfare Reform and their decisions to disclose

Patterns of assault in a sample of recent rape victims

Separation assault in a sample of recent rape victims

Separation assault in the context of postdivorce parenting
Violence Against Women: Vol. 8 No. 8
Softcover Aug 2002

Protecting the Child and the Family: Integrating Domestic Violence Screening Into a Child Advocacy Center

Martial Violence Victimization and Perpetration Among Women Substance Abusers: A Descriptive Study

Adolescents at Work: Gender Issues and Sexual Harassment

Social Construction of Women as Legitimate Victims of Violence in Chinese Societies.
Violence Against Women; Vol. 7 No. 12
Softcover Dec, 2001

The Paradox of Women Arrested for Domestic violence

Supporting battered women involved with the court system

Healing the wounds of domestic abuse

The relationship between parents' violence against daughters and violence by other perpetrators

Impulsive but violent? Are componets of the adhd syndrome associatied with agression in relationships
Virginia Wolf Quentin Bell Paperback 1972

Visibly Female Hillary Robinson Paperback 1988

Votes for Women

This selection of includes portraits of many individuals who have been frequently requested from the holdings of the Prints and Photographs Division and the Manuscript Division of the Library of Congress dealing with women's suffrage. Also featured are photographs of suffrage parades, picketing suffragists, and an anti-suffrage display, as well as cartoons commenting on the movement--all evoking the visible and visual way in which the debate over women's suffrage was carried out.
Wage Slaves: Not Getting By in America

This eye-opening, two-hour INVESTIGATIVE REPORTSTM shows what it is like to work full time and remain forever hovering near the poverty line. In preparing her bestselling book, Nickel and Dimed in America, author Barbara Ehrenreich embarked on a grim odyssey through three cities and half a dozen minimum wage jobs. What emerges is a view of the American experience many of us would prefer to ignore, a rare look at how prosperity appears from the bottom looking up, and a critical examination of the policies that shape the harsh realities of life among the working poor.
Waging a Living

More than 30 million Americans, one in four workers, are stuck in jobs that pay less than the federal poverty level for a family of four. Waging a Living chronicles the day-to-day battles of four low-wage earners struggling to earn enough to pay their bills. Shot over a three year period in the northeast and California, this observational documentary captures the dream, frustrations and accomplishments of a diverse group of people who strain to live from paycheck to paycheck. By presenting an unvarnished look at the barriers that these workers must overcome to lift their families out of poverty, Waging a Living offers a sobering view of the elusive American Dream.
Wal-Mart: The High Cost of Low Price

Everyone has seen Wal-mart's lavish television commercials, but have you ever wondered why Wal-Mart spends so much money convincing you it cares about your family, your community, and even its own employees? What is it hiding? Wal-Mart: The High Cost of Low Price takes you behind the glitz and into the real lives of workers and their families, business owners and their communities, in an extraordinary journey that will challenge the way you think, feel and shop.
War at Home, The

Domestic Violence in the Military from a 60 minutes show.
Warrior Marks: Female Genital Mutilation and the Sexual Blinding of Women Alice Walker Hardcover
genital mutilation Describes a unique filmmaking journey, from Alice Walker's first letter to Pratibha Parmar proposing the idea of the film to many journal entries and observations each of them made along the way. From California to England to Senegal, The gambia, and Burkina Faso, Warrior Marks folows Walker and Parmar as they interview people who are concerned with and affected by the practice of female genital mutilation.
We Are Not Alike - Bell's Interpersonal Styles of People of Color

Bell's Interpersonal Styles of People of Color RAC - Dean of Students
Wearing Hijab

In America, there are many misconceptions about Islam, particularly concerning its distinctive veil known as Hijab. But how do Muslim women in this country who wear Hijab feel about it? In this program, six Muslim women from six different ethnic backgrounds discuss their relation to this traditional garment, as well as what it means in a more general way to practice Islam in the US. Interviews with spouses and family members also shed light on the spiritual and cultural dimensions of this practice.

Websters First Intergalactic Wicidary of the English Language Mary Daly Softcover 1987
Mary Daly's brilliant, wild, and humor-filled weave of words, which frees the English language from its patriarchal and confining patterns by weaving a fascinating, feminist, linguistic revolution.
What Are Little Girls Made Of?: The Roots of Feminine Stereotypes Elena Gianini Belotti Hardcover 1976

What Can She Know: Feminist Theory and the Constuction of Knowledge Lorrine Code Softcover 1991
Lorraine Cpde addresses one of the most controversial questions in contemporary theory of knowledge, a question of fundamental concern for feminist theory as well: Is the sex of the knower epistemologically signifigant? Responding in the affirmative, Code offers a radical alternative to mainstream philosophy's terms for what counts as knowledge and how it is to be evaluated
Code first reviews the literature of established epistemologies and unmasks the prevailing assumption in Anglo-American philosophy that "the knower" is a valuefree and ideologically neutral abstraction.
What Can You Do With a Womens Studies Degree Vol. 1

CD-Rom featuring careers of women with degrees in Women's Studies.
What do Women Want: Exploding the Myth of Dependency Luise Eichenbaum Paperback 1983

What Women Want

During the spring of 2000, eleven girls aged 8 to 16 from a variety of socio-economic backgrounds and two classrooms of middle and high school students were interviewed about their views on media culture and its impact on their lives. Their insightful and provocative responses provide the central theme of the film, a half-hour examination of how the media represents girls. Juxtaposing footage culled from a typical week of television broadcasting with original interviews, What a Girl Wants will provoke debate and, ideally, act as a catalyst for change in the media content.

What's Cookin

What happens when the families come together for Thanksgiving? Almost anything! Sit back, relax and enjoy this "generous and charming" (The New York Times) tale of four very different families, as they cook up some tasty holiday surprises: love, betrayal and even a few outrageous secrets! And, ultimately, discover the astonishing power love has to reconnect us all.
When Battered Women Kill Angela Browne Softcover

When Children Do the Work

The part child labor still plays in our global economy is the focus of this video, which highlights U.S. government support for factories in Honduran free trade zones, which make clothing for well-known U. S. companies; and the struggles of the carpet children in Pakistan, including efforts by labor organizer Ehsan Ullah Khan and former child laborer Iqbal Masih. Women labor union members in the United States, demonstrating to stop these practices, are also shown. Hosted by Will Durst.
When Love Goes Wrong Ann Jones Paperback 1993
Millions of women each year find themselves in relationships with controlling or abusive partners and don't know what to do, or even what's wrong. A woman may feel anxious, inadequate, intimidated- and as if she is walking on tiptoe. And she may find herself trying harder and harder to make things right without ever being successful. Ann Jones and Susan Schechtner bring together their more thatn fifteen years of experience working with women in abusive relationships to offer an eye opening analysis of controlling partners and a wealth of empowerering information for women who want to change their lives for the better.
When Love Hurts

Film dealing with dating violence for high school use.
When Society Becomes an Addict Anne Wilson Schaef Hardcover 1987

When the Bough Breaks: Pregnancy and the Legacy of Addiction Kira Corser Hardcover 1993

Where We Stand: Class Matters Bells Hooks Softcover 2000
Where we stand is a powerful new book. For years we have turned to Bells Hooks, feminist social thinker....

Why is it that the face of poverty in America is a black face, even though most of the thirty-six million poor in America are white? How do fantasties of wealth's power help keep the poor poor? WHat do black teens want, and how do they learn to want it? Are wealthy black Americans any more aware of class issues thatn wealthy whites? WHy do we need so much money, after all?

Drawing on both her roots in Kentucky and her adventures with Manhattan coop boards, bells hooks provideds a successful black women's relection - personal, straightforward, and rigorously honest- on how our dilemmas of class and race are interrwined, and how we can find ways to think beyond them.
Why Me? Help for victims of child sexual abuse (even if they are adults now) Lynn B. Daugherty, Ph.D. Paperback
Child Sexual Abuse
Recovering from child sexual abuse
Help for victims of child sexual abuse (even if they are adults now). This book was written to be read by victims of child sexual abuse who are now teenagers or adults. It is also intended for counselors or other people who want to understand and help these victims.
Why would a girl go into medicine? - Medical Education in the United States: A Guide for Women Margaret A Campbell, M.D. Softcover 1973

Wildfire: Igniting the ShE/Volution Sonia Johnson Softcover 1989

Window Dressing on the Set: Women and Minorities in Television United States Commission on Civil Rights Softcover 1977

Wisconsin Women: A Gifted Heritage Wisconsin State Division AAUW Softcover 1982

Witchcraze: A New History of the European Witch Hunts Anne Llewellyn Barstow Paperback 1994

With Babies and Banners

The victory of the Great General Motors Sit-Down Strike in Flint, Michigan, in 1937 was the key to the success of the CIO's drive for industrial unionism. The now classic "With Babies and Banners" presents the untold story of the women--the working women, wives, mothers and sisters--who became the backbone of the strike. Forty years later, nine of these women reunite and dramatically show the relevance of their experience for working men and women today.
With These Hands: Women Working on the Land Joan M Jensen Softcover 1981

Woman as Force in History Mary R Beard Paperback 1946

Woman Hating Andrea Dworkin Paperback 1947

Woman in Science H.J. Mozans Softcover

First published in 1913, Mozans's book is an engaging and well-documented account of women's achievements in the various branches of science, beginning with ancient Greece and continuing into Roman times, the medieval convents, Raissance society, and the university laboratories of the Victorian era.
Woman of Tomorrow Kathy Keeton Hardcover 1985

Woman Spirit: A Guide to Women's Wisdom Hallie Iglehart Softcover

Woman's "True" Profession: Voices from the History of Teaching Nancy Hoffman Softcover 1981

Woman's "True" Profession: Voices from the history of teaching Charol Shakeshaft Paperback

Woman's Consciousness, Man's World Sheila Rowbotham Paperback 1973

Woman's Estate Juliet Mitchell Softcover 1971
describes the organization of women's liberation in western europe and in america and to locate the areas of women's oppression. Part 2 presents her own theories.
Woman's Place is at the Typewriter: Office Work and Office Workers 1870-1930 Margery W Davies Paperback 1982

Woman's Place: Option and Limits in Professional Careers Cynthia Fuchs Epstein Paperback 1970

Woman's Place: Options and Limits in Professional Careers Cynthia Fuchs Epstein Paperback 1970

Woman, Society and Change Sullerot, Evelyne
Women now enjoy most of the privileges of citizenship in the majority of developed countries today. Inequalities still remain, however, in professional education and also in the accepted view of woman's sexual role and in the restrictions of domestic life.

Rather than limit herself to indignation, Evelyne Sullerot offers here a book that is above all informative. Her treatment of her subject is comprehensive, ranging from the great changes that have taken place in the role of women at work and at home to the significant changes brought about by advances in technology such as the many contraceptive devices and the pill.

Woman, Society and Change Sullerot, Evelyne
Women now enjoy most of the privileges of citizenship in the majority of developed countries today. Inequalities still remain, however, in professional education and also in the accepted view of woman's sexual role and in the restrictions of domestic life.

Rather than limit herself to indignation, Evelyne Sullerot offers here a book that is above all informative. Her treatment of her subject is comprehensive, ranging from the great changes that have taken place in the role of women at work and at home to the significant changes brought about by advances in technology such as the many contraceptive devices and the pill.

Women & Criminal Justice Volume 15, # 2
Periodical 2004
Articles include the following:

Meda Chesney-Lind: The Mother of Feminist Criminology

Management Strategies When Working with Female Prisoners

Little Women: Girls in Adult Prison

Missing Faces: Are Historical Institutionalism the Answer for Conducting Intersectional Research?

Book Review
Women at Midlife: Life Experiences an Implications for the Helping Professions
Women & Criminal Justice Volume # 1/2
Periodical 2004
Content Includes....

Probation Officer's Views on Supervising Women Probationers

Women Police Stations as a Dispute Processing System:
The Tamil Nadu Experience in Dealing with Dowry-Related Domestice Violence Cases

Self- Reports of Tramatic Events in a Random Sample of Incarcerated Women

Women Prisioners at the Dawn of the 21st Century
Women & Criminal Justice Volume 15 # 3/4
Periodical 2004
Article include the following

Witnessing an Accidential Shooting at the Police Training Academy: Proffesional and Psychological Outcomes

Regulating Legal Misconduct in the Commonwealth of Virginia: The Gender Influence

Women Police Officers and the Use of Coercion

Marginality or Neglect: An Exploratory Study of Policies and Programs for Aging Female Inmates

Is There a Difference? Exploring Male and Female Correctional Officer's Definition of and Response to Conflict Situations
Women Abuse Globally

Film dealing with violence against women from a global perspective.
Women and Art Elsa Honig Fine Hardcover 1978
A history of women painters and sculptors from the renaissance to the 20th century
Women and Criminal Justice

Women and Education McGill Journal of Education Softcover 1975

Women and Environments
International Magazine Spring/Summer 2001 Women and Planning In Britain

Community Development

Transportation and Welfare Reform in the U.S.

Community for aging women in Australia

Women and Equality: Chaning Patterns in American Culture William H Chafe Hardcover 1977

Women and Fatigue: Life-Changing Help for Your Personal Energy Crisis Holly Atkinson, MD Paperback 1985

Women and Health: Obstetrical Intervention and Technology in the 1980's Diony Young Paperback 1983 obstetrics A collection of informative articles revolving around the topic of obstetrics.
Women and Health: The journal of women's health care
Softcover 1982

Women and Indians on the Frontier, 1825-1915 Glenda Riley Softcover 1984
Pioneer women going west carried distinct images of themselves and of American Indians. Their views reflected stereotypes pervading the popular literature and journalism of the nineteenth century: women were weak and defenseless, their westward trek was a noble mission, and American Indians were savages. But as a result of their frontier experience, many women changed or discarded their earlier opinions. This book is the first account of how and why pioneer women altered their self-images and their views of American Indians.
Women and Literature: An Annotated Bibliography of Women Writers The Women and Literature Collective Paperback 1976

Women and Male Violence Susan Schechter

Battered Women's Movement
Battered Women

The Visions and struggles of the battered women's movement. This book takes an in-depth look at battering and the social movement against it. It describes not only the horrifying experiences of victims, but the powerful movement that demands an end to violence against women and permanent changes in the conditions of women's lives.
Women and Male Violence Susan Schechter
The visions and struggles of the battered women's movement.
Women and Male Violence Susan Schechter Softcover 1982
Women and Male Violence takes an in-depth look at battering and the social movement against it. It describes not only the horrifying experiences of victims, bu the powrerful movement that demands an end to violence against women and permanent changes in the conditions of women's lives.
Women and Management: An Expanding Role Donald O Jewell Hardcover 1977

Women and Minorities in Banking: Shortchanged/Update Council on Economic Priorities Hardcover 1976

Women and Nature Susan Griffin Softcover 1978
This book is about memory and mutilation, female anger as power, female presence as transforming force. It embraces ritual and science, history and imagination, caling up the voices and body of our earth and restoring to us knowledge of her beauty and our own. In one of the infinite false polartities of partiarchy, both the expoliter-rapists and the sexist ecology movement have lumped women and nature together in a view negative for both.
Women and Poverty Barbara C Gelpi Softcover 1986

Women and Social Change in America Joan D Mandle Softcover 1979

Women and Social Policy Constantina Safilios-Rothschild Paperback 1974

Women and Spirituality - PBS

Part of a PBS special dealing with women and religion.
Women and Success: The Anatomy of Achievement Ruth B Kundsin Softcover 1974

Women and the Arts: Arts in cociety Volume 11 No. 1 (2 copies)
Softcover 1974
Discusses, interprets, and illustrate, the various function of s of the arts in contemporary civilization.
Women and the Cinema Karen Kay and Gerald Peary Paperback 1976
45 essays concerning women and film
Women and the Crisis in Sex Hormones Barbara Seaman Hardcover 1977

Women and the Power to Change Florence Howe Hardcover 1975

Women and The Public Interest-An Essay on Policy and Protest Jessie Bernard
Dr. Bernard writes knowledgeably and sympathetically about what women can and should do to change public policy and achieve their goals. She combs the sociological and related literatures to document and analyze women's special burdens and disadvantages in American society and concludes that a radical redrawing of sex roles is necessary. A generally friendly discussion of the recent women's liberation movement, including portraits of some of its leaders drawn from personal interviews is also included.
Women and the Workplace: The Implications of Occupational Segregation Martha Blaxall Paperback 1976

Women and Their Sexuality in the New Film Joan Mellen Paperback 1973
Book about the treatment of women in films
Women and Their Sexuality in the New Film Joan Mellen Paperback 1976

Women and Work

Film dealing with the role of women in the workforce in postwar economy.
Women and Work in America Robert W Smuts Paperback 1959

Women Art and Society Whitney Chadwick Paperback 1990
In this Brilliant study Chadwick reframes and represents the issues relating to the conditions under which women have worked as artists from the middle ages to the present.
Women Artists Karen Petersen and J.J. Wilson Softcover 1976
Recognition and reappraisal from the early middle ages to the 20th century
Women Artists 1550-1950 Ann Sutherland Harris and Linda Nochlin Paperback 1976
Book based on the first international exhibition of art by women assembled by the los angeles county museun of art from dozens of private and public collections throughout the world.
Women as Mothers Sheila Kitzinger Hardcover 1978 How they see themselves in differnt cultures.
Women as Wombs: Reproductive Technologies and the battle over Women's Freedom Janice G Raymond Hardcover
Human reproductive technology
Moral and ethical aspects
Political aspects
"Women as Wombs is a daring, deeply moving, scholarly, revolutionary book.... Feminist scholar and activist Raymond administers a huge dose of reality in this compelling book, which is destined to be one of the most significant works of the 1990's" -Mary Daly, author of Gyn/Ecology and Outercourse

"You won't find the information or analysis anywhere else, nor the sheer excellence--the intellectual rigor, the passion for freedom. This is a masterwork of Feminist investigation and advocacy." -Andrea Dworkin, author of Intercourse

Women at Work: 153 Photographs by Lewis W. Hine Jonathan L. Doherty Softcover 1981

Women From the Greek to the French Revolution Susan Groabell Softcover 1973

Women in Business: How to Make Yourself Marketable Leslie Stone Douglass Paperback 1980

Women in Education Patricia Sexton Paperback
women and schools
education for women
women in classical and medieval education
male dominance
school leadership
sex roles
higher education
work and education
vocational education

Women in Engineering and Management Olive Salembier Softcover 1972

Women In Ginful Occupations 1870- 1920 Joseph A. Hill

Women in Higher Education
Magazine December 2004 GRE Test
Women Coaching Athletics
Women's Voice
Biased GRE Test Limits Women Applicants

Preparing women for careers in coaching athletics

The real cost of eliminating directors of women's athletics

Making the Journey from Vision to Voice

Women in Higher Education

July 2004 women's roles
earning a doctorate
Policy and Gender
14 Strategic Lessons Reflect link between policy and gender

Women are changing the world, one donation at a time

So many roles, so little time

With women students as the majority, what do they need?

TIps for women's success in earning a doctorate
Women in History - American

Film dealing with the role of women in American history.

Women in Management Irene Place Softcover 1980

Women in Mathetmatics Lynn M. Osen Paperback
women mathematicians
Mathematicians, science historians, and general readers will find this book a lively history; women will find it a reminder of a proud tradition and a challenge to take their rightful place in academic life today.
Women in Modern America: A Brief History Lois W Banner Paperback 1984

Women In Modern America: A Brief History Lois W. Banner Paperback 1984
Until the mid-1960's, the history of women was neglected by historians. A few general works were written for time to time, but most authors assumed that the women's suffrage movment was all there was to it. Increasing concern with social history on the part of historians and the advent of a new feminist movement coincided to stimulate studies about women. The result has been to create a field of historical investigation that seeks to rescue both major figures and the ordinary woman from obscurity and provide a corrective to the raditional histories from which women are absent.
This book examines the history of women in America from 1890 to the present. Three periods, each characterized by distinctive qualities, seem to stand out. The first, from 1890 to 1920, ws one of energy and innovation; many of the traditional dicriminations against women came to an end, and a impressive number of feminist and women's reform groups wre organized. The second period, from 1920 to1960, was one of greater complacency about wonen's problems; the nation struggled with depression and war, and feminist groups declined in size and vitality. The third period, from 1960 to the present, witnessed the emergence of a feminism more radical than any of its predecessors.
In my study of this era, i have had all three aims: to explore the reasons why feminism rose and fell and rose again; to examine the history of various groups of women, including the working class, blacks, immigrants, fam women, and the middle class, each of which responded to the pressures and opportunities of the times in a different way; and, finally, to focus on the dramatic and continuing struggle waged by determined, innovative women to achieve their rights.
I have attempted to examine and correlate the colpex factors that have affected women's lives. Common strains run through every period. One has been the influence of a society undergoing rapid changes-- the progress of industrialization and the move to the cities; changing attitudes towards sex and marriage; the growing power of the mass mdia as cultural conitioners; the expansion of the economy and of the certain occupations within it, such as secretarial work; two world wars that opendd up new jobs for women; a depression adn a war that made the family seem a haven of stability and security; and technological advancements that offered women more leisure time. A second factor influencing women in America throughout these years has been the deep and abiding image of woman as the "good" wife, mother, homemaker, and repository of human virtue on the one hand ("virgin Mary" image of Christian belief) and as the "evil" temptress (the Pandora of classical mythology and the Eve of Judeo-Christian beleif) on the other-- two stereotypes taht have dominated thinking about women throughout the history of western culture and that continue to exist today. A thrid factor has been the overriding dicrimination against women in every area of their lives, whether they have been seeking education, jobs, justice under the law, or simply the freedom to lead their lives as they see fit.
This history of women is also a history or feminism, a term that is difficult to define precisely. Generally, "feminism" has meant the advocacy of the rights of women. But the view of what constitues those rights has changed since the mid-nineteenth century, and most especially since the term "feminism," first coined in France, was introduced in this country in about 1910. Subsequently, "feminism" came to replace the standard nineteenth-century American term "woman's rights." To solve the problem of definition, different terms are used to distinguish the vairous kinds of feminism. I use the term feminist broadly to apply to the those men and women who have consciously worked to end discriminations against women and to gain gender equality. Radical feminist refers to thoe who envistion a fundamental reordering of scociety and /or gender relationships as necessary to achieve equality. For those feminists whose position is uncompromisingly hostile to patters or institutions of dicrimination, I use the term militant. Social feminist (a term first coined by historian William O'Neill) aplies to activists for whom working for social reforms (generally involvign women) takes priority over such strictly women's causes as suffrage or the Equal Rights Amendment. Finally, domestic feminists are those who argue that a fundamental solution to women's problems lies in raising the status a fundamental and ending the common deprecation of domesticity and motherhood within American culture.
To help the reader who wishes to pursue any particular aspect of this history mor fully, I have provided a critical bibliography at the end of each chapter.
I am grateful for tha ssistance I received in preparing this volume. I am particularly grateful for the careful critical reading given by Susan M. Hartmann, University of Missouri-St. Louis, and Kathryn Kish Sklar, University of california, Los Angeles. I would also like to acknowledge the editorial assistance of Drake Bush, Mary George, and Harriet Meltzer, and the production assistance of Lynn Edwards, Michael Farmer, and avery Hallowell, all of Harcourt Brace Jovanovich.
Women in Music Carol Neuls-Bates Paperback 1982
An Anthology of Source Readings from the middle ages to the present
Women in Prison

Film dealing with the topic of women in prison and their situations.
Women in Prison Kathryn Watterson Burkhart Paperback
"This book is not for the squeamish. The naked truth about what happened to women behind prison bars." It does not really matter who they are or what they did once they are behind prison walls. For at that point they are all prisoners of a system that works impartially to pervert and destroy any woman in its power.
Women In Science Alice Fins
Women in Science National Institute of Health

Women in Sexist Society: Studies in Power and Powerlessness Vivian Gornick Softcover 1971

Women In The Professions: What's All The Fuss About Linda S. Fidell

Women in their Communities Quest: A Feminist Quarterly Softcover 1978

Women in Vietnam - TLC

A Learning Channel special dealing with the important role played by women during the Vietnam War.

Women in Western Political Thought Susan Moller Okin Softcover 1979
Why hasn't real equality between the sexes resulted from the formal enfranchisement of women? Susan Moller finds the answer to this question in the exsisting tradition of political theory, which requires the subordination of women. Exploration of the views of women through the eyes of Plato, Aristotle, Rossseau, and John Stuart Mill.
Women Like Us Liz Roman Gallese
The time was exactly right for the country's most elite group of female managers. They were the graduates of Harvard's famous Business School who, in 1975, after a decade of faminism, were about to begin their climb up America's coporate ladders. In the 1980's they might reank among the most successful female executives in teh corporate world.
Reading much more like Mary McCarthy's The Group than a business book, Women Like Us examines n depth the ives of six woment whose careers best represent their class as a whole. For two years Liz Roman Gallese conducted numerous interviews, probing her subjects' personal and business lives, following up on marriages adn children as well as jobs, as she examined the status of the group in corporate America. The reslut is an extraordinary and compulsively readable book. Gallese's astonishing findings will distub readers of both sexes, as she shows woment working in a world that demands and exorbitant price for success.
Women Making Music: The Western Art Tradition, 1150-1950 Jane Bowers and Judith Tick Paperback 1987
Presents Biographies of outstanding performers and composers, as well as analyses of women musicians as a class and provides examples of music from all periods.
Women of America: A History Carol Ruth Berkin Paperback 1979

Women of Brewster Place, The

Based on the novel by Gloria Naylor, in which a group of strong-willed women who live in the same rundown housing project located on Brewster Place, and tells about their lives as they struggle against racism, poverty and troublesome men through three decades.
Women of Crisis II Robert Coles & Jane Hallowell Coles Hardcover 1980
The Coleses unveil the innermost concerns and emotions of 5 American women
Women of Crisis: Lives of Stuggle and Hope Robert Coles & Jane Hallowell Coles Hardcover 1978

Women of Summer, The

This National Endowment for the Humanities documentary captures an historic moment when feminists, unionists, and educators came together to pursue a common social ideal. The Women of Summer is their emotionally riveting and previously untold story. From 1921 to 1938, seventeen hundred blue collar women participated in a controversial and inspired educational experiment know as The Bryn Mawr Summer School for Women Workers. The program forever changed their lives and has left a legacy meriting public awareness.
Women of the Reformation: In France and England Roland H Bainton Paperback 1973

Women of the Reformation: In Germany and Italy Roland H Bainton Paperback 1971

Women of the Shadows-The Wives and Mothers of Southern Italy Ann Cornelisen
1976 Women
Southern, Italy
Social conditions
A painful, heroic story of five contemporary peasent women in southern Italy. For these women and others like them, marriage is a practical and religious necessity, although men and women spend very little time together once married. Many men leave their families to seek sporadic work in the cities or in other countries, and those who remain spend all of their free time with other men. Their wives are left to their own devices, and it is their earnings and their efforts that largely support the family.
Women of the West Dorothy Gray Paperback 1976 True stories of women who helped shape the American west.
Women on Campus: The Unfinished Liberation From the Editors of Change Paperback 1975

Women on Campus: The Unfinished Liberation From the Editors of Change Hardcover 1975

Women Who Forged the Way (2 Copies)

Part of a series dealing with the history of women in Wisconsin.
Women Who Win Francene Sabin Paperback 1975

Women Working: Theories and Facts in Perspective Ann H Stormberg Paperback 1978

Women's Best Friendships: Beyond Betty, Veronica, Thelma and Louise Patricia Rind Paperback 2002

Women's Diaries of the Westward Journey Lillian Schlissel Softcover 1982
More than a quarter of a million Americans crossed the continental United States between 1840 and 1870, going west in one of the greatest migrations of modern times. The frontiersmen have become an integral part of our history and folklore, but the Westering experiences of American women are equally central to an accurate picture of what life was like on the frontier. Through the diaries, letters, and reminiscences of women who participated in this migration, "Women' s Diaries of the Westward Journey" gives us primary source material on the lives of these women, who kept campfires burning with buffalo chips and dried weeds, gave birth to and cared for children along primitive and dangerous roads, drove teams of oxen, picked berries, milked cows, and cooked meals in the middle of a wilderness that was a far cry from the homes they had left back east. Still (and often under the disapproving eyes of their husbands) they found time to write brave letters home or to jot a few weary lines at night into the diaries that continue to enthrall us.
Women's Films in Print: An Annotated Guide to 800 films by Women Bonnie Dawson Softcover 1975

Women's Guide to Management Positions Wilma C Rogalin Paperback 1975

Women's Health:Gays and Lesbians at Notre Dame

Film dealing with issues of women's healthcare.
Women's Issues and Social Work Practice Elaine Norman Softcover 1980

Women's Lives: Multicultural Perspective Gwyn Kirk Softcover 2001

Women's Reality: An Emerging Female System in the White Male Society Anne Wilson Schaef Softcover 1981

Women's Review of Books Wellesley Centers for Women Softcover 2006

Women's Rights: Finding a Voice

Men their rights and nothing more; women their rights and nothing less." This was the motto of the women's movement at the beginning of the 20th century-eloquent, direct, and extremely difficult to achieve. This ABC News program anchored by Peter Jennings traces the evolution of women's rights, from Susan B. Anthony through the fight for passage of the Equal Rights Amendment. Following the rocky road to true equality, it examines the contributions of pivotal figures such as Eleanor Roosevelt, Betty Friedan, Amelia Earhart, and Babe Didrickson.
Women's Role in Contemporary Society The Report of the New York City Commission on Human Rights Paperback 1972

Women's Studies Graduates: The First Generation Barbara F Luebke Softcover 1995

Women's studies-The Social Realities Edited by-Barbara Bellow Watson
1976 Women's Studies lectures and essays.

Arguments for Equality: The Classic Texts

The Social Roles of Women and Men: A Sociological Approach

Sex-Role Stereotypes

Peaceable Primates and Gentle People

The Feminist Movement

The Women's Liberation Movement

Women's Studies: An Interdisciplinary Collection Kathleen O'Connor Blumhagen Hardcover 1978

Women's Way of Knowing Mary Field Belenky Softcover 1986
Despite the progress of the women's movement, amny women still feel silenced in their families and schools. Based in the in-depth interviews with 135 women, this moving and insightful book explains why they feel this way.
Women's Work and Women's Studies/1973-1974 A bibliography
Paperback 1975

Women's Work in the World Economy Nancy Folbre Paperback 1992

Women, Minorities, and Persons with Disabilities in Scienc and Engineering: 1994 National Science Foundation Softcover

Women, Race and Class Angela Y Davis Softcover 1983

Women, Resisitance and Revoltion:A History of Women and Revolution in the Modern World Sheila Rowbotham Softcover 1972

Women, Work and Family Louise A Tilly Paperback 1978

Women: A Cultural Review
Softcover spring 2006
Nuclear Nights: The womens peace mavement and the history of dreaming

Primium Mobile: Women and auto mobility in the era of the great war

'I do not know about politics or governments...I am a housewife': The female secret agent and the male war machine in occupied France

The voices of taboos: women in the lebaneese war cinema

Female maladies? Reappraising Women's popular liturature of the first world war.
Women: a cultural review Volume 16, #3 Armstrong, Carr, Marcus Periodical 2000
Articles include the following:

Guattari and Gender

Diagram for a Transversal, Molecular Feminism? Guattari's Refrain and the Machinic-Feminine in Witkiewicz's The Pragmatists

Beyond Corporeal Feminism: Thinking Performance at the End of the Twentieth Century

Schizo-Performativity? Neurosis and Politics in Judith Butler and Felix Guattari

The art of Privacy: Assaulting the Phallocentric Organization of Capital

A Cinema of Desire: Cinesexuality and Guattari's signifying Cinema

Hit Me Harder: The Tranvearsality of Becoming-Adolescent
Women: A Feminist Perspective Jo Freeman Softcover 1979

Women: Myth and Reality

Working From the Margins: Voices of Mothers in Poverty Virginia E Schein Softcover 1995

Working Girl

Tess McGill is a frustrated secretary, struggling to forge ahead in the world of big business in New York. She gets her chance when her boss breaks her leg on a skiing holiday. McGill takes advantage of her absence to push ahead with her career. She teams up with investment broker Jack Trainer to work on a big deal. The situation is complicated after the return of her boss.
Working Girls

Molly is a lesbian with an IVY League degree. Gina plans on opening her own beauty salon. Dawn is a law student. Mary answered an ad to be a "hostess" and decided to try it. Welcome to a typical day in the life of a group of New York City prostitutes. Together these women deal with everything from the mundane to the profane while servicing men of all shapes, sizes and odd fetishes. For these Working Girls, every job may have its price, but every day has its cost. Award-winning feminist director Lizzie Borden spent six months interviewing real prostitutes for this acclaimed drama, delivering an unflinching look at "The World's Oldest Profession" filled with rare humor, insight and honesty.
Working it Out: 23 Women Writers, Artists, Scientists and Scholars Talk About Their Lives and Work Sara Ruddick Hardcover 1977

Wrestling With Manhood: Boys, Bullying and battering

Wrestling with Manhood is the first educational program to pay attention to the enormous popularity of professional wrestling among male youth, addressing its relationship to real-life violence and probing the social values that sustain it as a powerful cultural force. Richly illustrating their analysis with numerous examples, Sut Jhally and Jackson Katz- the award-winning creators of Dreamworlds and Tough Guise, respectively, offer a new way to think about the enduring problem of men's violence against women and bullying in our schools. Drawing the connection between professional wrestling and the construction of contemporary masculinity, they show how so-called "entertainment" is related to homophobia, sexual assault and relationship violence. They further argue that to not engage with wrestling in a serious manner allows cynical promoters of violence and sexism an uncontested role in the process by which boys become "men." Designed to engage the wrestling fan as well as the cultural analyst, Wrestling with Manhood will provoke spirited debate about some of our most serious social problems.
Yoga During Pregnancy Vibeke Berg Softcover 1977

You Can Be Free Ginny NiCarthy and Sue Davidson Paperback
Abused Women
Abused Wives
An Easy-to-read handbook for abused women. If you are a woman being hurt by someone you love, this book is for you. It can help you to understand your situation and find ways to change it. Each chapter offers support and answers to many common questions about battering.
You Just Don't Understand: Women and Men in Conversation Deborah Tannen Softcover 1990

You Won't Do: What Textbooks on US Government Teach High School Girls Jennifer S MacLeod Softcover 1973

Your Natural Health Sampler: The Best of Today's Writing on Health, Nutrition, Diet and Beauty
Paperback 1973

Zami A New Spelling of My Name Audre Lorde Softcover 1982