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One Day for UWL: Art Contest

We are excited to introduce a ✨new✨ art contest in connection with One Day for UWL! If you are not  familiar with One Day for UWL, it is a day when our UWL community comes together to celebrate the power of philanthropy and give to all areas of campus. This year, we want the One Day merch to feature designs by students. There are five design opportunities and the chance to win a commission award if your design is selected!


General Design Instructions:

  • All forms of art (i.e. graphic design, painting, sculpture, etc.) are accepted; however, submission must be in a digital format.
  • Your design should NOT include a date.
  • Your design should connect to One Day for UWL but does not need to say "One Day for UWL"
  • Your design should be your original work

Design Instructions for Each Opportunity:

  • Thank You Card Design 
    • Your design will be featured on the front of a thank you card
    • The dimensions of the card are 5.5" x 4"
    • The design will be printed on white cardstock 
  • Koozie Design 
    • Your design will be featured on one side of a koozie
    • Your design must fit in a 3"x 3" area
    • The color of the koozie will be either white, black, or maroon (it will be picked based off the design selected)
  • Backpack Button Design 
    • Your design will be featured on a button
    • Your design must leave room for a QR code (we recommend using a generic QR code as a placeholder)
    • Your design must fit in a circle with a diameter of 1.5"
    • The color of the button will be white
  • Tote Bag Design 
    • Your design will be featured on one side of a tote bag
    • Your design must fit in a 10"x 10" area
    • The color of the design is canvas cream
  • Sock Design  
    • Your design will be knitted into cotton crew socks
    • Your design must be submitted on the template (copy the template into your design platform)(you can include a right and left sock)
    • You are allowed up to 6 colors
    • Keep in mind that the design will be knitted meaning fine details will be distorted
  • You must be a UWL Student enrolled for classes in Fall 2024
  • You can only submit one design for each category
  • This contest is open to students from all areas of study 
  • Designs must be submitted by July 15th at 12pm CST to be considered
  • By submitting a design, you are indicating that the design is your original content
Commission Award

If your design is selected, you will receive a commission award of:

  • Thank You Card Design | $75 
  • Koozie Design | $100 
  • Backpack Button Design | $100 
  • Tote Bag Design | $150 
  • Sock Design | $150 

This art contest is made possible through the generosity and kindness of Jane and Ron Rada. Both are lifetime educators who have profoundly impacted UWL and the La Crosse Community with their time, talent, and financial generosity. They hope this opportunity inspires artists. Thank you Jane and Ron!

The winners will be notified by August 1st. 

Submission Form

Click here to be navigated to the submission form. Submissions are due July 15th at 12pm CST.


UWL is a brand that has its own unique guidelines. We strongly encourage you reference the brand webpage for accuracy of colors, fonts, and logos.

One Day for UWL 2024 Quick Guide:

  • Theme: Live Maroon. Give Maroon.
  • Logo: One Day for UWL Logo
  • Aesthetic:One Day for UWL 2024 Aesthetic Inspo

Have Questions?

Contact Lauren Wanders at for any questions.