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Kessell Side Notched-like Point

Kessell Side Notched-like Point This broken Kessell Side Notched-like projectile point was recovered in Vernon County, Wisconsin. The point is made of multi-colored (primarily reddish pink with some white and dark brown) heat treated Prairie du Chien chert. Its maximum length is 4.3 cm, maximum width is 2.5 cm, maximum thickness is 0.5 cm, and it weighs 5.4 grams.

This type of side notched point exhibits a pentagonal form with an obvious angle formed by the blade or blade haft and has distinctive notching that is wider on the inside. They generally exhibit a distinct and wide concave base. The cross section of these points is flat and generally quite thin. They often exhibit a specialized flaking technique, which may have combined pressure and indirect percussion in the flaking process, used to both thin and shape the preform. These points are attributed to the Early Archaic period. They are not common in Wisconsin, but found more in Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, and West Virginia.