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Oneota Vessel 23 – Sanford Archaeological District

Oneota vessel This Oneota vessel was found in the early 2000s in an storage/refuse pit at the Sanford Archaeological District in La Crosse, Wisconsin. In profile the pit was flat bottomed with contracting walls. The design on the vessel fits a type called Brice Prairie Trailed that is most common in the earliest phase of the Oneota occupation of La Crosse: the Brice Prairie phase, ca. A.D. 1300–1400. The impressions on the interior of the lip are characteristic of Brice Prairie phase vessels. The shoulder looks as though it has round punctates above tool trails, but the round holes are actually the tops of “stab and drag” trails, where the tool was pushed into the top of the shoulder and then dragged downward. Charred plant remains from the pit yielded a corrected and calibrated radiocarbon date of A.D. 1387–1444 (70%, UGA 01751).