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Pipe - Eagle – Second Fort Crawford

Pipe This “eagle” pipe was found in the Officers’ Quarters during the 1999 excavations at Second Fort Crawford in Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin. The eagle is in relief, with wings slightly spread on either side of the pipe. The eagle’s talons are grabbing something near the base of the pipe, most likely branches or arrows, but the bowl is broken in that area. The face of the eagle has broken off but appears to have been in extreme relief compared to the body. The pipe bore diameter is 5/64 inch. Although the pipe is broken at the bowl/stem junction, the angle of the bowl indicates that it would have been perpendicular to the stem. No mold marks or spur are present. This pipe was most likely manufactured in Europe (possibly France) and probably dates after 1850, possibly to the 1870s (Martin Kügler, personal communication 2003).