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Reference Library – Video

Cynthia A. Kocik, MVAC Research Intern, takes a look at MVAC’s reference library. In nearly forty years of doing archaeology, MVAC has become a repository for large collections of artifacts from western Wisconsin and the surrounding region. But we’re also a repository for documentation—not just on the artifacts themselves, but on archaeology throughout the region.

This video explores MVAC’s documents and archives. We have a variety of reports, books, journal issues, and classic references. We also have reports from projects done throughout the region. All of these references help us do our own work, provide information to other archaeology researchers, and answer questions from the public. 


Archeological Section of the Wisconsin Natural History Society
1901    The Wisconsin Archeologist 1(1).

Winchell, N. H.
1911    The Aborigines of Minnesota: A Report Based on the Collections of Jacob V. Brower, and on the Field Surveys and Notes of Alfred J. Hill and Theodore H. Lewis. Pioneer Company, St. Paul, Minnesota.