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Transfer Print Whiteware – “Greyhound”

Transfer print whiteware with greyhound This light blue transfer print bowl and saucer were found during the 2006 excavations of an early 1830s-1840s privy in Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin. Both have the maker’s mark “Greyhound” on the bottom. The center scene on both the saucer and the inside of the bowl shows a light-colored greyhound standing and a dark-colored greyhound lying down among some bushes and flowers. In the background is a tree, and in the far background are a river and a building on a hill. Surrounding the center scene is a honeycomb design. Above that design is a series of leaves nested in alternating dark and light dots. Above that is a scrolling design. The saucer is about 5¾ inches in diameter at the rim. Nearly 40 percent of the bowl is missing, but it is about 6¼ inches in diameter at the rim and just over 3 inches tall. No information could be found about the “Greyhound” design or the maker’s mark.