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Beads A total of 230 beads were recovered during the 1999 excavations at Second Fort Crawford in Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin.  Pictured are some examples:

Left column (top to bottom)
-clear, dark blue, drawn tube bead with six red stripes on six alternating white stripes
-opaque, dull black, drawn tube bead
-seven-sided monochrome, amber-color multifaceted bead
-six-sided monochrome, amethyst-color multifaceted bead
-deep brown, hexagonal multifaceted bead

Center column (top to bottom)
-green seed bead
-iridescent dark green/black seed bead
-two white seed beads recovered on a straight pin with a wound head
-black seed bead

Right column (top to bottom)
-large, translucent, turquoise blue, elongated wire-wound bead with an “alafaja” pattern of inlaid white glass
-roughly spherical, wound white bead with numerous small chips of dark blue glass pressed into the surface
-dark amber-color wound bead with white patina over the glass
-possible stone bead